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December 2009

Ron Feasel     Ronald Feasel, District 1, Topeka, is writing a second novel. Moral Dilemma is crime fiction and Ronald has posted the first 50+ pages on a web site (1 and 2) where readers can flip pages and read them like a book. He invites members to read his work and comment to him with a personal link on-line. If you enjoy the work, samples of his novel The Rhyme Man are also available on-line (3) 12/17/2009
     Christine Hollenbeck, District 1, Topeka, had a story she wrote, "A Brother for Christmas," printed in Good Old Days magazine, November/December issue, 2009. The story was about her father and the birth of his little brother, Dee, on Christmas Day, 1933. 12/1/2009
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, has a Christmas story, "Finding The Right Christmas Tree," published in Ozarks' Sr. Living, December, 2009. 12/17/2009
     Stephanie A. Mann, District 5, Wichita, gave another interview in her series with the “Son Rise Morning Show” on December 1, 2009, when she discussed the life and death of Edmund Campion. On December 23, 2009, she talked with host Brian Patrick about the changing celebration of Christmas in England between the 16th and the 17th centuries. In This Time, In This Place, by Debra Guiou Stufflebean12/18/2009
      Debra Guiou Stufflebean, District 1, Topeka, debuted of her third novel, At this Time, In this Place, with a program at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Topeka, on December 12, 2009, beginning at If you like reading about other cultures, religions, romance, restoration of old homes, and history--specifically Topeka history at the turn of the century--you'll enjoy this story, set first in College Hill neighborhood near Washburn University in Topeka, then moving to Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan. 12/17/2009
     Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, signed copies of his books at the Max Yoho at Kansas Originals MarketKansas Originals Market & Gallery's Annual Christmas Open House, Wilson, on November 29, 2009. Max is also featured in an article, "Once upon a time: reading and telling stories can be a powerful connection for grandparents and their grandchildren," in Topeka Magazine, Winter 2009, p. 60. Max's books include The Revival; The Moon Butter Route; Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious; and Tales from Comanche County. 12/1/2009

November 2009

     On November 15, 2009, District 2 members manned a KAC booth selling autographed books at the Holiday Bazaar sponsored by the Lawrence Department of Parks and Recreation. Participating were: Norm Ledgin, Cliff Wright, Carolyn Hall, Pat Walkenhorst, Lora Reiter, Sally Jadlow, Vicki Julian, and Elizabeth Black. Peg Nichols, Tom Mach and Mark Scheel donated books to sell. 11/30/2009
     KAC writing talent teamed with Varney's Book Store on "Poets & Perk" an event held October 28, 2009, at Varney's in Manhattan. Poets Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City; Peg Nichols, District 2, Olathe; and Ann Everett, District 5, Wichita, signed copies of their books. Coffee was provided by Bluestem Bistro. This event was arranged with coordinating efforts by KAC Publicity chair Rik Tanos, District 3, Coffeyville. 11/18/2009
     Barbara Brady, District 1, Topeka, has had three stories published in A Cup of Comfort Book of Christmas Prayer. They are "A Piece of Straw," "The Jelly Jar," and "The Mysterious Magi." Publisher is Adams Media, and the book includes real-life stories and devotions for daily readings from December 1st to Epiphany on January 6th. 11/18/2009
       Arlene Rains Graber, District 5, Wichita, has had three articles recently published. They are "A Gift of Time" in the November, 2009, issue of The Lookout Magazine; "Not What I Wanted" in the December, 2009, Standard; and "Operation Christmas Child" in the November, 2009, issue of EWN. Arlene invites readers to her web site. 11/26/2009
      Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had an essay "Any Soldier, Any War--Maybe You Know HIm" published in the November, 2009, issue of The Best Times, a newspaper for seniors in Johnson County, Kansas. The essay can be read on Nancy's blog A Thanksgiving story, "Turkey In The Raw" is in the November, 2009, issue of LongStoryShort ezine. "More Than A Number" and "Mr. Cello," were both published in the November, 2009, issue of Ozarks' Senior Living, and "Say Thank You," published in Heartwarmers ezine. An article on writing,  "It Pays To Listen," is in the Long Ridge Writers newsletter, published November, 2009. And "The Boy Who Wanted A Tail" is a children's story published in the November, 2009, issue of Knowonder! magazine. "A Zoo With No Cages" was published in  Horizon magazine, a Canadian publication, November, 2009, issue. The article details a visit to Kruger National ParkDear Dean...Love Mom, by Esther Luttrell Game Reserve in South Africa. 11/30/2009
     Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, was interviewed on ""Strange Frequency", Internet radio, on November 1, 2009, concerning her soon-to-be-published book (in February, 2010), Dear Dean...Love, Mom. Host was Robyn McKinney, president and founder of the Paranormal Associaton of Research and Assistance. 11/18/2009
     Gail Martin, District 5, El Dorado, took part in a Christmas Open House at Jackrabbit Hollow bookstore in Peabody on November 7, 2009. Gail read from her memoir, My Flint Hills Childhood: Growing Up in 1930s Kansas. 11/30/2009
     Randall Martin, District 1, Topeka, had his short-short story, "Blowing Snow" published on Everyday Weirdness ezine, on November 30, 2009. 11/30/2009
     Stephanie A. Mann, District 5, Wichita, had an article, “There's Something about Bloody Mary,” published on First Things magazine's "On the Square" blog on November 16, 2009. The article reviews several recent books about Mary Tudor, the first Queen Regnant of England. 11/30/2009Irish Settlers of Kansas, Pat Walkenhorst co-author
      Pat Walkenhorst, District 2, Blue Springs, has a new nonfiction book out, Irish Settlers of Kansas: Memories of the Pioneer Life. Co-authors of this collection of true pioneer stories are Father P. John Lahey and Ellen Cregan Anderton. Book was published by TanosBooks Publishing. 11/20/2009
      Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, has had his short story, "The Passing of the Old Snookertorium," which was published in The Little Balkans Review, Vol. 5, No. 4, nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the editors of this newly-revived regional literary journal. The Pushcart Prize is a prestigious American literary prize by Pushcart Press that honors the best "poetry, short fiction, essays or literary whatnot" published in the small presses over the previous year. Magazine and small book press editors are invited to nominate works they have featured. Anthologies of the selected works have been published annually since 1976. Max also had a Letter to the Editor, "Solve the Puzzle," published in the Topeka Capital-Journal, November 23, 2009. 11/30/2009

October 2009

    Dalton Defender Days authors, Coffeyville, Oct. 3, 2009Several District 3 members displayed books on Authors Row at the Dalton Defender Days Celebration, Coffeyville, on October 3, 2009. Participants Frankie Roland, Ursula Turner, Rik Tanos, and Mary Atkinson are KAC members from Coffeyville. Member Grant Williams, from Arkansas City, also took part. Authors chattted with attendees and signed copies of their work throughout the day's celebration. Seated, back to front in the photo (courtesy of Ursula Turner) are Grant Williams, Ursula Turner, Rik Tanos, Mary Atkinson, and Frankie Roland. 10/4/2009
     Reaona Hemmingway, District 1, Topeka, spoke at the Alma Library, Alma, Kansas, on  October 21, 2009. She spoke about National Novel Writing Month, including youth participation, the adult and youth contests for KAC, Kansas Voices, and Bill Karnowski's Youth Poetry Contest. She read excerpts from her three books in print: Baseball Card Hero, September 11, and Home for Christmas. 10/23/2009
      Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, had his poem "A Great Weeping in a Great Hall" published in the Lawrence Journal-World, in Poet's Showcase on October 4, 2009. Tom gave a talk, "The Real Abraham Lincoln," on October 3, 2009, at Carnegie Arts Center, Leavenworth, and on October 10, 2009, at the Augusta Public Library, Augusta. After both talks, Tom signed copies of his historical novel about Lincoln, All Parts Together. 10/13/2009
      Gail Martin, District 5, El Dorado, and her memoir, My Flint Hills Childhood: Growing Up in 1930s Kansas, were mentioned in an opinion column by Laura Vanderkam, "Grandma's greener than you," in USA Today on October 20, 2009. Laura focused on Gail's memories of how adults sewed colorfully printed flour sacks into children's clothing during the Great Depression. Gail has written numerous articles on how she does things, published at her page on the web site eHow: How To Do Just About Everything. Gail had a signing party on October 11, 2009, at the Butler County Historical Society/Kansas Oil Museum, El Dorado. Other authors involved were Carol Garriott, District 5, Seadrift, TX, with her book Curve of the Coast; Cynthia Jo Ross, District 5, Towanda, with her book, Ride A Stick Horse; Ervin Grant District 5, El Dorado, with his book Reawakening; and Mary Jo Grant, District 5, El Dorado, with her book Dream Power. 10/23/2009
     Stephanie Mann, District 5, Wichita, had two recent book signings: October 15, 2009, at Sarah's Catholic Bookstore, Hutchinson, and she joined four other authors on October 22, 2009, at Town Crier Bookstore, Emporia. Stephanie is author of Supremacy and Survival: How Catholics Endured the English Reformation. 10/23/2009 Desires of My Heart, by Ken Peery
      Ken Peery, District 1, Topeka, signed copies of his book, Desires of My Heart — A Lawyer's Journey from Law to Justice, at the Classic Bean, Topeka, on October 18, 2009; at Town Crier Book Store, Emporia, on October 22, 2009; and at Frank Carlson Memorial Library, Concordia, on October 23, 2009. 10/23/2009
      Dee Smith, District 5, Wichita, had her letter to the editor published in The Christian Century, a theological periodical, in the October 6, 2009 issue. 10/13/2009
      Grant Williams, District 3 , Arkansas City, announces publication of his new book, Poems From a Connecticut Yankee in Kansas, by Tanos Books Publishing. Grant and his work, including this new collection of poetry, are featured in an on-line blog, "Meet Grant Williams – A Kansas Author ," by Ms. Margot Peck at 10/3/2009
        Carol Yoho, District 1, Topeka, KAC web site manager, was quoted in an article, "This generation embraces innovation," by Karen Ridder, in the "Connected" suppliment of the Topeka Capital-Journal, on Sunday, October 25, 2009. 10/28/2009

September 2009

      Mark Bouton, District 4, Havensville, is the first Kansas Authors Club member to have a video published on youTube (2:06). Members who watch may see several members of KAC they recognize attending Mark's signing in August at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library. Sam Pierson, District 2, Lebo, is quoted in this video coverage of the event by Topeka Channel 13, WIBW TV. 9/11/2009
     Sylvia Eiker Colombo, District 1, Topeka, signed copies of her new book, I Danced with Crazy Horse, at Hastings Books and Records, Fairlawn Plaza, Topeka, on September 26, 2009. This work is a tribute to the great Lakota Chief Crazy Horse, personal experiences of the author, and wisdom of the Spirit Grandmothers of This Galaxy. 9/30/2009
     The 2009 Kansas Notable Books recognition reception occurred September 8, 2009, at the State Capitol in Topeka. First Lady Stacy Parkinson was guest speaker. She spoke about the importance of resisting any sort of book censorship. She helped 2009 Notable Authors who attended receptionRoy Bird, District 1, Topeka, Director of Kansas Center for the Book, present the medals to the winners. The 4th annual list of recognized authors was announced previously in the Topeka Capital-Journal. 9/10/2009
    Cynthia Harris, District 4, Manhattan, was honored at this event as co-author of Hometown Appetites: The Story of Clementine Paddleford, the Forgotten Food Writer Who Chronicled How America Ate, with Kelly Alexander. 9/9/2009
      Reona Hemmingway, District 1, Topeka, signed books at Hastings Books and Records, Pittsburg, on September 12, 2009. The evnt featured her first novel, Baseball Card Hero. 9/15/2009
     Rod Hoffman, District 4, Manhattan, has self-published a book of poetry, Amazing, Amusing Musings of a Southwest Kansas FarmboyContact Rod for ordering information. 9/20/2009
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, published her thoughts about Kansas Authors Club on her blog, "Writer Granny's World. ". Nancy urges regional writers to consider becoming members of our Club. Visit her Thursday, September 23, 2009, blog page and read the entry. Nancy also had her essay, "Family Gatherings," published in the September, 2009, issue of Ozarks' Senior Living Newspaper. 9/27/2009
     Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, has fourteen years into the work of writing the book about the death of her son, and what she has learned of God and life-after-life since his death. She recently signed a three-year contract with publisher L&L Dreamspell. They are creating an imprint, Wisdom Trends, for their nonfiction titles. Dear Dean...Love, Mom will be the first to bear that banner. It is scheduled for release in February. 2010. Esther plans to spend most of 2010r touring and speaking about this work. 9/27/2009
     Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, and Mark Bouton, District 4, Havensville, were speakers at Midwestern Mystery Fest in St. Louis, MO. Mark was on a law enforcement panel, called “Solution: Outsider's View vs. Insider's Knowledge,” and another panel, called “The Importance of Place in Writing.” Esther's presentation was “Breaking and Entering the Hollywood Market.” Sessions were held at the Sisters in Crime Mystery Fest, St. Charles, Mo. Community College, St. Charles, MO, on Sep'tember 25, 2009. " 9/30/2009
     Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, lectured on "Bringing the Civil War to Life," on Friday, September 4, 2009, at the Shepherd's Center of Topeka. This talk tied historical fact to his novel, All Parts Together. 9/9/2009                Elizabeth Nichols is Grandmother Flute Player
     Elizabeth Nichols, District 1, Colorado Springs, CO, told Native American stories and plaedy flute as "Grandmother Flute Player" at the Kansas Originals Market's Art Fair and Fun Day, I-70 Wilson exit 206, Wilson, on September 19, 2009. 9/30/2009
    Desires of my Heart, Ken PeeryKen Peery, District 1 , Topeka, announces publication of his book, Desires of My Heart—A Lawyer's Journey from Law to Justice. In a story that spans one-fourth of America's history, Ken reveals what can be accomplished when a person learns to "Delight yourself in the Lord." (Ps. 37:4) 9/7/2009

August 2009

The Second Savior, by Mark Bouton     Mark Bouton, District 4, Havensville, was featured as a Kansas novelist by Jan Biles in her article, "Ex-FBI detective pens novel," in the Topeka Capital-Journal, August 3, 2009, p. 2. Mark's new novel, The Second Savior, focuses on a fictional case worked by the Los Angeles Police Department. Mark spoke about the writing process and his mystery/suspense novels, especially his newest work, in the Topeka Room at the Topeka-Shawnee County Public Library on August 23, 2009. Books were available for purchase and signing after his talk. 8/25/2009
     Gary K. Clarke, District 1, Topeka, was guest author at a "Meet the Author" event, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, August 16, 2009. Gary Meet the Author, Gary K. Clarkepremiered his new book, Hey Mister--Your Alligator's Loose! Ex Director of the the World Famous Topeka Zoo and African Safari Trip Leader, Clarke spoke about "Untold Tails of the Zoo." His talk was recapped in the Topeka Capital-Journal, August 17, 2009, in an article by Taylor Atkins, "Clarke shares zoo stories." Gary also signed books at Lloyd Zimmer's Books and Maps, Topeka, on Aug. 21, 2009. The new book is available for sale at the two above locations and the Gift Shop of the Kansas History Center, Topeka. Gary's earlier work of non-fiction, I'd Rather Be On Safari, was a nominee for the 2001 KAC J. Donald Coffin Award. 8/21/2009
     Reaona Hemmingway, District 1, Topeka, signed copies of her first novel, Baseball Card Hero, at Tompers Perk Coffee Shop, Junction City, on August 8, 2009. 8/21/2009
Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, was on the WIBW Channel 13 on Wednesday, August 19, 2009, on the 4 pm News with Ralph Hipp. Nancy read two stories, "The Promise" and "To Touch A Child." This work was published in the Ultimate Teachers anthology, a book by HCI Books. Both stories fit into a Back To School theme. Nancy also sold a story, "Aleenah's Walk To The Sea," to Encounter, to a Christian teen magazine. Also, Nancy is blogging. Read her work at Writer Granny's World. 8/22/2009
Roberta Lampe, District 5, Garden Plain, has a new historical novel, The Homestead Trail, Kansas Calls, accepted for publication by Tate publishing in Mustang, Oklahoma, and the book should be off the presses in December, 2009. Two of Roberta's short stories have been published in Reminisce magazine: “ The Thwack of the Bat” in the August/September, 2008, issue and “ The Power of a Mother's Prayers” in the August/September, 2009, issue. Two of Roberta's children's stories are currently in the production process by Tate Publishing, and two other stories, “ Prairie Dog Pet” and “ The Farm Girls' Revenge” are also in line for publication. 8/21/2009
     Norm Ledgin, District 2, Stanley, author of historical nonfiction and fiction, has collaborated with Bethine Louise, an educator from Lee's Summit, MO, to produce the first book in their Sally Freberg series, Sour Notes. Freberg is a sixtyish piano teacher who solves crimes (and gets in trouble doing so) by applying her vast knowledge of operatic intrigues. The writing of a Freberg sequel, Disharmony, is well under way. Norm's previous books are Diagnosing Jefferson, Asperger's and Self-Esteem (used as a partial basis for the movie, Adam ), Ces Autistes Qui Changent le Monde, and his first novel, The Jayhawker. 8/4/2009
     Stephanie Mann, District 5, Wichita, is author of Supremacy and Survival: How Catholics Endured the English Reformation. She held a reading and signing at Holy Trinity Catholic Bookstore, Wichita, on July 11, 2009. Stephanie represented her publisher, Scepter, at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference in Wichita, Kansas, on August 7-9, 2009, selling and signing copies of her book. She also sold another house authors' works at the event. On August 11, 2009, she made a presentation to the Blessed Sacrament Altar Society, describing how she had written and gone about selling her book to a publisher. Read Stephanie's on-line blog. 8/25/2009
Margie Marang signs her book of poetry     Margie Marang, District 3, Coffeyville, signed copies of her book of poems, Rhyme Time, at the Coffeyville Public Library on July 24, 2009. District 3 president Ursula Turner provided a photo from this event. 8/4/2009
      Gail Martin, District 5, El Dorado, was featured in an article by Jule Clements, "Local octogenarian publishes book," in the El Dorado Times on Friday, August 14, 2009. The book is Gail's My Flint Hills Childhood and the on-line version of the article includes a link to a color photo of Gail. 8/25/2009
     Randall Martin, District 1, Topeka, is looking for new opportunities to market his skills as writer/editor/proofreader in the Topeka area—be they on a project-, part-, or full-time basis. Specifically, he is interested in any contacts with businesses, hotels, marketing, or advertising that may need writing/editing/proofreading services. If you have a need or a lead, please contact Randall. 8-4-2009Summer of '59, by Grant Williams
     Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, had a booksigning at the Arkansas City Library on August 11, 2009, for his book Summer of '59. The library asked Grant to discuss the book as part of a baseball theme in this month of August at the library. 8-17-2009
     Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, and Carol Martin, District 3, Arkansas City,  have started  a monthly writing group for the Ark City area, Cowley County Writers Guild, at Arkansas City Library. July 21, 2009, was the first meeting and the founders expect the writing group to grow, as they are in the process of inviting authors from the area.  District 3 has a writing group, "NightWriters," in Coffeyville. That group meets each month, but it is over 160 miles round trip from Ark City.  The managing editor of the Ark City newspaper is joining, and the Ark City Library is a supporter. 8-5-2009
Little Balkans Review, v. 5, no. 4Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, had his short story, "The Passing of the Old Snookertorium," published in the premiere issue of the resurrected Little Balkans Review (Fall, 2009, v. 5, #4). Gene DeGruson, a special collections library curator at Pittsburg State University, established the original literary journal in 1980 and the publication was recognized nationally for its quality. Publication ceased with DeGruson's death in 1997, but the journal is being revived and published three times yearly. Readers may subscribe or purchase individual issues at the LBR web site using PayPal. Price includes shipping. This issue features the life and work of Ft. Scott native Gordon Parks. Max joins Thomas Fox Averill, Robert Bly, John Mark Eberhart, Denise Low, Kevin Rabas, Jason Wesco and fifteen other writers as contributors. His work is set in SE Kansas and refers to characters in his novel The Moon Butter Route, also set in the Little Balkans. The Moon Butter Route received KAC's J. Donald Coffin Book Award in 2007. Revised 9-7-2009

July 2009

     Reaona Hemmingway, District 1, Topeka, held a book signing on July 11, 2009, at Hastings Books, Topeka. Her new novel is Baseball Card Hero. 7/12/2009
     Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, has two new websites, a Screenwriters Cafe (talking about agents, writing treatments, etc) and Screenwriters Workshop (how to write a one-page, with a sample, etc), plus order information on her book, Screen Writers Q & A. 7/21/2009
Gail Martin     Gail Martin, District 5, El Dorado, has published My Flint Hills Childhood, a print-on-demand book on, Anyone can preview the first fifteen pages of the book on-line.My Flint Hill Childhood, by Gail Martin Gail's childhood on the Kansas prairies in the 1930s springs to life in detailed memories. Her simple accounts include long ago school days, celebrations and family life. Travel back in time to life in the Flint Hills during the Great Depression and the time leading up to World War II. The memories include her father's work in the oil field, trips to town in the family's Model A, raising her pet badger, fishing on the Cottonwood River, and wearing dresses made from feed sack material. Gail was also spotlighted in OurEcho recently, is an on-line magazine where writers share their memories. 7/9/2009
     Randall A. Martin, District 1, Topeka, has his 250-word flash fiction “Home To Roost” published in the on-line July issue of The Shine Journal. You may read the story on-line at the link provided. Randall also had a flash fiction, "One Dead Sucker," published on Everyday Weirdness ezine. He also has a vignette in Readers Digest, August, 2009, p. 185.. 7/15/2009
Sam Pierson      Sam Pierson, District 2, Lebo, and her new work of non-fiction, Without Warning, Without Warning, by Sam Piersonwere featured in a lead story, "Night of terror" by Jan Biles in the Topeka Capital-Journal on July 12, 2009. Sam's book is the story of a home invasion in which she was the victim —on the night of March 1, 1998. Residents were robbed at gun-point, bound, and held hostage throughout the night. The book also covers the investigation of the crime and the trial/conviction of the perpetrators. Pierson's novel Targets of Rage won the 2008 J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award of Kansas Authors Club. Sam signed copies of her new book at the Burlington Public Library on July 15, 2009, and at Hastings, Topeka, on July 25, 2009. 7/30/2009
Frankie Roland      Frankie Roland, District 3, Coffeyville, announces publication of her new memoir, Those Crabtree Girls!, with Tanos Books Publishing. Those Crabtree Girls! contains fun-filled childhood memories made with siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents Those Crabtree Girls, by Frankie Rolandas Frankie grew up during the Great Depression. Find out why she hates green beans, what her sister, Norma Jean, once got for Mother's Day, why her father handed down a nickname she loathed, and why she spent a hot June afternoon chopping out a field of corn and missed the episode of Zorro. Frankie considers this her "happy" book. A teacher friend read another of her books, To Even The Score, which deals with child abuse and said, "Okay, now I want you to write a happy book," so she did. Frankie had a book signing at the Coffeyville Public Library on June 27, 2009. The library publicized the event in the Coffeyville Journal and made up flyers with pictures, and there was a good turnout. 7/12/2009

June 2009

     Robert Beattie, District 5, Wichita, had book-signing for Language of Evil, a true crime novel, at Al's Old Books, Wichita, on Sat., JunDon Coldsmith, 2026-2009e 13, 2009. 6/19/2009
    Don Coldsmith, 83, died on Thursday, June 25, 2009, at the University of Kansas Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas, after suffering a stroke. Read news story. Read tribute in Flyover People. Read tribute in Emporia Gazette. Read obituary from Wichita Eagle. See also: Coldsmith honored. Don spoke at Saturday luncheon at the 2004 KAC Centennial Convention held in Topeka and was given an honorary membership in the club at that time. 6/26/2009
     Reaona Hemmingway, District 1, Topeka, met readers and signed copies of her new novel, Baseball Card Hero, on June 13, 2009, at Book-A-Holic, Wichita. 6/19/2009
    Christine Hollenbeck, District 1, Topeka, had a story, "Rock Island Angels," published in the June/July, 2009, issue of Looking Back magazine. It's the true story of a time when her older brother was nearly hit by a train. He was only a toddler, and the quick action of the brakeman and engineer saved his life. Congratulations to Chris, who is celebrating this first publication of her writing. 6/5/2009
     Mike Klaassen, District 5, Valley Center, announces "For Fiction Writers," a free monthly ezine for writers wanting to learn more about the craft of writing fiction. To subscribe visit Mike's web site and join the mailing list. New subscribers may recieve Mike's special report "The Secrets of Enhancing Emotion in Fiction." 6/27/2009
     Supremacy and Survival, by Stephanie MannStephanie Mann, District 5, Wichita, is author of Supremacy and Survival: How Catholics Endured the English Reformation. In July, she will travel to Oxford, England to attend a week's course at Christ Church in The Oxford Experience program, visiting local booksellers carrying her book on-line and in their retail shops. Her website contains a link to Twitter which she will update during her visit to the University of Oxford. 6/26/2009
     Town Crier Bookstore, 716 Commercial, Emporia, welcomed regional authors to a third annual Authors Extravaganza on June 6, 2009. KAC members taking part were: Karen Ross Epp, District 5, Newton; Carolyn Hall, District 2, Shawnee; Cynthia Harris, District 4, Manhattan; Ray Imhoff, District 7, Colby; Doris Johnson, District 4, Abilene; Esther Lutrell, District 1, Topeka; Jancy Morgan, District 1, Berryton; Ken Ohm, District 1, Topeka; Don Pady, District 1, Topeka; Frankie Roland, District 3, Coffeyville; Richard Tanos, District 3, Coffeyville; and Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville. Other regional authors attending were Jim Baumgardner, Phil Brown, Bev Buller, Adam Catlin, Brent Clay, Robert Collins, Tom Dunn, Abbie Goyette, Marilyn Hope Lake, Jennifer Mueller, Kevin Rabas, Kimball Smith, Michelle Spencer, Bob Sommer, Jim Sharp, Bill Tolliver, M.E. Williams, and Shirley Williams. 6/7/2009

May 2009

    Mary Jo Davis-Grant, District 5, El Dorado, had a poem, "Better Way," published in the Sacred Journey Journal, the Journal of Fellowship in Prayer, Spring 2009,  page 19. Her poem follows an interview with Naomi Tutu, the daughter of Desmond Tutu, in which she tells about the challenges of growing up black and female in South Africa. 5/4/2009
     Arlene Graber, District 5, Wichita, won first place for her poem, "A Simple Game of Golf," in the Poetry Unrhymed Long category of the 2009 Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. writing competition. She received her award at their conference, held April 30-May 2, 2009. 5/31/2009
     Cynthia Harris, District 4, Manhattan, was honored by the Kansas Center for the Book as co-author of Hometown Appetites: The Story of Clementine Paddleford, the Forgotten Food Writer Who Chronicled How America Ate, along with Kelly Alexander. This book and eleven others have all been designated "2009 Kansas Notable Books." 5/29/2009
     William J. Karnowski, District 4, Wamego, earned an honorable mention for poetry in the Kansas Voices competition underwritten by Winfield Convention and Tourism.  He read his entry "Punishing a Horse" along with the other poets on May 2, 2009, at Baden Square, Winfield. 5/4/2009
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had an article, "The Merry Month of May ", published in Ozarks' Senior Living, May, 2009. She also has an article. "The Other Manhattan," published in the premier issue of online magazine The National Quarterly, published in late May. 5/31/2009
     Randall A. Martin, District 1, Topeka, has his short story “The Mirror of Truth!” recognized as a first-round finalist in the April 2009 Reading Writers' Short Story Contest. His story placed in the top 20% of 318 entries received. 5/7/2009
     Trudy McFarland, District 1, Topeka, and Sam Pierson, District 2, Lebo, represented the Topeka chapter of the National Pen Women in discussing their writing at the Collective Art Gallery, 3121 SW Huntoon St., Topeka, May 1, 2009. 4/27/2009
     Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, Summer of '59, by Grant Williamshas been chosen board chairman of the Senior Center Advisory Board of Arkansas City. He was also appointed to Arkansas City's Literacy Council, to promote reading and writing with an emphasis on tutoring those who need such services. Grant now reads for the Sterling House (Brookdale Senior Living), along with the Medicalodge, Presbyterian Manor of Arkansas City, and the Kansas Veterans Home in Winfield. His new book, Summer of '59, is fiction about a season in minor league baseball. Published by TanosBooks Publishing, the book is now for sale on and in local book stores. 5/10/2009
     Joann Williams, Ann Everett, and Vicki Julian --seatedJoann Williams, District 2, Princeton, reports as state KAC President that she, Ann Everett, District 5, Wichita, and Vicki Julian, District 2, Lawrence, meet in Lawrence recently to work toward KAC's bid for Kansas 501(c)3 tax exempt status. The process included discussing our justifications with legal council and filing paperwork and application fee with the state. We hope to be approved for this tax exemption. Such a move should help us when asking for donations from those seeking income tax deductions. Members wish to thank those working on this project and wish KAC well Max Yoho at Winchester Public Libraryin the official consideration of our request. 5/10/2009
    Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, was a guest of a reading group at Winchester Public Library on May 11, 2009. The group had read, and gathered to discuss, Max's novel The Revival, © 2001, winner of the 2002 KAC J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award. Max also discussed his current work and read from The Revival and from his collection of writing, Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious, © 2004. 5/17/2009
.Denise Low, 2007-09 Kansas Poet Laureate       Kansas Poet Laureate Denise Low launched Kansas Poetry Month Contests throughout April, 2009. The goal was to write and submit poems based on the given themes. Each poet recognized was to receive a free book of poetry and/or Ad Astra broadsides, and winners are posted on Low's blog and on Low judged based on her own aesthetic taste. However, the real reward was the joy of writing and participating in Poetry Month. Five poems by Kansas Authors Club members are included among those recognized.
    The first Ad Astra contest theme was Kansas Landscape: William Sheldon (Hutchinson) and Robert Stewart (Johnson County), in the professional category; and Joshua Falleaf (Topeka), Candace Krebs (expat Kansan living in Enid), and Wayne White (Oskaloosa).
    #2, Kansas Towns: Jo McDougall, Leawood, and Gloria Vando, Mission Hills and L.A., in the professional category; and H.C. Palmer, Lenexa; Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence; and Claudia Mundell, Carthage, Mo., and Solomon Valley Highway 24 Heritage Alliance member; and Eli Jost, Lawrence, juvenile category. 4/10/2009
    #3, Kansas Portrait: Robert Day (Luddell) and Kevin Rabas (Emporia), in the professional category; and Kiesa Kay (expat Kansan in Col.) and Diane Wahto (Wichita).
     #4, Kansas Ghost Stories: Dennis Kelly (Seattle, former resident of Emporia); Philip Miller (Mt. Union, Penn., former resident of KC, Ks.); Amy Cummins (Hays); and H.C. Palmer (Elmdale).
     #5, Kansas Houses: Jeanie Wilson (Johnson County), Thomas Reynolds (Overland Park), and Daniel Pohl (Hutchinson) in the professional category; and Greg German, District 2, Kansas City, and Judith G. Levy (Lawrence).
     #6, Kansas Myths: Israel Wasserstein (Topeka), Serina Allison Hearn (Lawrence), Duane L. Hermann, District 1, Topeka, David Norlin (Salina) and Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence [Tom was the only poet to be recognized twice in this competition].
     #7, Kansas Gardens: Jeanie Wilson (Olathe), Judith Roitman (Lawrence), Linda Rodriguez (Kansas City, from Manhattan), Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, and Angela Hine (Pittsburg). Denise comments that she knew this would be a good topic, and had many wonderful entries.
     #8, Kansas Wildlife: Steven Hind (Hutchinson), Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg (Lawrence, next Ks. Poet Laureate!), Stephen Meats (Pittsburg), Bill Hickok (Mission & L.A.), Priscilla McKinney (Lawrence), Robert Stewart (Johnson Co.), and John Blair (Arlington, Texas & former Jayhawk). Competition was very, very stiff this time, and Denise selected shorter poems to fit the space. 5/1/2009

April 2009

    Eunice Boeve, District 6, Phillipsburg; Jerry Engler, District 4, Marion; and Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, were among ten authors who attended a "Meet the Kansas Authors" session at Kansas Originals Market, I-70, exit #206, on March 29, 2009. Authors were invited to also attend a 20th Anniversary celebration/meeting/roasted hog banquet for the Post Rock Opportunities Foundation, held at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Parish Center in Wilson after the day's events. 4-1-2009
Interstate 70, exit 206
Max Yoho
Eunice Boeve (standing) and Angela Bates Left: Max Yoho.
Right: Eunice Boeve (standing) and Nicodemus author Angela Bates.
The Second Savior, by Mark Bouton

    Mark Bouton, District 1, Emmett, has an interview about his writing, published on-line at Novel Journey. Mark has three mystery-suspense novels published to date. Max Conquers the Cosmos, Bouton's first novel, won the 2004 J. Donald Coffin Award of Kansas Authors Club. The Second Savior is available at This most recent novel focuses on work of the Los Angeles Police Department and, like his others, draws on Bouton's experiences working for the FBI. 4-30-2009
Baseball Card Hero, by Reaona Hemmingway     Reaona Hemmingway, District 1 , Topeka, announces publication of her new novel, Baseball Card Hero, by CreateSpace. Six months after becoming widowed, Dr. Lorain Donaldson adopts a premature "crack" baby. The only thing the birth mother left behind was an autographed baseball card. Six years later the boy needs surgery and the mystery of identifying his father becomes a matter of life or death. The novel is also available on-line at 4-10-2009
    Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, has two stories in a new anthology, to be released May 1, 2009. The book is The Ultimate Teacher published by HCI Books/Ultimate Series. Her stories are "The Promise" and "To Touch A Child." 4-8-2009
      Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, presented "How To Write A Great Novel" on March 27, 2009, at Emporia State University. There was no fee to attend and handouts were provided. Please note that Denise Low, Kansas Poet Laureate, has announced that Tom's poem, "Sounds of Lawrence," was chosen among winners of her Poetry Month poetry writing contest #2, "Kansas Towns" theme. His poem, "The Myth of Stull, Kansas", was also chosen a winner in contest #6, "Kansas Myths," Also, Tom announces his new web site: 4-10-2009
    Trudy McFarland, District 1, Topeka, recently had her book, Diary of a German War Bride, reviewed by Mike Hall in the April 21, 2009, issue of the Topeka Capital-Journal. The reviewer's summary states, "'Fictional' diary of longtime Topekan riveting" McFarland's book won the 2006 J. Donald Coffin Book Award of Kansas Authors Club. 4-24-2009
     Cynthia Ross, District 5, Towanda, has her book, Ride A Stick Horse, available for sale at the El Dorado Historical Museum. 4-10-2009
Annette Wood, District 5, Wichita, has spoken to the following groups and signed her book, Different Kind of Kin: December 16, Women's Club of Goddard; February 16, Goddard PEO; March 12, Shepherd's Center of West Wichita; and April 4 at the Autism Walk at Heartspring in Wichita. 4-10-2009
The Lone Tree, by James D. Yoder     James D. Yoder, District 5, Hesston, announces publication of a new historical novel, The Lone Tree. It's based on immigrant survival through plague and poverty in Florence, Kansas, in the winter of 1875, resulting in over 300 deaths. Survivors settle in Lone Tree Township, McPherson County. He discussed this new work at East Wichita Shepherd's Center on April 2, 2009, in the "What Have You Read Lately?" session. 4-10-2009 James will be presenting his work at East Wichita Shepherd's Center on April 21 in the "What Have You Read Lately" session.

March 2009

    Christie Breault, District 5, Benton, took part in the Kansas Chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators "Lunch with Kansas Children's Book Authors," an event targeted at teachers, librarians, writers, and those who share an interest in Children's Literature. Five children's authors, including Christie, were featured on February 28, 2009, at Watermark Books & Café, Wichita. Christie is a teacher and author of Logan West, Printer's Devil3/1/2009
     Carol J. Garriott, District 5, Seadrift, TX, contributes essays, such as February's "Increase Daylight Hours?," to, as do several KAC members, including hery big sister Gail Martin, District 5, El Dorado, (whose essay "When Kansas Winds Blow" is featured for March) and several nieces. is a site where writers and those that just love to tell stories can post their work for free. Garriott does a "Coffee Chat with CJ" column in the monthly publication, "Livin' on the Bay," from her tiny town of Seadrift on the Texas Coast.   3/12/2009
     Virginia Hays, District 5, Wichita, spoke at the Shepherd's Center of West Wichita, 745 N. Westlink, on March 19, 2009 in the session called "All About Books."  She discussed work of the Kansas Authors Club. 3/22/2009
    George Paris, District 1, Topeka, joined fellow poets K.L. Barron and Raylene Hinz-Penner in reading their work at the season's first Top City Poetry Reading, February 28, 2009, at Lola's Cafe, Topeka. Also, George has two poems featured on-line in seveneightfive magazine.    3/20/2009

February 2009  

    Arlene Graber, District 5, Wichita, had "The Huxman's: Sweetheart Communicators" published as the lead article in the East Wichita News, February, 2009. Her article "Elk River Wind Project" was published in Kansas Traveler, Winter 2008-09, and"The Box of Promises" was published in Mature Living Magazine in February, 2009. 2/28/2009
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had an essay, "Staying Connected When Illness Strikes," published in Ozarks' Senior Living newspaper, February, 2009. 2/28/2009
    Bob Spear, District 1, Leavenworth, is writing his third mystery in the series based in Leavenworth. This one, Border Wars, deals with a murder of an international Command and General Staff College student from India and the accused Pakistani officer. 2/28/2009
    Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, conducted three Valentine's Parties for senior citizens where he read poetry and Valentine's stories. He partied at the Presbyterian Manor in Arkansas City on February 2, at the Medicalodge in Arkansas City on the 18th, and at the Kansas Veterans Home in Winfield on February 20, 2009. 2/28/2009
    Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, had his letter-to-the-editor, "Another Danger" published in the Topeka Capital-Journal, February 25, 2009. The letter was a tongue in check comment on the decision of trustee member of the library board of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library to limit access to certain titles in their collection. 2/28/2009

January 2009 Language of Evil, by Robert Beattie

    Robert Beattie, District 5, Wichita, held a book signing for his book Language of Evil at Watermark Books & Cafe, Wichita, on January 8, 2009. The book is about a murder committed by Kansas State University professor Tom Murray, who used on-line searches to help him plot his crime. 1/29/2009
    Kevin Gray, District 2, Paola, has a memoir, Waking Up in the Studebaker, by Kevin GrayWaking Up in the Studebaker (Audience Artist Group, NY, NY), available for purchase. The book is about his life growing up in Richmond, Virigina, in the 50s and 60s. Author Bill Roorbach states that Gray's work "illuminates a generation." Kevin is now writing a second book. Having retired from a career of teaching high school journalism, he has recently taken on the position of News Editor at the Osawatomie Graphic, Osawatomie.
    Cynthia Harris, District 4, Manhattan, had an article, "The Huckleberry Tea House," published in the electronic magazine Eye On Kansas, Winter 2008 issue. 1/29/2009Christmas, A Season for Angels, by Vicki Julian
    Vicki L. Julian, District 2, Lawrence, announces her book, Christmas: A Season for Angels, was recently published by American Book Publishers. An article, "Touched by an angel," about her book appeared in the Lawrence Journal-World on December 12, 2008. Vicki also has a web site. 1/29/2009
    Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, has signed a contract to begin writing "Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical". This project is Broadway bound, headed by a producer with a long list of Broadway shows behind her, and a Los Angeles film producer. The deadline for Esther's work is March l, 2009. 1/27/2009
    Tom Parker, District 4, Blue Rapids, was recently announced as winner of the Kansas News Enterprise Award for his series of stories about a man, age 46, who traveled through Kansas on his way home to Alabama and was found dead (ruled a suicide) in a wooded area near Blue Rapids in the fall of 2007. The first article on this subject, originally published in the Washington County News, "The longest journey of Robert Glenn Bennett," can be read on "Dispatches from Kansas," Tom's blog. 1/27/2009      Doris Schroeder, District 6, Hutchinson, had a book signing at Hastings in Hutchinson for her memoir, Remember When, and continues to write columns bi-monthly for the Hutchinson News, and weekly for the Rural Messenger. The Kansas Senior Times is now being published in magazine form, quarterly. Doris has an an article, "Zeph Fisher, the singer," in the Spring, 2009, issue. She is also working on a memoir book for Zeph Fisher. 1/31/2009
    LeNore Stumpf, District 4, Axtell, was recognized as recipient of a 2008 KAC "Achievement Merit Award" at the 2008 convention in Dodge City by mention in the Marysville Advocate during the first week in January, 2009. A complete list of Merit Award recipients is available on-line as part of our 2008 convention wrap-up. 1/29/2009
    Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville, was interviewed on January 14, 2009, about her book, Sirens,  for KOAM TV [Pittsburg, KS, and Joplin, MO] by Dave Pylant. The program was wired January 15, 2009. 1/22/2009

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