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     Barbara Brady, District 1, Topeka, has a story published in a new Chicken Soup book that is presently in book stores.  It is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Woman to Woman. Her story is "Proud to be a Nurse." This latest Chicken Soup book is in celebration of their 15 years of publication. They have selected 101 of their best stories taken from 27 Chicken Soup for the Soul books (previously published) to make this edition. 12/15/2008
     Jerry Engler, District 4, Marion, celebrated the remodeling of Hastings Books Music & Video, Manhattan, on Saturday, December 6, 2008, by signing copies of his three books: Highly Embellished Truth & Some Poetry: Just Folks Three, Just Folks: Earthy Tales of the Prairie Heartland, and a Heartland Voice: Just Folks Two. Jerry also signed copies of his books on December 20, 2008, at The Bookshelf, 204 N Main St., McPeherson. 12/31/2008 Earth Song, by Laurel Johnson
     Laurel Johnson, District 4, Washington, announces publication of a book, Earth Song, a work with poetry, prose, and photographs. The work was published by Amazon's Book Surge publishing company, a program called CreateSpace.  Publication was quite an adventure because the writer must do everything to prepare a manuscript for submission, including create a book cover.  Books are published on demand. 12/31/2008
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had an essay, "Dust Off Those Holiday Memories," published in Ozarks' Senior Living newspaper, December, 2008. 12/31/2008
     Esther Luttrell
and Ken Ohm, both District 1, Topeka, joied author Linda Funk and Topeka pianists Julie and James Rivers at a holiday open house. The event, "My Favorite Things," was held at Washburn University Bookstore, Memorial Union on December 3, 2008. Esther's book is Murder in the Movies. Ken's book is Ducks Across the Moon. 12/15/2008
   There Goes Santa, by Nancy MehlCozy in Kansas, compilation by Nancy Mehl  Nancy Mehl, District 5, Wichita, signed copies of her Ivy Towers mystery series compilation, Cozy in Kansas, on Saturday, December 6, 2008, at Perfect Peace, 604 N. Tyler, Wichita, and at Perfect Peace, 2020 N. Woodlawn, Wichita. She also had copies of the brand new (and last) Ivy Towers book, There Goes Santa Claus, available at both signings. 12/31/2008
     Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, had his letter-to-the-editor published in the Arkansas City Traveler on December 1, 2008. The letter was about helping in the community. 12/31/2008

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     Jerry Engler, District 4, Marion, announces release of his third book Highly Embellished Truth & Some Poetry: Just Folks Three, on December 3, 2008. His first two books are Just Folks: Earthy Tales of the Prairie Heartland, and a Heartland Voice: Just Folks Two. 11/29/2008
     Ann Everett, District 5, Wichita, taught poetry for eight weeks, September 9 through October 28, 2008, at East Wichita Shepherd's Center, Wichita. Her theme was "Senses to Soul." Authors were inspired by exercises for the senses and introduced to new poetry forms. 11/1/2008
    Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had several articles published in November, 2008. "Writing, Submitting and You" was published at the Institute of Children's LIterature website. An essay, "Thanksgiving Then and Now," is in the November, 2008, issue of Ozarks' Senior Living newspaper. Her story "Love In a Box" is included in Fathers and Daughters: 101 Best Stories book, edited by Chicen Soup for the Soul editors. (The story originally appreared in the first Chicken Soup for the Soul Fathers and Daughters book). Other recently published work includes "The Girl Who Has Birthday Cake and Pumpkin Pie" at and "May It Ever Be So," published at Heartwarmers, November 26, 2008, issue. Nancy also has two stories in The Big Book of Christmas Joy, a book published by Howard Publishing, a division of Simon and Schuster. The two stories are "The Best Christmas Present Ever" and "A Christmas For Julie." 11/30/2008 Ride a Stick Horse, by Cynthia Ross
    Cynthia Ross, District 5, Towanda, has published a book of children’s poems, Ride A Stick Horse. Ross hopes to take her book into area classrooms to encourage all students to write and enjoy poetry. The cover of the book includes a picture of Ross as a child astride a stick horse, which highlights her signature poem. 11/2/2008
     Dale Vaughn, District 1, Topeka, had his letter to the editor, "Follow this example," published in the Topeka Capital-Journal, November 4, 2008. 11/11/2008

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OctoberHometown Appetites, by Kelly Alexander and Cynthia Harris

     Cynthia Harris, District 4, Manhattan, announces publication of a book she co-wrote with Kelly Alexander, Hometown Appetites: The Story of Clementine Paddleford, the Forgotten Food Writer Who Chronicled How America Ate by Gotham Books. Read "Hometown appetites leave you hungry for more," a book review published in the Kansas City Star. 10/28/2008
    Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had her essay "October Musings" published in the October, 2008, issue of Ozarks' Senior Living newspaper. Also, "Nora's Journey" and an accompanying photo was published in the October, 2008, Horizon magazine, a Canadian publication. 10/26/2008
    Talk for Iraq, a benefit reading for the children of Iraq, was held in Topeka as four sessions, October 11-12, 2008. Several members and friends of Kansas Authors Club District 1 (including Tom Averill, Eleanor Bell, Karen Sells Brown, Marcia Cebulska, Rosie Cutrer, Duane Johnson, Mona Magee, Randall Martin, and George Paris) read selections of their own choosing from their own or other authors’ work. Anyone may “sponsor” a reader in any amount, and money raised will be sent to Iraq via the Mennonite Central Committee to aid children in need. The event was sponsored jointly by Southern Hills Mennonite Church and Trinity Presbyterian Church. More information and donation form may be found at Trinity's web site. 10-9-2008
     Doris Peery, District 1, Topeka, signed copies of her book, Town Between Two Rivers, on Saturday, October 11, 2008, at Carlson Library in, Concordia. 10/15/2008A Dalton's Revenge, by Ursula Turner
     Ursula Turner, District 3 President, Coffeyville, recently had her book A Dalton's Revenge published, and signed books on Oct. 11, 2008, at Sunflower Antiques and Treats. 10/15/2008
    Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, has been busy sharing stories and poetry with citizens in various Southeast Kansas communities. For specifics, visit our Writers in the Community page. 10/26/2008
   Carol Yoho, District 1, Topeka, had her article, "Who's Buried in Topeka's Tombs?," published in TK Magazine, September/October 2008, p. 26-27. The piece includes author Dr. Charles Sheldon, Potawatomi Chief Abram B. Burnett, ex-slave Martha Ransom, U.S. Vice President Charles Curtis, railroad magnate Cyrus K. Holliday, and the co-founders of the world famous Menninger Clinic: Charles, Karl and Will Menninger. 10/12/2008

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From the Sparrow's Nest, by Ralph Allen    Ralph Allen, District 5, Wichita, has published From the Sparrow's Nest, a collection of his short stories and poetry, most of which have been previously published individually.  This is a collection of 269 pages and approximately 60,000 words. From a tale of the sea in "Clouds," to the squared ring in "Last Dance," to combat in "Flags," and even "A Starfish Named Bill"...they are all here in these short stories. The book is available on the internet from 9/11/2008
     David Cloud, District 5, Wichita, is featured in the "Braggin on..." section of District 5's News page. [David passed away on Tuesday, September 9, 2008. Visit our In Memoriam page for details.] 9/6/2008
     Ann Everett, District 5, Wichita, spoke about her book, Emotional Choices: Caregivers Surviving Alzheimer's Disease, at the Mulvane Senior Center on September 26. 9/30/2008
     The Lawrence Public Library hosted its annual River City Reading Festival on September 27, at the library in Lawrence. The event included author readings, book signings and workshops. Kansas Authors Club members taking part were George Paris, District 1, Topeka; Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka; Mark Bouton, District 1, Emmett, and William J. Karnowski, District 4, Wamego. 9/30/2008
     Randall Martin, District 1, Topeka, had his letter to the editor, "Means to an end," published in the September 17, 2008, Topeka Capital-Journal. Town Between Two Rivers, by Doris PeeryThe letter was commenting on plans to raise Topeka's downtown parking rates. 9/17/2008
     Doris Peery
, District 1, Topeka, signed copies of her new book, Town Between Two Rivers, on September 6, 2008, at Hastings Books and Records, Fairlawn Plaza, Topeka. Doris also signed copies of her book on September 27, 2008, at Above All Christian Book and Gifts, Topeka. 9/30/2008
   Doris Schroeder, District 6, Hutchinson, has had several more articles published in the Kansas Senior Times: in June was "I Remember my Dad," Remember When, by Doris Schroederin July was "Living in the Land of the Free," and in August was "The Fun of the Farmer's Market." "A Celebration of Grandparents" was featured on the front page in September, 2008. Doris continues to write a weekly column, "I Remember," for the Rural Messenger of Haven and a bi-monthly column "Remember When" for the Hutchinson News. Her book, Remember When, was released in September, 2008, and Doris had book signings at the Farmer's Market and The Young at Heart, Hutchinson. 9/30/2008
    Ursula Turner, District 3 President, Coffeyville, has taken back her job as journalist at the Coffeyville Journal -- temporarily and part time. She was retired, but is now back at work. She also has a new personal web site: Ursula gave a program about her memoir, Sirens, on September 16, 2008, for members of the Coffeyville Hospital Auxiliary. 9/22/2008
     Irma Wassall, District 5, Wichita, celebrated her 100th birthday on September 23, 2008. Besides her many accomplishments listed on the KAC Historical Calendar (9-23-1908), Irma's bio and poetry samples are featured on-line in an "Irma Wassall Sampler". --Congratulations, Irma! 9/30/2008
     Annette Wood, District 5, Wichita, is featured in the "Bragging on..." section of District 5's News page. 9/6/2008
   Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, has two novels, The Revival and Tales from Comanche County now available at as unabridged audio books, in CD or downloadable files for iPod / MP3 player at a special rate. The Revival was honored with the 2002 J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award by KAC. Both books are professionally read by Cameron Beierle, Books in Motion, Spokane, WA., and sample listening is available on Amazon's web site. 9/16/2008

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     Language of Evil, by Robert BeattieRobert Beattie, District 5, Wichita, has finished a true crime paperback, Language of Evil, about the Professor Tom Murray case. It will be out in January 2009 but can be pre-ordered on Amazon now. Murray was a linguistics professor at Kansas State University. He murdered his ex-wife at a rural farmhouse outside of Lawrence during their child custody dispute. I had the book basically completed last year but had to wait until the Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Murray’s appeal. This year the court affirmed Murray’s life sentence. He is currently working on a crime novel with the working title The Election Day Murders. 8/14/2008
      Leonard Biggs, District 3, Madison, is submitting an abstract on Hemingway's writings about Africa and his safaris to Tel Aviv University. Those accepted will be published at Camdon House. 8/4/2008
      Carol J. Garriott, District 5, Seadrift, TX, contributes regular essays to OurEcho, an on-line site that posts individuals' refections on life. One recent addition is "Be Still and Listen." Several KAC members submit to OurEcho, including CJ's big sister, Gail Martin, District 5, El Dorado, whose story "Father's Day 2008" was published July 1, 2008. Several of CJ's nieces also contribute to OurEcho. (Use the "Search" feature at the top of the OurEchos web site to find work by both CJ and Gail.) 8/4/2008
   CJ also writes a column, "Coffee Chat with CJ," for the monthly publication, Livin' on the Bay. CJ's tiny town of Seadrift sits on the Texas Coast. 8/4/2008 My Name is Esther-Clara, by Laurel Johnson
     Laurel Johnson, District 4, Washington, spoke to the Clay County Hospital Lunch Bunch, Clay Center, on August 20, 2008. Laurel is author of several books of prose and poetry, and her homage to her grandmother, My Name is Esther-Clara, is currently available from in a Kindle Edition. 8/20/2008
    Randall A. Martin, District 1 President, Topeka, has received eighth place in Whispering Spirits Digital Magazine's 2008 Flash Fiction Contest for his story "Bridge of No Return," p. 20. 8/30/2008
     Arlene Rains Graber, District 5, Wichita, published "Teacher/Entrepreneur/Leader" in the East Wichita News, June/July 2008 issue; "Chad the Strategy Man" in the East Wichita News, August 2008 issue; and "Irish Lessons" in the Kansas Country Register, August/September 2008 issue. 8/16/2008
      Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, has an essay titled "Movies and Me" published in the August issue of Ozarks' Senior Living newspaper. 8/14/2008
      Kathleen Nelzen, District 5, Newton, has been contributing regularly to her hometown newspaper, The Newton Kansan, and writes a monthly column for Memorial Matters, the newsletter at Memorial Hospital in McPherson, Kansas, where she is the Admissions clerk in ER. 8/4/2008
     Elizabeth Nichols, District 1, Topeka, had an article, "Japanese Poetic Forms: Haiku and Martial Arts" (submitted by invitation from Dr. Stuart Twemlow, with the Menninger Clinic in Houston) published in the International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies. Volume 8, # 2. It was a major project, containing 3,500 words and edited by Karen Sells Brown, District 1, Topeka. 8/14/2008
    Beginnings, by Glenn W. FisherGlenn W. Fisher, District 5, Wichita, has published Beginning: A Journalistic Journey Through the Old Testament, accounts of Old Testament stories as a modern journalist might write them. They are mild satire directed at our society, making clear his beliefs that many of the problems that we face today are the same problem that mankind has faced since Biblical times. The book is available on the internet at Lulu Publishing. Glenn is willing to lend a copy to KAC members interested in reading this work. 8/21/2008
    Rik Tanos, District 3, Coffeyville, held a book signing at the 2008 Inter-State Fair and Rodeo for his book, The Best Ever: A Rik Tanos, Inter-State Fair 2008centennial celebration in Montgomery County, Kansas. 100 Great Years of Fair Races and Rodeo in Coffeyville. The book covers, in words and pictures, the history of the Inter-State Fair and Rodeo on its 100th anniversary. The exhibit presentation, consisting of 50 posters covering 100 years of photos of people and attractions as well as advertisements of the Fair, was on display during Fair and Rodeo week, Aug. 9 to 16, 2008, in a trailer on the midway. The book was made available for purchase at that location.The Story of Col. James A. Coffey, by Ursula Turner 8/14/2008
      Ursula Turner, District 3 President, Coffeyville, announces publication of two works. The Story of Col. James A. Coffey, Founder of Coffeyville is a slim volume that includes information about the first few years of Coffeyville's existence. Her second work is a memoir, Sirens: Life in Rural Germany During and Shortly after World War II, recently published by Tanos Books Publishing Co. Her story starts when she is about three years old and is dragged from bed by her mother who,Sirens, by Ursula Turner after hearing the sirens, carries Ursula to the basement seeking shelter from approaching enemy bombers. 8/4/2008
      Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, signed copies of his book, Pigs and Packinghouses, on Saturday, July 26, 2008, in Winfield at the Farmer's Market. 8/4/2008

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      Roy Bird, District 1, Topeka, Jerry Engler, District 4, Marion, and Ann Parr, District 5, Lindsborg, signed books at Barnes & Noble at Bradley Fair, Wichita, on June 14, 2008. Other Kansas authors signing books included Beverley Buller, Gina Heyen, Bryan Hurlbut, David Nichols, Michelle Pillow, and Dian Curtis Regan. 7/28/2008Jack Fredricks featured in Kaw Valley Senior Monthly
      Jack Fredricks, District 1, Topeka, is featured in a cover story, "Fredricks authors true-to-life novel," in the Kaw Valley Senior Monthly for July, 2008. Fredricks, who worked for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program in Topeka for twenty year, drew on his own life experiences and experiences of those he has write DNA (Do Not Ask), a true-to-life novel published in 2007 by Publishing Co. 7/19/2008           

     Mary Jo Davis-GrantDistrict 5, El Dorado, conducted a Sacred Poetry Workshop at Tallgrass Spiritual Retreat Center, Matfield Green, on April 29, 2008.  Mary Jo is author of Dream Power: Can Our Dreams Make Us Well?, published in 2007. 7/28/2008
      Cynthia Harris, District 4, Manhattan, has an article, "The Blue Goose: A Rough Landing to Get Home," published in the Eye On Kansas online magazine, Summer 2008. 7/19/2008
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had her essay "The Paths We Walk" published at 7/25/2008
     Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, produced and co-wrote a famly film, Lithium Springs, a story about treasure possibly left in Florida by searcher after the Fountain of Youth, Ponce de Leon. Exploration Films has recently contracted to distribute the film internationally. 7/9/2008
    Randall A. Martin, District 1 President, Topeka, will have his poem “Terrorist” published in the first Secret Press USA anthology. His poetry has been published in Inscape, the literary annual from Washburn University. Randall has had three 250-word stories accepted in Flash Me Magazine's Lightning Flash Fiction Contest. “Be It Ever So Humble” and "Fiddlin' On the Roof" were published in the July 31, 2008, pdf issue, and "Bunny Laundering" will be published in the October 31, 2008, pdf issue. Subscribers can vote on the winning contest entries at their web site. Each downloadable PDF issue is $3, payable through PayPal or by credit card. Randall's flash fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine , and two stories won recognition at Kansas Writers' Association's "Scene of the Crime" Competition in 2006. 7/29/2008
     Dorothy Masters, District 4, Harveyville, continues to publish her thoughts periodically in a column, This and That, in The Mission Valley Herald of Eskridge, The Wabaunsee County Signal-Enterprise of Alma, and The Osage County Herald-Chronicle in Burlingame. Her article, "Beware of Purse Thief" will be published July 31, 2008, in The Mission Valley Herald. It concerns a purse snatched recently from a District 1 member during broad daylight in Topeka and warns, "Be alert." 7/25/2008
     Ken Ohm, District 1, Topeka, author of Spatzies and Brass BBs, announces publication of a new memoir, Ducks across the Moon: Life on Eighty Acres in the Flint Hills. Published by Leathers Publishing of Overland Park, KS, the book consists for four sections: Farm and Home, Learning from the Animals, The Outside World, and Family Memories. Ken was featured in an article by Jan Biles, "Man builds unique 'wall' of native stone found on the prairie," in the Topeka Capital-Journal, July 20, 2008. 7/25/2008
     LeNore Stumpf, District 4, Axtell, announces publication of her fourth book, Bits of Wisdom (for folks already too smart for their britches), printed by Mennonite Press, Newton, Kansas. It is a collection of short-short humorous pieces. Her earlier books are Wise and Otherwise (light verse), Branded with Love (contemporary romance) and Life, I Think, Is Like a Watermelon (humor compilation and winner of the 2005 J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award). LeNore 's article "Accident Provided Small Feast" was published in Good Old Days/Looking Back magazine, July 2008 issue. It deals with a refrigerated meat delivery truck plowing through her dad's pasture fence. A photo accompanies the story. 7/24/2008
    Rik Tanos, District 3, Coffeyville, held a book signing and special exhibit presentation on Saturday, July 19, 2008, for his book, The Best Ever: A centennial celebration in Montgomery County, Kansas. 100 Great Years of Fair Races and Rodeo in Coffeyville. The book covers, in words and pictures, the history of the Inter-State Fair and Rodeo on its 100th anniversary. 7/23/2008
    Rosemary Torrez, District 1, Topeka, won third place for her poem,"Ode," from By-Line Magazine, printed in their July issue. 7/9/2008
    Barbara Waterman-Peters, District 1, Topeka, had a letter-to-the-editor, "Passion for the Arts," published in the Topeka, Capital-Journal, July 5, 2008. 7/5/2008TK Magazine, Gage Park article
   Carol Yoho
, District 1, Topeka, had her article, "Gage Park: A Park for Our City," published in TK Magazine, July/August 2008, p. 40-41. The piece provides a short history of Topeka's city park of 109 years: its zoo, gardens, swimming pool, and more. Carol provided historical photos to accompany the print version of the article. 7/13/2008
   Max Yoho
, District 1, Topeka, spoke and read from his work at Friday Afternoon Tea, Aldersgate Village, Topeka, on July 11, 2008. Max's novels are The Revival (winner of the 2002 J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award), Tales from Comanche County, and The Moon Butter Route (winner of the 2007 J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award and a 2006 Kansas Notable Book). His collection of poems, essay and short stories is Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious. 7/13/2008

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    Eunice Boeve, District 6, Phillipsburg, has her ninth adventure in the "Time Machine" series published in Kids' Kansas section, Kansas Traveler, Summer 2008, p. 6. This time the twins visit Goodland, Kansas, in 1910 where they are witnesses to the unsuccessful launch of a flying machine, the forerunner of the helicopter. 6/17/2008
    Karen Sells Brown, District 1, Topeka, had her poem "Meadowlark Feathers" published in Inscape 2008, v. XXXIII, the literary magazine of Washburn University. 6/24/2008
    Jerry Engler, District 4, Marion, has published a tribute in poetry to his father, an Army veteran of World War II, on his web site. The page includes a photo of his father. The poem is "Oh My Father." 6/1/2008
     Arlene Rains Graber, District 5, Wichita, had her essay "Noteworthy" published in Kansas Country Register, April/May 2008 [38 pgs., PDF file], p. 8. She sold a devotional, "Best Seller," to The Outlook for July publication, and also had an article, "Rocket, Set, Launch," published in Kansas Traveler, Summer 2008, p. 8. 6/5/2008
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had her work published online in MedHunters Journal on June 2, 2008. Titled "Emotions and Cancer," it is a story detailing a breast cancer battle waged by a friend of Nancy's. Her essay titled "It's All In The Attitude" was published in Ozarks' Senior Living, June, 2008. Also, watch for Nancy on WIBW TV Channel 13 in Topeka on June 11, 2008. She will appear on the 4 PM news broadcast and read from "Squeals and Squeezes," her story from the newly released Chicken Soup for Fathers and Sons Soul. 6/4/2008
     Screen Writers Q & A, by Esther LuttrellEsther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, is conducting a six-week Screen Writing Workshop, June 11- July 16. The workshop includes phone interviews with Donald Gold (producer/writer for “Miami Vice” and “Diagnosis Murder”), Barry Perelman (Formerly with Wm Morris Agency “Columbo”, “Rockford Files”, “MASH”, etc.), Randi Cushnir (Director of Development for Tom Hanks and Matt Dillon), and Jack Allen (producer of Alec Baldwin’s “The Alamo”) on July 9. Esther's text is her screenwriting book, Screen Writers Q & A. 6/24/2008
    George Paris , District 1, Topeka, had two poems, "Uncomfortable Pew" and "Requeimfor a Fat Hog," published in Inscape 2008, v. XXXIII, the literary magazine of Washburn University. 6/24/2008
     David Petesch, District 1, Topeka, had his letter-to-the-editor, "No real chocie," published in the Topeka Capital-Journal, June 9, 2008. 6/9/2008
     Bob Spear, District 1, Leavenworth, has had a comedic Sci-Fi screenplay, You Rock My Galaxy, accepted by Tipping Point Productions, LLC. in Arizona. Bob collaborated with Joel Rosenthal of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Tipping Point has now asked Bob to write a comedic thriller screenplay for delivery in September. 6/20/2008
    Carol Yoho, District 1, Topeka, team-taught a spring semester 2008 class at Washburn University with Tom Averill, Writer-in-residence and professor of English. The class was "Mapping Kansas Literature" and the product is a web site that currently includes forty-six Kansas authors and poets: Inscape 2008, Washburn University literary magazinebiographical materials, bibliographies, excerpts, photos, reviews of work, and other items of interest about each author. Several past and current members of Kansas Authors Club are included among the entries. Students made the choices of whom to research and include in this Center for Kansas Studies web site. This site builds on work started in fall semester, 2006, and is a student work-in-progress. Carol also had three photographs published in Inscape 2008, v. XXXIII, the literary magazine of Washburn University. 6/24/2008

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     Roy Bird, District 1, Topeka, attended the North Central Kansas Libraries system Book Fair in Manhattan on May 8, 2008. His primary role was as director of the Kansas Center for the Book. Other guests included four 2007 Notable Books authors. Many librarians attended the event, and Roy, as a Kansas author, had opportunity to sign copies of his personal work as part of the festivities. Roy most recently published book is Civil War and the Indian Wars. 5/10/2008
     Ted Farmer, District 5, Eldorado, won Third Place from ByLine Magazine, May-June, 2008, for his poem "Waif." Ted had won Second Place from ByLine Magazine in 2007 for his poem "The Wooing of Shu-sha-gah."
    Reaona Hemmingway, District 1, Topeka, received second honorable mention in the 2008 Kansas Voices short stories writing contest. She received her award and read her story, "Tillie's Marbles," at a banquet in Winfield on May 3, 2008. 5/13/2008
LEFT: Reaona reads her winning entry. RIGHT: Kansas Voices 2008 winners, including Back Row -- Sharon Black from Smith Center, John E. Cox from Wichita, Christian Woolley from Wichita, William Coleman from Wichita, Kevin Rabas from Emporia (Poety Judge)
Front Row -- Michelle Brown from Wellington, Ashton Burchfield from Wichita, Katherine Vasper from McPherson, Sarah Jensen from Olathe, Reaona Hemminpay from Topeka and May Feitz from Olathe

    Bill Karnowski, District 4, Wamego, has his three book set of Pushing the Chain, Painting the Train, and Catching the Rain displayed at the I-70 Kansas Vistors Center near Goodland, Kansas, as part of the marketing program. The program features the best works of Kansas artists and craftsman and displayed items can then be purchased on-line. The Kansas Vistors Center enjoys 140,000 visitors annually. 5/10/2008
    Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had a travel essay, "Pub Fare in the United Kingdom and Ireland," published at the LongStoryShort website.
She had a story, "A True Fairy Tale," published in Horizons magazine, a Canadian publication. Nancy also appeared on WIBW TV Channel 13, Ralph Hipp's 4 o'clock news, on May 7, 2008, where she read "With Us In Spirit," her story included in Chicken Soup—A Tribute To Moms. 5/13/2008
     Barbara Lerma, District 1, Overbrook, was awarded three journalism prizes by Kansas Professional Communicators, an organization affiliated with the National Federation of Press Women. The awards were for articles published in 2007. Each prize was based on two articles. Barbara won second place in the Special Articles: Arts and Information category for "Great Bend Oscar Micheaux Film Festival," published Sept. 20, 2007, in the Osage County Herald-Chronicle, page 4A, and for "The 2007 Silents in the Cathedral Film Festival Is This Friday," published in the Mission Valley Herald, Oct. 25, 2007, page 8. She also won Honorable Mention for four movie reviews published in the Mission Valley Herald in 2007, including: "Rendition," published Nov. 1; "Two Movies About Families Are Recommended," published Nov. 8; "No Country for Old Men," published Dec. 20; and "American Gangster," published Nov. 15. 5/13/2008
     Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, joined Phil Kimball and Stephanie Ann Barrows in reading for the "PoetryNow" series sponsored by The Raven Bookstore and the Lawrence Community. The readings were Thursday, May 8, 2008, at the Raven Bookstore. Tom read from his book The Uni Verse. 5/10/2008
     If This Old Tree Could Talk to Me, by Jancy MorganJancy Morgan, District 1, Berryton, is author of If This Old Tree Could Talk to Me! She joined her book's illustrator, Tom Dunn, in greeting readers at the Leathers Publishing booth, Kansas City Kansas City Literary FestivalLiterary Festival, May 17, 2008. The all-day event was held on the Country Club Plaza, K.C., MO. Jancy was interviewed by Fox 4 News. This is the second year for this event. BOOK-A-FRIEND sponsored the festival after a national university study showed Kansas City as one of the most literate cities in the country. 5/18/2008
    Doris Schroeder, District 6, Hutchinson, has had several articles published so far in 2008. Her published work in The Kansas Senior Times includes "Enjoy the first snowfall" in January, 2008; "How to prepare for natural disaster like the December ice storm" and "A "basket" case for ball" in February, 2008; "Turning Green" in March, 2008; and "Adjusting to the Changing Times" in April, 2008. Doris had "Young at Heart Ministry, A special place for seniors" and "As Time goes by" published in The Good Ole Days, May, 2008. She continues to write a column, Remember When, every other week for the Hutchinson News, and a column, I Remember, every week for the Rural Messenger. She sold an article, "Memories of Singing Mother Remain," to Capper's paper for May, 2008. 5/13/2008
     Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, spoke at the Spring 2008 Friends of the Library meeting of the Paola Free Library, Paola, on May 12, 2008. Max's award-winning humorous fiction is set in small-town and rural Kansas. His titles include The Revival; Tales from Comanche County; Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious; and The Moon Butter Route. An article about his visit, "Captivating readers with humor and poetry" by Kevin Gray, appeared in the Miami County Republic, May 21, 2008. 5/21/2008

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    Ralph Allen, District 5, Wichita, was awarded Second Place in Short Fiction for "The Crotty Dynasty" and First Honorable Mention in Memors for "A Sparrow in Caesar's House" at the Kansas Writers Association's Annual Awards Banquet held at the Airport Hilton in Wichita, April 12, 2008. The banquet was held in conjunction with the 2008 Scene of the Crime Writers' Conference. 4/15/2008
    Roy Bird, District 1, Topeka, joined Robert Collins in signing books at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Topeka, on Saturday, April 5, 2008. Books are about the American Civil War. Robert Collins wrote James G. Blunt: Tarnished Glory and Jim Lane: Scoundrel, Statesman, Kansan. Roy Bird wrote Civil War in Kansas and Civil War and the Indian Wars. 4/15/2008
    Hazel Hart, District 5, Wichita, was awarded Third Place in Short Fiction for "Confessions" at the Kansas Writers Association's Annual Awards Banquet held at the Airport Hilton in Wichita, April 12, 2008. The banquet was held in conjunction with the 2008 Scene of the Crime Writers' Conference. 4/15/2008
    William J. Karnowski, District 4, Wamego, read selections and signed copies of his books -- Pushing the Chain, Painting the Train, Catching the Rain, Dispensation, Hartails and Highways, The Hills of Laclede, and The Sodhouse Green -- at the Wamego Tulip Festival on April 19, 2008. His books are now available for sale at the web site. 4/27/2008
    Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had her article "Why Join An Online Critique Group?" published in April, 2008, at the Institute for Children's Literature website. 4/12/2008
     Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, had his poem, "Nostalgic Lawrence Homes," published in the Lawrence Journal-World, April 13, 2008. 4/15/2008
     Dorothy Masters, District 4, Harveyville, had her story "German Prisoners and Lake Wabaunsee" published in the online magazine Eye on Kansas in March, 2008. Dorothy also had four stories published online in OurEcho: "Therapy Spot" in July, 2007, and "Dad’s Pouting Stool", "Bravehearts", and "Good Morning Sun" in August, 2007. 4/8/2008
    Peg Nichols, District 2, Olathe, was awarded Second Place in Memoir for "Grasshopper Summer" in the Kansas Writers Association 2007 contest. 4/27/2008
     Dennis Smirl, District 1, Topeka, was awarded First, Second, and Third Places in the Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Novel category for Ebony Continential, Recon Party, and Air Force Blues, respectively. Smirl also won First Place for "The All-Night Drugstore" and Honorable Mention for "Such a Deal..." in Short Fiction at the Kansas Writers Association's Annual Awards Banquet held at the Airport Hilton in Wichita, April 12, 2008. The banquet was held in conjunction with the 2008 Scene of the Crime Writers' Conference. 4/8/2008
     Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville, had three April 2008 booksignings: April 3 at the Coffeyville Public Library, Coffeyville; April 19, Bette & Phil's Hallmark Store, Independence; and April 26, Augusta Public Library, Augusta. 4/30/2008
     Eileen Umbehr, District 4, Alma, gave a reading from her book, Small Town Showdown, on April 18, 2008, at the Minneapolis Public Library, Minneapolis, KS. Her book was featured in the Topeka Capital-Journal, "Book tells trash hauling saga" by Tim Carpenter, April 13, 2008, p. 1. Eileen also signed copies of her book at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Topeka, on Saturday, April 26, 2008. 4/27/2008
     Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, spoke at the annual meeting of the Friends of the Council Grove Public Library on April 14, 2008. Yoho is winner of two J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Awards for humorous fiction set in Kansas, The Revival and The Moon Butter Route. The Coffin Awards book collection is housed in the Council Grove Public Library. Max also spoke at a meeting of Kansas Writers, Inc. at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library on April 26, 2007. 4/27/2008

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    Barbara Brady, District 1, Topeka, was one of several District 1 Inscape 2007members from Topeka who had poems recently published in Inscape 2007, literary magazine for Washburn University. Barbara's poem was "Undeterred." Other poems included "Home Visitor" by Karen Sells Brown, "Visiting Waxwings: A Double Acrostic" by Evie Green, "Industrial 'Park'" by Randall Martin, and "I Saw a Crow" by Barbara Waterman-Peters. In addition, Barbara Waterman-Peters had her painting "East Wind II" included in this issue and Carol Yoho had her photo "Cupcakes" included. 3/19/2008
      Leonard Biggs, District 3, Madison, has been invited to the 13th Biennial International Hemingway Society Conference, held Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza, 4445 Main Street, Kansas City, MO, June 9-15, 2008. He will be presenting an abstract proposal: "Two Modernistic Authors -- Ernest Hemingway and Sherwood Anderson: Life in the Midwest. Leonard" on June 11 at the conference. 3/7/2008
     Eunice Boeve, District 6, Phillipsburg, Ride a Shadowed Trail, by Eunice Boeveannounces publication in April, 2008, of Ride a Shadowed Trail, a western coming-of-age story set in Texas which includes a cattle drive to Kansas. While her new novel is written for adults, Eunice also had her newest Time Travel Adventure for children published in Kansas Traveler, Spring, 2008. Her story takes the twins to Alcove Spring, a lovely rest stop on the Oregon Trail near Blue Rapids, to meet some early day pioneers in 1846. The photo used of Alcove Springs in Kansas Traveler is by Tom Parker, District 4, Blue Rapids. 3/28/2008
    Mark Bouton, District 1, Emmett, Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, and Lisa Harkrader were panelists for "Demystifying the Mystery of Writing Mysteries," at Barnes & Noble Book Sellers, Topeka, on March 1, 2008. 3/5/2008
      Mary Jo Davis-Grant, District 5, El Dorado, author of Dream Power: Can Our Dreams Make Us Well?, lectured and signed books at Watermark Books and Cafe, Wichita, on March 25, 2008. Dr. Davis-Grant also has a web site and online blog. 3/28/2008
    Cynthia Harris, District 4, Manhattan, is co-authoring a book with Kelly Alexander, Chapel Hill, NC, titled Hometown Appetites: The Story of Clementine Paddleford, The Forgotten Food Writer Who Chronicled How America Ate. Their book will be released on September 18, 2008, published by Gotham, a division of Penguin. 3/19/2008Investigation, by Dr. George Hill
     Dr. George Hill, District 3, Parsons, will sign copies of his book, Investigation: A Life Shrouded in Mystery, at the Parsons Public Library, 311 S 17th St, Parsons, KS, on March 25, 2008, 6:30 p.m. 3/7/2008
     Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, presented "How to Market, Sell & Promote Your Book —whether self-published or otherwise," on Sunday, March 2, at the Topeka Room, Shawnee County Public Library. Esther spoke about self-publishing vs traditional publishers, pitfalls in both cases, and how to design a strong bookmarketing plan on a limited budget. 3/5/2008  In the Dead of Winter, by Nancy Mehl
      Nancy Mehl, District 5, Wichita, author of Graven Images, Sinner’s Song, and Malevolence, has five new books coming out in 2008. Her new series starts with In the Dead of Winter, followed by Bye, Bye Bertie, and For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls. To get the first look at her newest novels, readers will need to join the Heartsong Presents: Mysteries book club. Mehl's work is featured in the "The Ivy Towers Mystery Series" from Barbour Books. 3/7/2008
    Peg Nichols, District 2 , Lawrence, had the introduction and eight poems from her poetry book, I Kneeded It, published on pages 13-14 of the March issue of The Best Times, a monthly publication of the Johnson Country Department of Human Services and Aging. 3/6/2008
     Ivan Pfalser, District 3, Caney, will present a program at the Bartlesville Public Library in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, on On June 1, 2008. "The Letter Edged in Black" is the story of an almost forgotten popular social etiquette related to death that prevailed over a time period of 100 years worldwide. When a someone died, friends and relatives of the deceased were notified of the fact by using stationary that was bordered in black. 3/7/2008
    Eileen Umbehr, District 4, Alma, has won a Silver medal in Memoir/Biography category in the first annual 2008 Axiom Business Book Awards. Her work, Small Axiom Business Book AwardsTown Showdown, is the true story of events surrounding a law suit filed by Eileen's husband, Keen, an Alma trash hauler, in protection of his First Amendment rights. An awards reception will be held on Monday, March 10, 2008, at the Corporate Offices of Padilla Speer Beardsley in New York. 3/5/2008
    Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, had his book, Boys from Hog Heaven, included in a discussion series at the the Arkansas City Library on February 28, 2008. The Arkansas City Library is celebrating its centennial and has scheduled different events throughout the year. 3/10/2008

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THANK YOU to members of The Write Stuff Writing Group for stuffing yearbooks into envelopes this year. These writers helped Tracy Million Simmons, Yearbook editor, get books ready for mailing: Evie Green, Ann Hochscheid, Gwen Funston, Agnes Kazminski, Rosemary Torrez, Katrina Clark, Marshall Clark, Sam Pierson, Kristine Polansky, and Michael Jamison. Thanks also to Tracy's daughter, Evie Simmons, for all her hard work and her hubby for all the heavy box lifting. 2/2/2008

     Mary Jo Davis-Grant, District 5, El Dorado, had her book Dream Power: Can Your Dreams Make You Well?, published by SterlingHouse Publisher, Inc., honored with the 2007 Best Book Literary Excellence Award in Psychology from 2/17/2008
     Lydia Gonzales, District 7, Garden City, was among a select few to receive a 2008 Governor's Distinguished Community Service Award. The ceremony took place at the second floor rotunda of the Kansas Capitol on February 13, 2008. 2/26/2008
    Sally Jadlow, District 2, Overland Park, and Peg Nichols, District 2, Olathe, are among the fifty-three featured authors in the Bylines 2008 Writer’s Desk Calendar. The calendar lists famous authors’ birthdays and literary holidays, and includes goal-setting suggestions and other writing aids. Edited by Sylvia Forbes, and published by Snowflake Press, Fayette, MO, calendars can be ordered from 2/20/2008
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had her story, "With Us In Spirit" published in the new Chicken Soup for the Soul--A Tribute To Moms book. "Squeals and Squeezes" is in another new anthology, Chicken Soup for the Father and Son Soul. Both books are late winter releases. 2/17/2008
    Tom Parker, District 4, Blue Rapids, had his photo and his book, Dispatches from Kansas, mentioned in "A little of everything," an article about the Blue Rapids Mercantile in Connected Northeast Kansas, a section of the Topeka Capital-Journal, on February 17, 2008. 2/17/2008Lora K. Reiter, Animals Galore and Love Unconditional
    Lora K. Reiter, District 2, Ottawa, announces publication of her collection of essays, Animals Galore and Love Unconditional, PublishAmerica, Dec. 2007. Reiter speaks with respect and love both of the animals who've been her friends and of those she has unsuccessfully tried to resuce. Books are available from and other sources. 2/17/2008
    Lori Stratton, District 4, Wamego, has had her novel, Seasons of the Heart, published by Parson Place Press in February, 2008. The novel, a historical Christian romance, is set in the 1880s in Kansas and Kansas City. The novel can be ordered through or directly through the publisher. 2/10/2008
   Rik Tanos, Ursula Turner, and Frankie Roland, District 3, Coffeyville, signed books at a centennial events of the Arkansas City Library, 120 E 5th Ave., Arkansas City, on February 1, 2008. Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, a Night Writer member, also participated. The library has scheduled different events throughout the year of 2008. 2/10/2008
Cleve Martin    Carol Yoho, District 1, Topeka, had her account of her father, Cleve Martin, and his experiences in the Navy during WWII published in Chips Off the Old Block, the newsletter of the U.S.S. Block Island, v. 22, no. 1, February, 2008, pp. 10-13. Cleve survived the sinking, on May 29. 1944, of the only U.S. aircraft carrier lost in the Atlantic Theatre of Operations. Cleve's story is also published on Carol's web site. 2/10/2008

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    Mary Jo Grant, District 5, El Dorado, has had several poems published in Sacred Journey Journal. "Prayers" was published in August 2004, Vol 55 No 4. "Singing" was published in December 2004, Vol.55 No 6. "Soul Wisdom" was published in February-March 2005, Vol.56 No1. "Still" was published in December 2005-January 2006,Vol. 56 No 6. "?" was published on 05/06/2005 and "Soul Wisdom" published 06/03/2005, both online. Two more poems have been accepted for publication in the future. 1/7/2008
    Duane Johnson, District 1, Topeka, had a letter to the editor, "The issue is morality," published in the Topeka Capital-Journal on January 23, 2008. 1/31/2008
    Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, will have her article "The Invitation" published in Encounter, a Christian teen magazine, in the Fall, 2008 issue. "The Perfect Grandchild" will be in Miracles and Hope, a Guideposts Books anthology, to be published in March, 2008. Nancy's essay "Surrounded By Soldiers" was published in Ozarks' Senior Living, January, 2008. Also in January, her essay "Past, Present and Future" was published among several other of her online articles in MedHunters, a Canadian journal. 1/29/2008
     Ursula Turner, District 3 president, Coffeyville, was interviewed on radio station 69 KGGF in Coffeyville on January 29, 2008, promoting her newly published book. Sirens is the story of Turner's childhood in World War II Germany. 1/29/2008

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