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2012 Poetry Categories
Poetry Contest Manager: Ronda Miller, D2, Lawrence

Themed Poem Contest, "Encouraging Words" - 26 Entrees
Judge: Timothy Pettet looks for this when judging a poem: “I want the energy of the emotion to give the poem life so the poem can become its own event.” Burma Shave signs, the Psalms in his mother’s voice, and a poem by Dylan Thomas (The Force That Through the Green Fuse...) taught the young Pettet about the musicality of language. His publishing credits include Cold City Review, Flint Hills Review, and The Mid-America Poetry Review. His first book of poems, ZERO Shines Light Through Water AND Watches the Words Emerge, MONA Paints, is scheduled for publication by The Circus of Tongues in 2013. Pettet lives in Kansas City, MO. He also performs his work with The Ensemble Prometheus Unleashed.

1st: "Brushing Away my Fears" - Judy Hatteberg, D5
2nd: "Such Power" - Yvonne Green, D1
3rd: "It Takes Two to Tango" - Jane Bandy, D7
1st HM: "Hope" - Roy Beckemeyer, D5
2nd HM:" Encouraging Words" - Barbara Brady, D1
Tied for 2nd HM: "As a River Runs" - Laura Patterson, NM

Classic Forms - 29 entries
Judge: Timothy Pettet)

1st: "Winter's Weft" - Roy Beckemeyer, D5
2nd: "Prairie Fire Pantoum" - Roy Beckemeyer, D5
3rd: "Half Joy Wing" - Kristine Polansky, D4
1st HM: "Molds" - Dennis Etzel, NM
2nd HM: "He Drinks Again" - Pat Bonine, D1

Free Verse - 84 entries
Judge: Paul Goldman is an Ecstatic Poet, Performer and Host of "Journey Into Oneness" on Co-Creator Radio Network. Liking the etchings on archaic cave walls, Paul began writing in early adolescence. Remnants of that early writing still exist today in yellowed journals of that bygone era. Taking the alternate road than that prescribed early on, he has found true success in seeking the source in writing from inspiration rather than perspiration. Just in the past three years, Paul has released a Spoken Word CD, Wild Joy Released, along with the follow up collection, Wild Joy: Ruminations. His latest collection of poetry, Journey Into Oneness, has been published by a renowned spiritual book publisher, O-Books, in the United Kingdom. Paul relishes sharing and fostering the creation of the written word. Goldman resides in Overland Park, KS.

1st: "East off Highway 77, Dusk" - Kevin Rabas, D2
2nd: "Somewhere in the Water" - Duane Johnson, D1
3rd: "City People" - Judy Hatteberg, D5
1st HM: "The Yellow Cat Naps" - Roy Beckemeyer, D5
2nd HM: "Curry’s 'Prelude to Tragedy': John Brown" - Marilyn Page, NM

Haiku - 38 Entrees
Judge: Irma Hudson is a long time member of the Kansas City Writer’s Group. She writes poetry and prose in Kansas City, North. She has a BA from the University of Minnesota and an MA from Florida State University. Irma has had several poems published, including one in the Best Times. She is also the “Virtual Correspondent” at the e-zine www.ladybugflights.com. Irma lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

1st: "Box Turtle" - Yvonne Green, D1
2nd: "Snow Drifts from the Sky" - Barbara Brady,D1
3rd: "Moonlit Cottonwoods" - Roy Beckemeyer, D5
1st HM: "Flurry of Feathers" - Diane Palka, D2
2nd HM: "Coolness in the Fall" - Annabelle Corrick Beach, D1

Song Lyrics - 17 entries
Judge: Barry Barnes is a performance artist, musician, busker, published poet, and Zumba instructor. He performs solo as well as with Ernest James Zydeco, Zydeco Tougeau, The Billy Ebeling and the Late for Dinner Band, Uncle Dirty Toes, and interdisciplinary artist, Stacey Fox. Barry has been performing throughout the Midwest for thirty years. His first book of poetry is We Sleep in a Burning House. His CDs are recorded with Bopaphonics (The Bopaphonics Poetry Circus, P BOP, Channeling Langston, Plain and Simple Truth) and the new release by Ernest James Zydeco (Jubilee). His solo CDs include Straight Out Of Kansas and Blue In A Red State. He is currently working on his second book of poetry, American Scream. His work can be viewed on YouTube. Barry lives in Lawrence, Kansas.

1st: "Shipwrecked Love" - Roy Beckemeyer, D5
2nd: "Saturday Night Dreams" - Audrey Collins, D6
3rd: "Editor's Lament", Annabelle Corrick Beach, D1
1st HM: "Courtin' Countr"y - Kay Towle, D6
2nd HM: "Tall-grass Spring" - Theodore Farmer, D5

Narrative - 10 entries
Judge: Carolyn Hall is an award winning writer and poet. Her book, Prairie Meals and Memories, is listed as one of the Best 150 Books by Kansans. Her writing has appeared in seven Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Her poetry has been published in The Kansas City Star, the Kansas Poet’s website, Echoes of the Ozarks III, and in the book Sacred Fire. Carolyn lives in Shawnee, KS.

1st: "Sweat For Sale" - Diane Palka, D2
2nd: "Second Year Blues" - Ronda Miller, D2
3rd: "Where the High Plains Meet Heaven" - Ronda Miller, D2
1st HM: "If Not for Tears" - Ronda Miller, D2
2nd HM: "That Time Again" - Jean Jackson, D2

Whimsy - 50 entrees
Judge: Carolyn Hall

1st: "For Women Only" - Audrey Collins, D6
2nd: "DFTT" - Kristine Polansky, D4
3rd: "The Handyman" - Paulette Mattingly, D5
1st HM: "Evaporating Issues" - Annabelle Corrick Beach, D1
2nd HM: "The Awful Truth" - Yvonne Green, D1

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2012 Prose Categories
Contest Manager: Anne Mart, D6, Hutchinson

Theme “Encouraging Words” – 21 entries
Judge: Michael Kephart, KSU English Major, retired bank president.

1st: "Giants in Our Lives" – Marie Fletcher, D7
2nd: "A Shot in the Arm" – Audrey Collins, D6
3rd: "ords to Remember" – Nancy Kopp, D4
1st HM: "How Fish Helped a Nurse" – Barbara Brady, D1
2nd HM: "More Than a Loaf" – Teresa Oliver, NM

Short Fiction – 26 entries
Judge: Sheryl Wardlaw, teacher at Trinity High School, Hutchinson

1st: "Way of All Flesh" – Julie Stielstra, D6
2nd: "The Black Sheep" – Marilyn Hope Lake, D6
3rd: "Grandma’s Dol"l – Vicki Julian, D2
1st HM: "H.M. Rose" – Kenneth Neel Holler, D5
2nd HM: "Cherry Blossom Time" – Michael Jamison, D1
3rd. HM: "Lizzy" – Luanne French, D6

Feature Article – 20 entries
Judge: Steven Hind, retired professor of journalism, Hutchinson Community College

1st: "The Life and Death of F.S. 21" – Paula Nixon, D7
2nd: "A Promise Fulfilled" – Vicki Julian, D2
3rd: "Boring Kansas" – Little Do They Know – Evie Green, D1
1st HM: "Death of a Small Town" – Marsha Lytle, D2
2nd HM: "Is Alzheimer’s Rearing its Ugly Head?" – Ursula Turner, D3
3rd HM: "Observations" – Patricia Bonine, D1

Memoir – 45 entries
Judge: Rose Kelly, retired teacher of 7th through 12th grade English and American World History, Great Bend

1st: "D-25 Leavenworth" – Bob Sommer, NM
2nd: "Defining Middle Age" – Tracy Million Simmons, D2
3rd: "Korea – 1954" – Ralph Allen, D5
1st HM: "Visit from Grandpa" – Joanne Williams, D2
2nd HM: "Where the Streetlight Doesn’t Reach" – Sam Pierson, D2

Inspiration – 17 entries
Judge: Lynda Racobs, elementary teacher with a masters degree in education

1st: "The Right Moment" – Evie Green, D1
2nd: "Tiny Miracles" – Evie Green, D1
3rd: "Daddy’s Hands" – Judie Miller, D5
1st HM: "Two Sides of a Vulture" – Teresa Oliver, NM
2nd HM: "Nathaniel’s Run" – Ralph Allen, D5

Story for Children – 13 entries
Judge: Sonia Hayse, a teacher for many years, is an insatiable reader and writer of poems and short stories

1st: "Orabelle the Octopus" – Sheila Dalrymple, D1
2nd: "Quinton the Quail" – Sheila Dalrymple, D1
3rd: "Malvolio" – Julie Stielstra, D6
1st HM: "Kathryn the Katydid" – Sheila Dalrymple, D1
2nd HM: "The Trade" – Jane Gates Bandy, D7

Book – Synopsis and First Five Pages – 11 entries
Judge: Lloyd Ballhagen, retired CEO of Harris Enterprises. He has written and published several books.

1st: "But Not for Me" – Jack Kline, D2
2nd: "Pride and Prejudices" – 2512 – Annabelle Corrick, D1
3rd: "A Cry in the Night" – Sam Pierson, D2
1st HM: "Ora Canine Versus Crime" – Ray Racobs, D5
2nd HM: "The Journey to America" – Doris Schroeder, D6

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