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2013 Awards of Merit:

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2013 Awards Chair: Cynthia Ross, D5.

2013 Service Award:

In the dictionary the word "service" is defined as
Award of Merit for Service: work done for somebody else, helpful action using one's skills to get the job done. Many times doing a service, or job without expecting anything in return.

Kristine PolanskyKristine Polansky, District 4, does not insist on being on "center stage" and gives credit to others who deserves it. She encourages children to participate and uses her contacts to reach out to young writers. As manager for Youth Writing Contest, Kristine Polansky she has done her very best. In fact she has gone an extra mile to support the program. Under her leadership, the program has flourished.

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2013 Achievement Awards:

The distionary defines "achievement" as "the result gained by effort: attainment / accomplishment / fulfillment / completion / success / triumph." In Kansas Authors Club we like to honor those that have achieved those goals as a writer:

Don PadyDon Pady, District 1, is a prolific writer with an extremely impressive academic career, plus an honorable military career in the Army as well. He has over 75 publications to his credit that include books, articles and scholarly papers.He's also been highly decorated with awards such as mention in Who's Who in Library Service, Who's Who in the Midwest, International Who's Who in Education, Mid America Award for distinguished contribution to the studyof MidwesternLiterature,and has alsoreceived theService Award ofMerit by Kansas Authors Club and is also our current archivist.
   Some of Don's published work includes:

  1. Collection edited: Poetry of William Allen White
  2. Article: "A long shot" in 2004 KAC Centennial publication, Our Way with Words
  3. Story: "I never saw a purple cow" in KAC Yearbook
  4. Story: "Lost and Found" in Angels on Earth publication
  5. Novel co-authored with Ken Olm, District 1: Hidden Gold: Lost Treasure in the Flint Hills.
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Max YohoMax Yoho published his first humorous novel, The Revival, in 2001. He won the KAC "J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award" in 2002. He has two books on the Kansas Center for the Book's "Favorite Kansas Books List": The Revival and The Moon Butter Route. The Moon Butter Route is also a "2006 Kansas Notable Book" and a "2007 J. Donald Coffin Award" winner. He has published a total of six books to date, including With the Wisdom of Owls; Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious; Tales from Comanche County; and the most recent being Me and Aunt Izzy, in 2011. Max Yoho is a familiar face to KAC convention goers and regularly attends District 1 meetings in Topeka.
     Max Yoho books in print
                  Visit: "Map of Kansas Literature: Max Yoho"

—Nominated by Tracy Million Simmons

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Words shared about our outgoing KAC president:

Prem Bajaj, KAC President 2011-13Prem Bajaj, District 5

"I've felt honored to learn by the example you have shown. Your wish to be involved without being overly involved, your quiet means of suggesting and appreciating new ideas, the ability you have to follow through in timely and non-intrusive ways has been most beneficial to our club. You have been a terrific leader by example. "

Best always, Ronda Miller

"You have provided us with quiet, thoughtful leadership these past three years, and kept us heading in a good direction. Thank you for all you have done to make the Kansas Authors Club a strong organization, providing encouragement and support to writers of all ages and genres. I hope you will continue to be involved in the organization in the years to come."

Best wishes to you, Cathy Callen

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'Gail Lee Martin' KAC Memorial Funds:

Gail MartinGail Lee Martin taught and enjoyed writing nostalgia. Through the years; as a member of Kansas Authors Club, Gail was published in many Kansas magazines. She shared a wealth of information in those articles about people, places and things of Kansas, as well as two published books of her & her husband's life. In 2010 Gail's book titled My Flint Hills Childhood: Growing up in 1930's Kansas, received the "Ferguson History Book Award." Gail Martin FundBecause of her love of writing, the family of Gail Lee Martin, wish a small part of the memorial funds donated in her name to be dispersed in this way: beginning with $100.00 given to District 5 President Susan Howell, to help sponsor a KAC workshop on nostalgia held at the 2013 State Convention.

—Report by Cynthia Ross

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