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J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award

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2017 Coffin Award
J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award Deadline: June 15, 2017

The J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award was established by Mrs. Bertha Coffin to honor the memory of her husband, a long-time member and
officer of KAC, after his death on September 6, 1978. An award of $100.00 will be given each year to a KAC member according to the rules printed below.

The J. Donald Coffin Award is intended to honor the best published book (excluding history and poetry, which have their own contests) written by a member of Kansas Authors Club. Books published within the two years prior to June 1, 2017, are eligible for the 2017 Award.

An entry form has been developed to certify eligibility of a book. You can get a copy of that form from your district president or the form is available for download here. The form should be submitted with the book..
Book Awards submission form —downloadable PDF file.

Go to Adobe website to download Adobe Reader.

2017 Rules for Competition are downloadable as a PDF file and are printed below:

Rules for Competition:

  1. Any member of Kansas Authors Club who has written a book published, issued in print, and available for public distribution within the two years prior to June 1 of the current year is eligible. The book may be either privately or commercially published.
  2. One copy of the book, accompanied by a completed application form, should be sent by June 15 of the current year to the chairperson of the J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award Committee (KAC Vice President). The application form is available here, from district presidents, or by mail from the KAC Vice-President. Non-winning books will be returned at the convention. If you will not be present at the convention, please include return postage.
  3. No entry fee is required.
  4. The award will be presented to the winner at the 2017 Annual Convention and Writers Conference in Coffeyville, at the evening banquet on Saturday, October 14, 2017. The author receiving the award will then present to Mrs. Coffin a copy of that book to be placed in the Council Grove Library. If Mrs. Coffin is not present at the Annual convention to receive a copy of the book, the author is responsible for mailing one to her as soon as possible following the convention at her mailing address listed under District 4 of the membership directory.
  5. Books submitted may be in any category in good taste, except poetry and Kansas history, which have their own book awards.
  6. Mail one copy of your book and completed entry form by June 15, 2017 to:
Coffin Memorial Book Award Competition
Ronda Miller
214 Lawrence Ave.
Lawrence, KS 66049
phone: 785-840-4150
send email to Ronda

J. Donald Coffin Memorial Award Winners

2016   Sundrop Sonata:A Novel of Suspense, Ann Christine Fell, Winfield, D3
2015   In the Shadow of the Wind, Ann Christine Fell, Winfield, D3
2014   Maid Merrian and the Lawman, Deb Stover, Wichita, D5
2013   Tiger Hunting, Tracy Million Simmons, Emporia, D2
2012   Gary Clarke's Africa, Gary Clarke, Topeka, D1
2011   Feisty Family Values, B.D. Tharp, Wichita, D. 5
2010   Hometown Appetites: The Story of Clementine Paddleford,
            the Forgotten Food Writer Who Chronicled How America Ate
            Cynthia Harris, D6, & Kelly Alexander
2009   Ride a Shadowed Trail, Eunice Boeve, Phillipsburg, D.6
2008   Targets of Rage, Sam Pierson, Lebo, D.2
2007   The Moon Butter Route, Max Yoho , Topeka, D.1
2006   Diary of a German War Bride, Trudy McFarland, Topeka, D.1
2005   Life, I Think, Is Like a Watermelon, LeNore Stumpf, Axtell, D. 4
2004   Max Conquers the Cosmos, Mark Bouton , Carbondale, D. 2
2003   Sissy!, Tom Mach, Lawrence, D. 2
2002   The Revival, Max Yoho, Topeka, D. 1
2001   Summer of the Crow, Eunice Boeve, Phillipsburg, D. 6
2000   Freedom Ships, Robert D. Carey, Topeka, D. 1
1999   The Lie, Lloyd Ballhagen, Hutchinson, D. 6
1998   A Backward View, Mark Scheel, Mission, D. 2
1997   Small Towns, Dark Secrets, Lloyd Ballhagen, Hutchinson, D. 6
1996   Gathering Reunion, David Tangeman, Topeka, D. 1
1995   Wind Songs in the Wheat, v. 3, Ruth Ebberts, Eureka, D. 3
1994   Sarah of the Border Wars, Dr. James Yoder, Hesston, D. 5
1993   The Potsdam Protocol, Al Clovis, Topeka, D. 1
1992   The Enchanted Prairie, Esther Loewen Vogt, Hillsboro, D. 4
1991   Cloud of Darkness, Emanuela O'Malley, Salina, D. 4
1990   Worker in Wood, Leland R. Johnson, Wichita, D. 5
1989   Sandscript, W.L. Lambert, Liberal, D. 7
1988   Flame in the Wind, Enola V. Feldman, Garden City, D. 7
1987   The Preacher's Kid, G. Robert Haywood, Topeka, D. 1
1986   Passes at the Moon, Thomas Fox Averill, Topeka, D. 1
1985   Lady Sheilla's Groom, Monette Cummings, Lawrence, D. 2
1984   ABC's From Dugout to Astronaut, Floyd E. Pope, Wichita, D. 5
1983   Jayhawk Children, Blanch Carroll Rush, Winfield, D. 3
1982   Not By Bread Alone, Raymond S. Nelson, Wichita, D. 5
1981   Red Are the Embers, Guanetta Gordon, Sun City, AZ, D. 2
1980   A History of Kiowa, Old and New, on the Cowboy-Indian
, Jean M. Brown, Kiowa, D. 6
1979   True Tales of the Old Time Plains, David Dary, Lawrence, D. 2

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