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District #3


Recent District 3 Meeting: Sat. Nov. 10, 2017
Kansas Buffett Company, 104 West 11th St., in Coffeyville, at 9 a.m. 
    Anyone is welcome to attend District 3 meetings!

District 3 includes 12 counties in southeast Kansas: Allen, Chautauqua, Cherokee, Cowley, Crawford, Elk, Greenwood, Labette, Montgomery, Neosho, Wilson, and Woodson

Anyone interested in writing is encouraged to attend District 3 meetings. Questions may be addressed to District 3 President Joyce Long, contact info at page bottom.

D3 Meetings are held twice yearly .
—All writers are welcome to attend.

Inksmith Writers
Hazel SpireSaturday, November 18
Ane Mae's Coffee and Sandwich Shop, 325 N Pennsylvania Ave, Independence, KS, 67301, @ 11:00 a.m.
Hazel Spire​, District 3,​ Sedan, will speak on "Setting the Scene in Fiction." ​
Join us on Saturday, November 18 at Ane Mae's for coffee, lunch and friends. All are invited!

Inksmith Writers Nov. flyerInksmith Writers is a new KAC District 3 writers group whose goals is to learn more about writing! Our meetings are every 3rd Sat. at Ane Mae's Coffee and Sandwich Shop, 325 N Pennsylvania Ave, Independence, KS, 67301, @ 11:00 am. Our gatherings are open to the public, with monthly guest speakers presenting programs on the many genres of writing: poetry, memoirs, fiction, non-fiction & more.
   Speakers range from published authors, award winning poets, bloggers & children's authors just to name a few. The group is managed by Marilyn Johnson, POB 783, Independence, KS 67301. Call 620-332-9994. Text messages are welcome.

Coffeyville Night Writers voted to not hold their monthly meeting in November.
Coffeyville Night Writers Meeting:
Next meeting: Tues., Dec. 9, 2017
The group voted to have a Christmas party with meal at the home of Barbara Cooper, 504 Cheyenne, Coffeyville, @ 1 p.m.
Bring a snack or side dish to go with barbecue.

At the January meeting the club will elect new officers. Colleen Perkins will be hostess for the meeting on January 23, Sycamore Landing, 701 Lewark, Coffeyville. @ 6 p.m. Perkins will announce the writing topic later. Everyone is welcome to attend, listen and share!
  Colleen Perkins suggested that we host some learning workshops at the monthly meetings in 2018.

   Night Writers usually meets every fourth Tuesday of each month, 6 p.m. Meeting are usually at Sycamore Landing, 701 Lewark, Coffeyville.
   Night Writers
president is Lois Vail. Everyone is invited to join our group.

Recent Cherryvale Trail Writers Meeting:
Meeting TBA
at Cherryvale Public Library, 329 East Main, at 6:00 p.m.
   —Watch this space for 2017 news to be added.

Joyce Long of Cherryvale is contact for this group. Consider joining the Cherryvale group. Phone Joyce at 1-620-515-4039.

Member News:

Watch this space for 2017 news to be added.

Do you have member news? Contact Carol Yoho with web site content.

Upcoming Events:

Do you have upcoming events planned? Contact Carol Yoho with web site content.

2017 District 3 Writing Contest Winners:

Prose Winners:

  • Short Story:
    1st place, Louise Click
    2nd place, Marilyn Johnson
    3rd place, Colleen Perkins
  • Memoir:
    1st place, Louise Click
    2nd place, Marilyn Johnson
    3rd place, Colleen Perkins
    1st honorary, Louise Click
    2nd honorary, Sharon Thompson
  • Inspiration:
    1st place, Louise Click
    2nd place, Sharon Thompson
    3rd place, Louise Click
    1st honorary, Frankie Roland
    2nd honorary, David Nyberg
  • Children's Story:
    1st place, Louise Click
    2nd place, Hazel Spire
    3rd place Hazel Spire
    1st honorary, Frankie Roland
    2nd honorary, Hazel Spire
  • Non-Fiction:
    1st place, Louise Click
    2nd place, Sharon Thompson
    No 3rd place winner designated

Poetry Winners:

  • Japanese:
    1st place, Louise Click, "Wings"
    2nd place, Sharon Thompson, "Spring"
    3rd place, Sharon Thompson, "Summer"
  • Whimsy:
    1st place, Steve Wilson, "The Issue of Toilet Tissue"
    2nd place, Steve Wilson, "Tax Day"
    3rd place, Louise Click, "Wrinkles Come"
  • Rhymed:
    1st place, Louise Click, "Snapshot"
    2nd place, Jim Tallman, "Birth and Death"
    3rd place, Steve Wilson, "Bicyclin Summer"
  • Free Verse:
    1st place, Sharon Thompson, "A Life Cut Short"
    2nd place, Sharon Thompson, "I Have Never Seen An Angel'
    3rd place, Marilyn Johnson, "Christmas Merrymaking"

Past 2017 KAC District 3 Events:

April 8, 2017
District Three held its semi-annual convention at the Sirloin Stockade on April 8. There were twenty-two people present with three new members. The speaker was Jackie Roots who spoke on using both sides of your brain and how to incorporate this is writing skills. The writing contests for prose were: Short Story, Children's Story, Memoirs, Inspiration, and Non-Fiction. The writing contest for poetry were: Japanese, Blank Verse, Rhymed Verse, and Free Verse. There were many wonderful entries and the judges said it was very difficult to select the winners. The main topic of the meeting was hosting the KAC convention on October 13,14,15. Everyone is working diligently to make this a wonderful and rememberable convention.

In March, 2017, District 3 hosted its Annual Writers' Contest. The group voted to add a non-fiction category to prose categories and to sponsor a contest for youth. Joyce Long was contest manager for prose and Barbara Cooper was manager for poetry.
   Poetry had four categories: rhymed verse, free verse, whimsy and Japanese. Poetry entries went to the contest manager, Barbara Cooper.
   Prose entries were in five topics: inspiration, memoirs, short stories, stories for children and non-fiction Prose entries went to contest manager, Joyce Long.

Lois Vail, president of Coffeyville Night Writers, reported on the recent meeting of the Convention Planners which had met at Joyce Long's home, in Cherryvale. The members of Kansas Authors Club will gather at Sleep Inn, Coffeyville on October 13 for the Kansas State Convention.
   Vail, also, reminded members that District #3's spring meeting will be April 8 at the Sirloin Stockade, Coffeyville.

January 21, 2017
A meeting of the KAC Convention Planners was held at Joyce Long's home in Cherryvale, Kansas. Kansas Author's Club District 3 will be hosting a state convention on October for all of the writers in Kansas on October 13,14, and 15 in Coffeyville. Everything having to do with the convention was discussed and worked on.
   A Christmas book with stories and poems by members is available for purchase. The sale of this book will help with convention expenses. District Three officers and interested members held their first meeting of 2017 at the home of President Joyce Long to discuss plans for the 2017 KAC convention to be held October 13,14,15 in Coffeyville. Everything having to do with the convention was discussed and worked on. The next meeting will be held February 25 at the home of Colleen Perkins in Coffeyville. .

Past 2017 Coffeyville Night Writers Events:

Coffeyville Night Writers voted to not hold their monthly meeting in November.

Tues., Sept. 26, 2017
@ Sycamore Landing, 701 Lewark, Coffeyville
"Family Humor" was our writing theme for September's meeting. Toni Hood was hostess.

Tues., Aug. 22, 2017
   At the August meeting, members shared their thoughts about "Waiting." Sharon Thompson was hostess for that meeting. There was a variety of thoughts about waiting. Most did not like to wait.
   Night Writers voted to have Barbara Cooper and Louise Click proceed on a poetry guideline book. They will define the types of poetry that can be submitted for the District #3 Contest and will print several examples of each type.
   Sharon Thompson said that we needed to have a read-around or workshop at Sycamore Landing to encourage the residents to attend Night Writers.
   We briefly discussed plans for a Christmas party and the District #3 meeting that will be held in November.
   "Family Humor" will be the theme of the Coffeyville Night Writers meeting Tuesday, September 26, at Sycamore Landing, 701 Lewark at 6 p.m. Toni Hood will be the hostess. Come and join us on September 26. Share your family humor and have a good laugh!

Tues., Jul. 25, 2017
   Lois Vail, president of Coffeyville Night Writers passed around two cards for members to sign at the last meeting. One was a get-well card and the other a card to celebrate a 65th wedding anniversary.
   Vail suggested that members consider not meeting during the summer of 2018, as many have other obligations during the summer months, She, also, announced that David Nyberg, our long-distance member, was publishing another book.
   Steven Wilson was host for the evening and members shared their "life experiences."
   The next Coffeyville Night Writers will be at 6 p.m. August 22 at Sycamore Landing, 701 Lewark, Coffeyville. Sharon Thompson will be the hostess and her writing assignment is "Waiting." Come, read, listen and fellowship with the Night Writers.

Tues., Jun. 27, 2017
   At the June meeting of the Coffeyville Night Writers, President Lois Vail passed around a birthday card for David Nyberg, our long-distance member. Steve Wilson explained the change in ownership at Sirloin Stockade. Sharon Topping announced that she would soon be moving to Miami, Oklahoma.
  President Vail announced that Convention Planners had met in June and would be meeting again July 29th at Anne Mae's Coffee House in Independence, KS.
  Louise Click mentioned that the Club could publish a small learning book explaining and illustrating the different types of poetry very inexpensively if members did the work.
   Sharon Thompson said that the club should host a read-around at the library. The Club decided to vote on this and the book later as members are involved with the Kansas Authors convention which will be held in Coffeyville in October.
  Some very interesting stories about chairs, humorous as well as serious, were read. "Chair" was the writing assignment given by Barbara Cooper, hostess for June...
   The host for the July meeting is Steve Wilson. He asks that those attending write about "an experience in life." The July meeting will be July 25, at 6 p.m., Sycamore Landing, 701 Lewark, Coffeyville, Ks. Hope to see you!

Tues., May 23, 2017
   President Lois Vail opened the May meeting of the Coffeyville Night Writers by saying that we are a family and two of our members were asking for prayer. Sandy Earle has been having health problems and our long-distance member David Nyberg also requested that Night Writers pray for him.
  Sharon Thompson asked about Night Writers sponsoring a read-around. We will discuss this at our next meeting.
  Sharon Topping was our hostess. She had asked that members write about houses and eight articles or poems were shared. Some of the houses were dream houses, some haunted by ghosts and one a van.
   Coffeyville Night Writers will meet again at 6 p.m. at Sycamore Landing, 701 Lewark, Coffeyville on June 27th. Barbara Cooper will be the hostess and she asks that .those attending write about a chair. Everyone interested in writing or listening is invited to attend.

Tues., Apr. 25, 2017
   Coffeyville Night Writers welcomed guests, Jessica Landwehr and Steven Wilson, at their April meeting.
  The club's youngest member, Max Pippin, 12 yeas old, read his poem Heaven which won first place in its category in the District #3 youth's poetry contest. Steven Wilson read his three poems which placed in the District #3 adult poetry contest. The 15 writers present read their version of "If only", an assignment given by hostess Sharon Thompson.
  Louise Click asked the club to consider printing a poetry learning book with definitions of poetry categories and examples of the poetry written by members of Coffeyville Night Writers.
  Pete Walterscheid gave information on a Kansas State poetry contest for youth. The winners will be awarded prizes at the October convention.
  President Lois Vail announced that a Convention Planners meeting would be held May 11th at 11 a.m. at the Pizza Hut in Coffeyville. This group is planning the next convention of the Kansas Author's Club which will be hosted by Kansas District #3 in Coffeyville October 13,14,and 15.
  Sharon Topping will be hostess for the May meeting. She has asked that we write about a house. Night Writers will meet at 6 p.m. on May 23 at Sycamore Landing, 701 Lewark. Hope to see you.

Tues., Mar. 25, 2017
   The Coffeyville Night Writers gathered for their March meeting at Sycamore Landing. There were 9 people in attendance for a time of fellowship and sharing of their thoughts about “Miracles”.
   During the business section of the meeting it was announced that the District 3 meeting would be held on the 8th day of April at 9:00 am. Winners for the adult and youth divisions will be announced there. We were pleased to be informed that the youth had 9 entries for poetry and 15 entries for prose, way to go youth writers.  There was mention that we may auction off one of Ursula Turner’s crochet projects to benefit the Night Writers. The next meeting to make plans for the state convention will be held at Pizza Hut on the 11th day of May at 11:00 a.m.

Tues., Feb. 28, 2017
@ Sycamore Landing, 701 Lewark, Coffeyville, at 6 p.m.
   Louise Click was hostess, and asked that each person “write an anecdote”—a short filler for newspaper or magazine. Partiicipants were also encouraged to bring questions about District 3 contest. Barbara Cooper to spoke at the meeting about poetry entries.
   Prose and Poetry contest managers for District #3 attended. Everyone in Ddistrict 3 was welcome to attend Night Writers and to enter the contest.

Jan. 24, 2017
  Coffeyville Night Writers planned a new year. 
  The meeting began by sharing stories of “The Perfect Place.” The assignment was given by Colleen Perkins.
   The Club welcomed Sue Landwehr, who was a guest of Sharron Thompson.
   Sharron Topping announced that the Coffeyville Public Library was having a writing contest. There are three categories and the top prize is a $50 gift card.
   Twelve members present read their thoughts and memories of "a perfect place", an assignment given to them by Colleen Perkins.
   Coffeyville Night Writers will meet again February 28 at Sycamore Landing, 701 Lewark, Coffeyville at 6 p.m. Louise Click, hostess, asks that everyone writes and shares an anecdote, a filler type of writing that is used in newspapers and magazines. Also, bring your questions about the spring contest as Barbara Cooper will be there to answer them.

Past Cherryvale Trail Writers 2017 Events:

Watch this space for 2017 news to be added.

Officers of Kansas Authors Club, District 3
for 2017-2018:


Joyce Long
Dana Paeugh
Marilyn Johnson
Donna Celaya

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