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2003 Convention DETAILS

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The Land of Kansas99th Annual
2003 Convention
of the
Kansas Authors Club

October 3-4-5, 2003
Ramada Inn

2700 W. 18th, Emporia, Kansas 66801

“This Land Is Your Land,
This Land Is My Land”

Friday Night
7-8:30 pm, Hospitality Time
8:30-10 pm, Read-a-round

8 am, Registration
9 am, State Board Meeting

10:30-11:30 am, Workshops

11:30 am -1:00 pm, Lunch on your own

1-4:30 pm, Workshops

6:30 pm, Awards Banquet
Keynote by LORA REITER, Ph.D.: “This Writing Is Our Writing”

8:30-10 pm, Read-A-Round

Sunday Morning
8 am, Morning Worship Service
9-10 am, Business Meeting
10-10:30 am, GAIL MARTIN: Rosemary Time
10:30-11:30 am, Workshop presenters panel discussion

12:30 pm, LUNCHEON
This years's winners will be announced


Betty Gibb, “Writing For the Senior Market”
This is for you even if you’re not a senior. Betty Gibb will show you how to select a topic, how to do your own research, the importance of including a narrative, and working effectively with an editor.

Tom Mach, “How to Sell Articles You Write”
This workshop is intended for writers who would like to get paid for writing articles and fillers. What do editors want? How to choose the right topic. Finding the “write” publications for it. How to write an irresistible query letter. How to research and write the article. How to rewrite and resell your article to other publications.

Anne Haehl, “Performing Your Poetry”
Poetry was spoken before anyone wrote it down. Numerous opportunities exist for reading poetry. Learn how to select poems, overcome jitters, and draw the audience in with an effective poetry performance.

Shirley Swayne, Releasing Your Imagination”
Learn what imagination is as applied to description or characterization. This workshop will help you expand ways of thinking through effective writing exercises.

Robert McManes, “Popular Poetic Forms”
This workshop presents brief overviews of popular poetic forms used today and a mini- workshop on haiku and free verse. The goal will be to either write a haiku or free verse poem on a subject provided by the instructor.

Carol Russell, “Book Proposals & Query Letters”
How to create a saleable book proposal and query letters. This workshop will teach you how to write a nonfiction book proposal that is concise, complete, and interesting.

Carol Russell, “The Mechanics of Marketing”
Learn how to use market guides to research the markets. Understand marketing in order to increase your sales and know how to submit a manuscript and to whom.

Mary-Lane Kamberg, “What’s So Funny?
What are the elements of a good joke? How can you use humor to pep up your writing? What’s an easy formula for a humorous essay? This workshop will help bring out the comedian in you.

Robert McManes, “Copyright—What’s In It For Me?”
The basics of registering a copyright. The types of copyrights and what can and can’t be copyrighted. Why a copyright is important to an author.

Carol Anderson, “Inspiration, Please ”
Her workshop, “Inspiration, Please,” presents one woman's view of taking interesting and thoughtful photographs and from them gaining inspiration for haiku. Photo displays and haiku will provide an opportunity for you to use your own inspiration.

Workshop Roundtable
Workshop presenters also shared at the Sunday morning roundtable, expanding on topics presented and answering questions.

In addition to the statewide contest held by the KAC, District 1 of the KAC presented awards for their Kansas Author Contest.

Book Room
The book room offered an opportunity to see and purchase books fellow authors.

Poetry LIne
Poems were displayed on the Poetry Line in any style/form, typed on 8 ½ x 11 paper, name & district included.

This information was provided by
Tom Mach, District 2

KAC Convention 2002
2002 Writing Contest Winners