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Kansas Authors Club
2007 State Convention
and Writing Conference

Holiday Inn Select, 549 S Rock Rd., Wichita
October 5-7, 2007

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2007 Youth Contest Results
2007 KAC Service Awards
2007 Book Awards:
   J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award: The Moon Butter Route by Max Yoho
   Ferguson History Book Award: By Thy Strengthening Grace by Duane Herrmann
   Nelson Poetry Book Award: Home Schooled by Larry Rochelle

2007 Writing Contest Results
2007 Karnowski Youth Poetry Contest Results
2007 Convention Photos

Keynote Speaker, Stan Nelson
Workshop Presenters
Program Schedule

Keynote speaker: Stan Nelson
Museum Specialist Emeritus, Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of American History

Nelson's career has focused on the history of printing technology, with an emphasis on methods employed during the first four centuries of printing. His particular focus is on typefounding. He is currently working on a book about this history and the use of type moulds, called The Typefounders' Handmould.Raymond Nelson, District 5, Wichita, is Stan's father: "Stan is an entertaining speaker, full of fascinating anedotes about the whole span of printing/publishing. Right now he's in London doing a brief video for the BBC. His interests and expertise range all over."

Workshop Presenters:

Robert Beattie, author of Nightmare in Wichita: the Hunt for the BTK Strangler— Crimewriting
Daniel Spees, Writing and Literature instructor at Hutchinson Community College—Poetry
Carol Reynolds, Teacher and author—Haiku
Mike Klaassen, Fiction author—Scene and Sequel
Deb Seely, Author—Children's
Christie Breault, Author—Children's
Annette Wood, Non Fiction Publishing
Roxie Olmstead, Non Fiction Publishing
Frankie Roland, Inspirational Writing
—For details, visit our Workshop Presenters page

2007 Convention Program Schedule

 FRIDAY, Oct 5

7 pm

8:15-9:30 pm
8-10 pm

"Ideas from the Heartland"

Youth Contest Awards & Refreshments
Christie Breault, Youth writer and
Deb Seely, Youth writer
Mary-Lane Kamberg, Youth Contest Manager
KAC members, 3-minute limit per reader
8:30-9:30 am
8:30 am-4:30 pm
8:30 am
8:30 am
10-10:45 am
State Board Meeting
Book Room Open
Silent Auction Open
Workshop Block One :
    "Place of Poetry "
" BTK: Surprised by a Bestseller"
"Scene and Sequel"
Daniel Spees, Poet
Robert Beattie, Crime writer
Mike Klaassen, Writer of adolescent fiction
11-11:45 am Workshop Block Two:  
    "Life as Story "
" BTK: Surprised by a Bestseller"
"Fun with Haiku"
Deb Seely, Writer for children
Bob Beattie, Crime writer
Carol Reynolds, Poet
11:45 am-1:30 pm
1:30-2:15 pm
Lunch on your own
Workshop Block Three:
    "Working with Words"

"You Gotta Wanna, You Gotta Do It"
"Fun with Haiku"
Annette Wood, Nonfiction writer and
Roxie Olmstead, Nonfiction writer
Joyce Livingston, Romance writer
Carol Reynolds
, Poet
2:30-3:15 pm Workshop Block Four:  
    "Printing at the Smithsonian"
"Inspirational Pieces—The
of Writing "
"Point of View "
Stan Nelson, Museum specialist
Frankie Roland
, Inspiration

Mike Klaassen
, Writer of adolescent fiction
6 pm Awards Banquet:

Keynote Address
Presentation of Awards

Stan Nelson, Keynote Speaker
8-10 am
8-8:30 am
8:30-9:30 am
9:30-9:45 am
10-11 am

Worship / Devotion
General Business (all members)
Rosemary Time
An Hour with Will Shakespeare
2008 KAC Writing Contest Awards
Invitation to Convention 2008

Charles Goolsby, Drama teacher, Lawrence H.S.

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2007 Karnowski Youth Poetry Award Results:
Thanks to districts for their submissions. We had three entries each from five districts, a total of fifteen entries.
See also: Photos of winners
1st: Jessica Ball, Wichita, "Swirling Questions" —awarded a certificate and a check for $100.00
2nd: Garrett Newman, Columbus, "Death to Life" —awarded a certificate and a check for $50.00
3rd: Logan Moore, Wichita, "The Storm " —awarded a certificate and a check for $25.00
Thanks to the district vice-president for their efforts on behalf of the young poets of Kansas. View photos.
William J. Karnowski

2007 KAC Merit Award Results:
See also: Photos of honorees

  • Achievement Award: Dorothy Masters, District 4, Harveyville.
    ln addition to having published several books, as president of District 4, Dorothy was ultimately responsible for a great 2006 convention, plus chairing the nominating committee. Somehow she still finds time to sponsor writing contests within her district.
  • Achievement Award: Nancy Glenn, District 5, Wichita.
    Since becoming a District 5 member in 1992, Nancy served as Secretary, Vice-President and District 5 President in '02, '03, '04, '06 & '07. In February, 2001, Nancy published a book of poetry, Don't Ask Me for the Moon. And she has continuously supported Kansas writers at her Wichita book store.
  • Achievement Award: Ann Everett, District 5, Haysville.
    Ann served as our 2006 State Financial Secretary and has also served as State Vice-President, President, and Yearbook Editor. After nursing a spouse with Alzheimers, she published a widely read book about the disease, Emotional Choice: Caregivers Surviving Alzheimer's Disease, in 2005.
  • Service Award: Peg Nichols, District 2, Olathe.
    Peg made arrangements for District 2 to have a meeting in Johnson County, in addition to Douglas County, Chaired the 2007 D2 Writing contest, and accomplished all this with a pending knee replacement.
  • Service Award: Judy Brewster, District 2, Leawood.
    Although a new member, when the istrict 2 president asked for help, Judy was quick to respond. She volunteered to assume the duties of District 2 Newsletter Editor and has done a fabulous job, sending it to members monthly.
  • Special Accomplishment Award: Cynthia Ross, District 5, Towanda.
    Cindy, a dedicated, hard-working KAC member for a number of years, was State State Awards Chair for several of those years, no small accomplishment. She has been very active this year in planning the 2007 convention.
  • Special Accomplishment Award: Frankie Roland, District 3, Coffeyville.
    Frankie, who has unselfishly served as District 3 President and State Writers in the Schools Chair among other KAC positions, graciously accepted the responsibility of State Prose Contest Manager after the unexpected passing of Julia Dagenais. For this we are most grateful.

“Come West and Go Wild   With Words”
    2008 KAC Convention will be
      October 3, 4, and 5, 2008 at the Dodge House in Dodge City .
      Details will appear here as they become available.

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J. Donald Coffin Award
Ferguson Kansas History Book Award
Nelson Poetry Award

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