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December 2012

     Roy Beckemeyer, District 5, Wichita, had poems published in the Fall 2012 issue of The Journal (a publication of The Kansas Leadership Center), and on 200 New Mexico Poems, a web site honoring the New Mexico Centennial. 12/15/2012
     P. Arden Corbin, District 1, Topeka, has a new web site to help him promote his several published works. 1213/2012
     Agnes Kazminski, District 1, Topeka, signed copies of her newly published Christmas story, The Poor Shepherd Boy; her recently-published memoir about her marriage, Sunrise Hill: Memoir of a Marriage; and copies of her earlier memoir, When We Were Children, about growing up in Switzerland, at three events: at Thornton Place, Topeka, on September 18, 2012; at at Drury Place, Topeka, on September 21, 2012; and at The Scarlet Window, in Topeka's NOTO Arts District, on December 7, 2012. 12/30/2012
    Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, gave a presentation on his latest novel, Angels at Sunset, at the Leawood Pioneer Neighborhood Library, Leawood, on December 8, 2012. 12/8/2012
Ronda Miller poem photo    Ronda Miller, District 2, Lawrence, has her poem, "sights, sounds, smells, shapes: joy and loss," on display at The Percolator in Lawrence through December 19, 2012. The poem was written for Project Muse. [Ronda shares a photo self-portrait: "shadow of self - poet views poem from outside in."] 12/13/2012
Fifty Shades of Santa, includes a story by Peg Nichols     Peg Nichols, District 2,Olathe, has hershort story,"One Cool Cat," included in a holiday collection, Fifty Shades of Santa, now available as an Amazon ebook. 12/13/2012
     Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville, took part in an arts and crafts show in Independence, KS, on December 1, 2012, and gave a program about her newest book, My German Christmas,at the Coffeyville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, of which she is a member, on December 4, 2012. Ursula also participated in an arts and craft show in Edna, KS, on December 8, 2012, and gave a program and had a book signing at the Sedan Public Library on December 14, 2012. 12/29/2012
     Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, was invited as a Kansas author to appear on the PBS program "Quest," a statewide high school academic competition. Max will ask four related pre-recorded questions about a specific author well-known in academia. He will appear briefly on four of the sixteen episodes. Sixteen student team competitions will be taped at the KTWU studios on the Washburn UniverMax Yoho on NPR's Questsity campus in January and February, and shows will be broadcast at 11 a.m. on Sunday mornings in early months of 2013. Max also signed copies of his five novels—all humorous, nostalgic looks at life in small town Kansas—and copies of his collection of poems/essays/short stories, at a Holiday Open House, Kansas Originals Market, Wilson I-70 exit, on December 16, 2012. Autographed copies of Max's books are also available at the Kansas Originals Market shop at the E. Topeka turnpike rest area and on their web site. 12/19/2012
     Gloria Zachgo, District 4, Salina, signed copies of her suspense novel, The Rocking Horse, at Rivendell Bookstore in Abilene KS, on December 1, 2012. 12/15/201

November 2012

     Four KAC members took part in the Second Annual Author Roundup at the Abilene Civic Center, Abilene, KS, on November 3, 2012. These authors were Duane Herrmann (District 1, Topeka), Tom Mach (District 2, Lawrence), Ann Parr (District 5, Lindsborg), and Gloria Zachgo (District 4, Salina). Other authors participating included Jim Baumgardner, Linda Born, Terry Branick, Dr. Paul Barkey, Vickie Britton, Philip Brown, Jerry Engler, Todd Hunter, Ray Imhof, Loretta Jackson, Doris Johnson, Joel Klaassen (publisher) and Linda Laird. 11/16/2012
     Roy Beckemeyer, District 5, Wichita, moderated a weekly poetry session for the fall session of LifeVentures’ Adventures in Learning classes in Wichita, Sept. 11-Oct. 30, 2012. LifeVentures is a non-profit providing learning activities for senior citizens in three eight-week sessions a year.  Sessions are hosted at the East Heights United Methodist Church. The theme for this session’s poetry class was “Ekphrastic Poetry: Poetry Conversing with other Art Forms.” Roy also had his poem, “Zeb in White and Black,” published in Edition #30 of Coal City Review, a literary joCul de Sac, by Edna Bell-Pearsonurnal edited by Brian Daldorph. 11/6/2012|
     Edna Bell-Pearson, District 2, Merriam, announces publication of a new novel, Cul de Sac. Written as a series of short stories, it is a fictional study of retirement life. Edna's 2006 book, Fragile Hopes, Transitent Dreams and Other Stories, was chosen among "150 Best Kansas Books" for the Kansas Sesqucentennial by Kansas Center for the Book. 11/6/2012
     Eunice Boeve, District 6, Phillipsburg, has a new book out titled Echoes of Kansas Past—Echoes of Kansas Past, by Eunice BoeveA Travel Through Time. A twenty-six chapter illustrated book for elementary age children, it is an expanded version of the time travel story newspaper serial, "There's No Place Like Home," then 16 chapters, that ran in 2011 in a number of newspapers through a program called "Newspapers in Education." In the story, twins, Jack and Mollie, accidentally activate their parents time machine and are whirled back into Kansas history where they get a first hand view of Kansas' past. The book was published by Rowe Publishing and is available from the author, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. 11/6/2012
     Sylvia Colombo, District 1, Topeka, author of I Danced With Crazy Horse, signed books November 3-4, 2012, at the "Spirit-Mind-Body Fair" at the Kansas Expocentre, Topeka. This work is a tribute to the great Lakota Chief Crazy Horse, personal experiences of the author and wisdom of the Spirit Grandmothers of This Galaxy. Also, Kansas Originals online catalog. 11/15/2012
     Madeline Cowell, District 1, Topeka, was honored by the media at the time of retirement from 29 years of work as a proofreader for the Kansas Secretary of State's Office. She had a party thrown by office staff in her honor and was featured in video on the KSNT-Channel 27, Topeka, local evening news. Madeline retired on her 86th birthday. The celebration cake pictured legal publications that Cowell had carefully checked for accuracy for decades, including images of Cowell's own published books. 11/12/2012
     Cynthia Harris, District 4, Randolph, published a blog interview with Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, on November 16, 2012, and an interview with Eunice Boeve, District 6, Phillipsburg, on November 15, 2012. Cynthia's blog is 11/17/2012The Poor Shepherd Boy, by Agnes Kazminski
     Agnes Kazminski, District 1, Topeka, announces publication of her Christmas stoy, The Poor Shepherd Boy, illustrated by Trudy Gasser. The book is a collaboration of sisters. Agnes, who grew up in Switzerland, wrote the story and her sister Trudy, who still lives in Switzerland, illustrated Agnes's tale with full-color batik prints. 11/23/2012
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had her story, "The Body Beautiful," published in a new Chicken Soup for the Soul book: finding my faith. The story is also can be read online at OurEcho. Nancy also had two stories published at Knowonder! magazine for children in October, 2012. Both of these stories can also be read at OurEcho. They are entitled "Sweet Sue Saves The Day" and "The No-Name Sisters." 11/6/2012
     Gordon Kessler, District 2, Overland Park, announces his services as a for-hire eBook and POD publisher. He's had much experience in publishing: book editing and publication management, both eBook and print. He states, "They’ll find my fees very reasonable, my patience enduring, and my attitude positive." Visit for samples of his work and for contact information. 11/6/2012
     Max McCoy, District 3, Emporia, is Kansas author featured in a story in Kansas! magazine, Vol. 68, Issue Catholics Communicate Christ, by Charlotte Ostermann4, Fall, 2012, published by Sunflower Publications. 11/19/2012
     Charlotte Ostermann, District 1, McLouth, has a new ebook, Catholics Communicate Christ: How to Serve the Church as a Writer, and has just signed publishing contracts (Angelico Press) for a second edition of her book, Souls at Rest: An Exploration of the Eucharistic Sabbath, and for its sequel, Souls at Work: An Invitation to Freedom. 11/14/2012
     Mark Scheel, District 2, Mission, blogs about NDE (Near Death Experience. 11/6/2012
     Roderick & Wyatt Townley, District 2, Shawnee Mission, were interviewed by Kaye McIntyre on Kansas Public Radio's, "KPR Presents." This show featured Kansas Notable Book authors, and aired on November 18, 2012. Roderick and Wyatt were featured for twenty minutes. The program is available as streaming audio online. Interview with the Townleys is at 26:56 to 41:20. 11/30/2012
     Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville, took part in Oswego Public Library's 100th Anniversary celebration. She did a book signing on October 9, 2012, at the library in Oswego. 11/1/2012

October 2012

     Audrey Collins, District 6, Hutchinson, age 94, was not able to attend the KAC Convention in Salina in October, 2012, but was pleased to learn her poem "For Women Only," won first place in the Whimsy category of this year's KAC Poetry Writing Contest. Audry joined KAC in 2002. She was published in Mile-High Poetry Society, 1992, with a poem entitled, "No Fast Food, Please." In March/April 2002, American Stroke Connection published another poem, "The Way I Was." She received KAC's Octogenarian Award in 2010 at the State Convention. 10/22/2012
The Lake That Wasn't There, by P. Arden Corbin     P. Arden Corbin, District 1, Topeka, announces publication of his fantasy novel, The Lake That Wasn't There, printed by Mennonite Press, Inc. of Newton, KS. Corbin comments, "Ninty-five percent of the problems that exist in the world today are solved in this book...Is this Earth of ours ready for what I have proposed? I wonder!" Copies are available by contacting the author. 10/22/2012
Simple Things, by Vicki Julian     Vicki Julian, District 2, Lawrence, announces a third book, Simple Things to Make This World a Better Place, edited by Reverend Gary Teske, is available from Kindle and can be downloaded for $3.99. And if you would click the "Like" button next to my book and add tags, that would be appreciated also. You don't need to have an e-reader to do that. A print version is also now available.. 11/7/2012
 Sunrise Hill, Memoir of a Marriage, by Agnes J. Sutter Kazminski    Agnes J. Sutter Kazminski, District 1, Topeka, spoke about Sunrise Hill: Memoir of a Marriage at Drury Place, 4200 SW Drury Lane, Topeka, on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012,and at Thornton Place, Topeka, on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012. The work is s a true story of life and love, challenge and adventure, struggle and mutual support. The author's openness offers insight into the workings of a meaningful marriage. 10/5/2012
    Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, spoke about his historical novel, Angels at Sunset, at Topeka-Shawnee County Library's Topeka Room, on October 21, 2012. This work focuses on the women's suffrage movement, and is final novel in his Jessia Radford trilogy.  10/22/2012
My German Christmas, by Ursula Turner     Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville, announces publication of her new memoir, My German Christmas, by Mennonite Press of Newton, KS. The book describes the traditions of Christmas in Germany as experienced by the author. The book also contains stories related to Christmas as well as legends along with poems and a couple of songs, both in English and German. At the end the reader can find a few recipes for German Christmas cookies. The full-color illustrations in the book were done by the author's husband, Jack Turner.The book retails for 16.95 plus $3 for shipping. It is mostly available in the Coffeyville area but interested buyers can email Ursula. Tales from Comanche County, by Max Yoho10/17/2012
     Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, announces publication of a second edition of his humorous novel Tales from Comanche County. Published by Dancing Goat Press, the book is available at, (still $12.95) and is also available in a downloadable unabridged audio edition from Books in Motion of Spokane, WA, read by Cameron Beierle. These tales, as told on the front porch of a Comanch County, KS, ranch, are laugh-out-loud funny. 10/17/2012

September 2012

Fields of Death, by Conrad Jestmore     Conrad Jestmore, District 5, Wichita, has announced the release of the second book in his Jimmy O'Reilly Mystery Series. Fields of Death is a follow-up to the first book in the series, River of Murder. Both books are available as paperbacks, as e-books at Amazon/Kindle/Nook, or from his website, In Fields of Death, the wise-cracking, hard-punching O'Reilly continues his adventures and shenanigans across Kansas. 9/9/2012
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, has a memoir piece,"Independence Day In Chicago," and a poem, "Flag Day Thoughts," in a new antholgoy called A Quilt of Holidays--Stories, Poetry, Memoir, published by Silver Boomer Books. 9/26/2012
     Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, gave a presentation about women’s suffrage and his book, Angels at Sunset, at the Dole Center for Politics, 2350 Petefish Drive, Lawrence, on September 5, 2012. 9/26/2012
     Terry Needham, District 2, Romeoville, Illinois, has had two books favorably reviewed and made eligible as "Readers Favorite" nominees by this national on-line book review and author service firm. On September 1, 2012, two of Terry's books placed in their competitions: Pesky Poems was awarded a silver medal in the Poetry category and When I Was a Child was awarded a bronze medal in the Non-fiction History/Cultural category. 9/5/2012
     Mary Alice Parmley, District 1, Topeka, and Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, signed copies of their booat the vendors tent, Kansas Book Festival at the Kansas Historical Society, Topeka, on September 15, 2012. The event was free and open to the public. Mary Alice's book is for children, entitled Traveler. Tom's newest book is Angels at Sunset third in his Jessica Radford trilogy. 9/16/2012
     Men's Traditions Revisted, by Esther SpradlingEsther Spradling, District 1, Topeka, announces publication of Men's Traditions Revised, a book designed to help the layman understand the hidden truth of God's Word. "Readers will learn the tools we used to open the truth of these end times. Almighty God will set us free of traditions, when we rightly divide the Holy Bible with full understanding. We have been deceived for centuries and, today, we can know without a doubt that God's word is the profound truth as it proves itself." Copies are available for purchase online from Esther prepared herself to write by spending twenty-two years of research and study with Roger D. Christopherson, Topeka, to create a religious study site: 9/9/2012

August 2012

     Books by three KAC members/associates are among the fifteen recognized as "2012 Kansas Notable Books" by the Kansas Center for the Book. Work includes: The Door in the Forest, a fantasy novel by Roderick Townley, District 2, Leawood; The Afterlives of Trees, poems by Wyatt Townley, District 2, Leawood; and Rode, a western novel by Thomas Fox Averill, ex-District 1 member, Topeka, and Author-in-residence English faculty member at Washburn University. Averill also has received the J. Donald Coffin Award of KAC for Passes at the Moon, 1986. Congratulations to these honorees! 8/31/2012
Crossed Trails, by Eunice Boeve     Eunice Boeve, District 6, Phillipsburg, has a new novel, Crossed Trails, released this month from Whiskey Creek Press. A sequel to Ride a Shadowed Trail (2009 Coffin Award winner), the story takes Joshua Ryder to Montana where he unwillingly takes on the resposibility for a Nez Perce woman and her baby, an old washerwoman, and a little girl. His life is further complicated by a red-headed woman and a murder charge. Available in Kindle edition or paperback from, ordered through bookstores or contact the author. 8/1/2012
     Mark Bouton, District 4, Havensville, appeared live on Ralph Hipp's "News at Four," WIBW-TV, Channel 13, on July 31, 2012, to promote his "Meet the Kansas Author" event held at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, on August 5, 2012. Mark introduced The Sacrifice, his new FBI thriller. Copies of his novelare available at 8/6/2012Agnes J. Sutter Kazminski with Sunrise Hill
     Agnes J. Sutter Kazminski, District 1, Topeka, has published her memoir with CreateSpace. Sunrise Hill: Memoir of a Marriage is a true story of life and love, challenge and adventure, struggle and mutual support. The author's openness offers insight into the workings of a meaningful marriage. Agnes had a book signing at Above All Books and Gifts, Plaza 21 Shops, Topeka, on August 25, 2012. Copies are also available online at 8/25/2012
    Gordon Kessler, District 2, Overland Park, has been busy in roles as thriller novelist, writing instructor, and blogger. His published ebooks include Knight's Ransom, Knight's Big Easy and Knight's Late Train [all in the men's action adventure series "The E Z Knight Reports"]. His seventh edition of Novel Writing Made Simple is now an eBook. EBook Writing Made Simple! is also an ebook. A collection of three thriller novels—Brainstorm, Dead Reckoning and Jezebel—are collected as an eBook called Big Three-Thriller Bundle/Box Collection. Gordon has also published a series of three Kindle eBooks for novelists on Amazon: How to Write a Novel—Storytelling, the Writer and the EBook Novel; How to Edit, Revise and Rewrite Your Novel—A Quick and Simple Guide, and; How to Prepare and Submit Your Novel to Agents and Editors. He's also involved in a new organization, the Indie Writers Alliance, and continues his blog and website. 8/31/2012
    Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, won the "Editor's Choice Award" at Knowonder! for the month of July, 2012, for her story, "Just Plain Sarah Jane." One story of those published daily receives this monthly award. 8/31/2012
     Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, was interviewed on KKFI Radio, Kansas City, 9:15 to 9:45AM, Friday, August. 24, 2012. Tom spoke about his novel Angels at Sunset. A blurb about the broadcast is online. Tom signed copies of his new novel at Barnes & Noble Bookstore, 1920 N. Rock Rd., Wichita, on August 25, 2012. 8/26/2012
     Peg Nichols, District 2, Olathe, had a short humorous essay, "Choosing a Username Not So Easy," published The Best Times, August, 2012, issue. 8/31/2012

July 2012

The Sacrifice, by Mark Bouton     Mark Bouton, District 4, Havensville, now has his fifth suspense novel, The Sacrifice, available from,, or through bookstore orders. The FBI races to find a kidnapped baby before she meets an unthinkable fate. It features both a male and a female FBI agent and is set in San Antonio, TX. 7/7/2012
     Sylvia Colombo, District 1, Topeka, author of I Danced With Crazy Horse, signed books on July 7- 8, 2012, at the "Lawrence Metaphysical Fai,r" Douglas County Fairgrounds, Lawrence. This work is a tribute to the great Lakota Chief Crazy Horse, personal experiences of the author and wisdom of the Spirit Grandmothers of This Galaxy. Her book is avaialbe at Kansas Originals Market. 7/22/2012
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had a historical fiction story for kids published at Knowonder! magazine online. Read "Just Plain Sarah Jane" at their site. Also, Nancy won second place "People's Choice Award" of Knowonder! magazine for her story "Message in the Night," published on the site in June, 2012. Readers vote for the top three of 30 or 31 stories each month. 7/13/2012
     Stephanie A. Mann, District 5, Wichita, had lead article, “Two Kinds of Saints: Martyrs and Confessors” in OSV’s The Catholic Answer Magazine, Catholic Answer magazine, July-August 2012July/August, 2012, issue (subscription required for on-line access). Also, on Saturdays, starting August 4 and concluding October 20, 2012, she will host a weekly live call-in radio show on Radio Maria US from 2-3 PM Central Time. The program will discuss “Catholics and the English Reformation” (based on her book Supremacy and Survival: How Catholics Endured the English Reformation) broadcast in select markets of Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. This program is also available streaming on line, with apps for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices, and with podcast archives. 7/12/2012
     T.L. Needham, District 2, Romeoville, IL, has two Peksy Poems, by T.L. Needhamtitles, When I Was a Child and Pesky Poems, as finalists in the 2012 "Readers Favorite" award competition of the Miami Book Fair International, Miami, FL. Winners will be announced at the fair, the largest in the U.S., later this year. When I Was A Child is based on a true story and is set in Ellis County & Hays, Kansas, from 1926 to 1946. Both books are offered at Kansas Originals Market [search by "Needham"], and 7/7/2012
     Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville, spoke to members of the Coffeyville Historical Society at the Brown Mansion, Coffeyville, at a Friends of the Mansion meeting, June 28, 2012. She discussed her book Not in our Town: Coffeyville's response to the Dalton Gang's Bank Robberies. 7/4/2012

June 2012

A number of KAC members were involved in a book signing by Kansas authors at the Town Crier Bookstore in Emporia, KS, on June 16, 2012. Members attending included:

  • District 1: Reaona Hemmingway, Topeka; Duane Herrmann, Topeka; Don Pady, Topeka; Max Yoho, Topeka
  • District 2: Jerilynn Henrikson, Emporia; Sally Jadlow, Lawrence; Susie Nightingale, Lawrence; Peg Nichols, Olathe; Terrie Nichols, Prairie Village, Kevin Rabas, Emporia; Tracy Million Simmons, Emporia; Cheryl Unruh, Emporia
  • District 4: Mark Bouton, Havensville; Doris Johnson, Abilene
  • District 6: Marilyn Hope Lake, Hutchinson
  • District 7: Ray Imhof, Colby

    Mark Bouton, District 4, Havensville, will have his latest novel, The Sacrifice, in which the FBI races to find a kidnapped baby before she suffers an unspeakable fate, launched by Oak Tree Press (Illinois), at the Public Safety Officers Association conference in Las Vegas, on July 13, 2012. 6/13/2012
     Vicki Julian, District 2, Lawrence, had her feature article, "Wife fulfills promise to husband to launch his ashes into space," about the May 22, 2012, SpaceX launch from Cape Canaveral published in the Lawrence Journal World, June 1, 2012. This was a historic mission as the first commercial rocket to supply the International Space Station, but a secondary payload also carried the cremains of more than 300 individuals. Vicki's husband's ashes were among those destined for earth's orbit. Also, Vicki was invited to write a guest blog on kindness for, an organization that provides books and creates libraries for the poverty stricken in Africa. They are beginning a Words of Inspiration blog and will feature various authors with a dedicated webpage on their site. Access Vicki's blog via their site. 6/26/2012
     Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had a children's story, "Message In The Night," historical fiction, published at Knowonder! ezine on June 7, 2012. This is the second time this story has been published. Knowonder! is a paying market, and publishes a new story every day. 6/13/2012
     Joyce Long, District 3, Cherryvale, and Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville, had a book signing at the Dalton Defenders Museum, Coffeyville, on June 14, 2012. Joyce signed copies of her book, Be the Jury! Be the Judge! Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance? She makes the case that Frank Bellamy of Cherryvale wrote the Pledge rather than Francis Bellamy of Rome, N.Y. Ursula signing copies of two of her books, Not in our Town: Coffeyville's response to the Dalton Gang's Bank Robberies and Col. James A. Coffey, Founder of Coffeyille. 6/22/2012
     Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, signed copies of his new historical fiction novel, Angels at Sunset, at Barnes & Noble, Topeka, on June 9, 2012. This work focuses on the women's suffrage movement, and is final novel in his Jessia Radford trilogy. Tom spoke about the historical significance of the women's suffrage movement at Lawrence Public Library, Lawrence, on June 10, 2012. Mach and his novel were covered in the Lawrence Journal-World, "Local author Tom Mach celebrates suffrage in novel" by Margie Carr, on June 24, 2012. 6/25/2012
     Doris Schroeder, District 6, Hutchinson, has a story in Looking Back, the June/July 2012 issue, entitled "The lure of an ice cream cone." Doris continues writing for the Rural Messenger weekly and the Hutchinson News bi-monthly. 6/13/2012
     Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville, is working again for the Coffeyville Journal after retiring from that job previously. There are two papers published weekly, one on Wednesday and one on Satureday (the "weekend edition"). Ursula was asked to write two stories of her choosing for each issue. She works from home and e-mails in stories and pictures. 6/22/2012

May 2012

     Roy Beckemeyer, District 5, Wichita, managed the Spring 2012 LifeVentures' Poetry Session, Tuesday mornings, March 20-May 8, 2012—an adventure in collaborative poetry:poetry as conversation between poets. Sessions were held in East Heights United Methodist Church, Wichita. 5/3/2012
     Barbara Brady, District 1, Topeka, read two poems, "A Rag Rug" and "Frontier Fashions for Females," at the Blue Planet Cafe, Topeka, on May 7, 2012, as Washburn University's Inscape literary journal celebrated its 40th year of publication. Barbara's poems were included in Inscape 2012. 5/21/2012
     Edna Bell-Pearson, District 2, Shawnee, had her article, "Remembering Mary Spurgeon," published in the April 28, 2012, Dodge City Globe. The article was an update of an article which ran in Grit previously. Spurgeon, a native Kansan and sculptor, created an 8-foot statue of Wyatt Earp, which now stands across from the depot at Central Avenue and Wyatt Earp Boulevard. She then began work on a likeness of Doc Holliday, but the project was delayed because of lack of funding. Mary Spurgeon lived, painted and sculpted until her death, at the age of 91, in 2009. Three small sculptures depict Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and Bat Masterson were unveiled on Monday, April 30, 2012, where they will be on display at the Visitors Center at Wyatt Earp Boulevard and Third Avenue. The reception and unveiling of Mary's statues was well-attended, thanks in part toEdna's story. 5/13/2012
      Annabelle Corrick, District 1, Topeka, had a creative nonfiction article, “The Next Best Thing: A Memoir of the Near West,” published in Well Versed, Literary Works 2012. The work concerns her experiences at the October 2011 KAC convention in Coffeyville. This anthology is a production of the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers’ Guild and features pRiver of Murder, by Conrad Jestmoreoetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. The volume is available online and at Taylor’s Bake Shop inBoonville, MO. 5/30/2012
     Conrad Jestmore, District 5, Wichita, was interviewed on KNSS Radio's "Steve and Ted in the Morning" on May 17, 2012, about the writing process and his novel, River of Murder. In his novel, Jimmy O'Reilly, ex-cop and failed P.I., returns to his small Kansas hometown on the Arkansas River to find peace, but instead finds a family friend murdered. 5/21/2012
     Bill Karnowski, District 4, Wamego, read his poetry at the Cowboy Country Jubilee, Louisville, Kansas, on May 5, 2012. He was raised on the Hoot Owl Hollow Ranch at Emmett, Kansas, and many of his poems have a strong country theme. Bill currently lives in Wamego and reads his poems at many events throughout the Mid-west. Be the Jury, Be the Judge. Who Wrote the Pledge of Allegiance?, by Joyce Long5/30/2012
     Joyce Long, District 3, Cherryvale, recently published her first non-fiction book, Be the Jury! Be the Judge! Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance? She makes the case that Frank Bellamy of Cherryvale wrote the Pledge ratherthan Francis Bellamy of Rome, N.Y. 5/27/2012
     Joyce Markley, District 5, Wichita, had the premiere of her play, Save Me a Dance!, performed at the Mary Jane Teall Theatre, Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center, Wichita, on May 5 & 6, 2012. This musical is the story of love, from childhood and through life. Lyricist-composer for this work was Ken Gale. 5/31/2012
      Ronda Miller, District 2, Lawrence, discussed and read her poetry on KLWN AM Station 1320. The live program ran one hour and was broadcase live from Runaway Pony B-B, Lawrence, on Sunday evening, May 27, 2012. . 5/27/2012
     Roderick Townley and Wyatt Townley, District 2, Shawnee Mission, read prose and poetry at the Johnson Wyatt and Roderick TownleyCounty Library, W. 87th St. Branch, Overland Park, on May 15, 2012. Wyatt read from her latest book, The Afterlives of Trees, and Roderick read from his latest, The Door in the Forest. The Townleys also talked about "fear of poetry" and the "magic of fiction" (and vice versa). Light refreshments were served. The event was coordinated by Jeanie Wilson of The Writers Place in conjunction with the Johnson County Library. 5/27/2012
     Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville, won first place with her short story, "Coffeyville Library Memories," in a writing contest sponsored by the Coffeyville Public Library. Louise Click, District 3, Coffeyville, won second place in the library's poetry contest for her poem, "The Library in Coffeyville." All winning entries were posted on the library's web site. The contest was held in honor of the library's centennial celebration. 5/31/2012
     Diane Wahto, District 5, Wichita, announces that her poem "The Mass Has Ended" won honorable mention in the 2011 Kansas Writers Association Free Verse Poetry contest . Diane's poem "Crossing the Desert in the Summer of Love" was published in the April, 2012, issue of Naked City magazine. She was also the featured reader for April, 2012, at the Naked City Gallery in Wichita. Also, Diane was one of five poets interviewed during the April poetry month series of Bonnie Myrick and Hazel Hart’s vlog, "Keyhole Conversations." 5/12/2012
     Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, read to students at Cowley College Creative Claws writers group. A picture of the event appeared in the local newspaper, The Ark City Traveler, and students posted his poem, "Philosopher," in thier online newspaper, Mile Marker Review (p. 3). Grant's latest book, Ten Degrees, and a book of his poetry were displayed at the annual Cowley Writers Corner, May 2, 2012. Grant is an Advisory Board member for the Humanities Department, Cowley College. 5/4/2012
     Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, won first prize from the American Legion of Kansas for his work on the 2011 history book for Shelton Beaty Post #18 in Arkansas City. Entries were judged according to national writing standards by a state committee, and the winner was announced at the annual Kansas American Legion convention in Great Bend on May 19, 2012. Post #18's winning book will be sent to the American Legion's National Convention to be judged, along with other states winners, in a national competition. 5/30/2012
     Mapping visualCarol Yoho, District 1, Topeka, is adjunct faculty at Washburn University, Topeka. In spring semester 2012 she assisted Dr. Thomas Fox Averill, Writer in Residence, teach a class for English majors and Honors students. This is the third time "Mapping Kansas Literature" has been team-taught by the pair. Students choose writers and poets with Kansas connections (living or deceased), research their lives and published works, then help create web pages about these writers on the Map of Kansas Literature, a site sponsored by the Center for Kansas Studies at Washburn. New to the site this spring is historic KAC member Edgar W. Howe, founder of the Atchison Daily Globe, also known nationally as "Sage of Potato Hill." Also represented is current KAC member/poet/writer Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City. The work of Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, was updated to include his two most recent novels, With the Wisdom of Owls and Me and Aunt Izzy. Averill, who won KAC's 1986 J. Donald Coffin Award for Passes at the Moon, had his page updated to include his "Outstanding Western Novel of 2011" Western Heritage Award winner, rode. 5/21/2012
     Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, was featured speaker at the meeting of Kansas Writers, Inc., held at Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library on May 26, 2012. Max discussed his writing style and work on his newest novel, Me and Aunt Izzy, a coming-of-age story set in the Little Balkans area of southeast Kansas. This title, and Max's others, are available online from Kansas Originals Market, and 5/21/2012

April 2012

Duane Herrmann lectures on poetry of Robert Hayden     Duane Herrmann and Robert Lawson,District 1, Topeka, joined Robert McManus in giving a presentation about "Kansas Poets Trial," a walking trail through downtown Wichita. The event took place at Marvin Auditorium, Topeka Shawnee County Public Library, on April 18, 2012. 4/19/2012
     Duane Herrmann, District 1, Topeka, lectured on "Hidden Meanings in the Poetry of Robert Hayden" on April 29, 2012, at Washburn University Memorial Union. His lecture was a program presented by the Brown Foundation of Topeka. 4/29/2012
     Bill Karnowski, District 4, Wamego, read and signed his books of poetry at the Wamego Tulip Festival on April 14-April 15, 2012. The Tulip festival is the premiere spring event in northeast Kansas and usually attracts thousands of visitors and vendors to the Arts and Crafts Show. 4/30/2012
    TerriLois Gergory, Tom Mach, Gov. BrownbackTom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, helped plan a tribute, held on March 30, 2012, at the Topeka Capitol. Spearheaded by TerriLois Gregory, 10th District Representative in the Kansas House of Representative, Governor Sam Brownback signed a proclamation celebrating 100 years of women suffrage in Kansas. In 1912 Kansas granted women full suffrage, well ahead of the national law, passed in 1920. Tom's newest novel, Angels at Sunset, the final novel in his Jessica Radford triology, finds Jessica involved in the struggle for women's voting rights. 4/2/2012
The Wsidom of the Great, by Sam Majdi    Sam Majdi, District 5, Wichita, has published his second book, on demand, with iUniverse. The Wisdom of the Great is available in soft cover (620 pages) and eBook formats. It is a biographical collection about the lives, achievements, works and more than 2600 quotations of 450 notables from 50 countries spanning 3 millennia (9th century B.C. to the present). It is arranged chronically by date and place of birth and death. It also contains a names index, a comprehensive subject index, a detailed glossary and an anonymous section. 4/18/2012
Going Home, poems by Ronda Miller    Ronda Miller, District 2, Lawrence, has a new book of poetry, Going Home - Poems from My Life. Readers can purchase this book directly from Ronda. "Ronda Miller writes poems about exterior and interior landscapes, traversing the prairies and mysteries within all our psyches and around us. She brings a great deal of tenderness, wisdom, compassion and imagination to the page in poetry that helps the reader better recognize what's closing and opening around us all the time." Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Poet Laureate of Kansas, 2009-2012 4/25/2012When I Was a Child, by T.L. Needham
     Terry Needham, District 2, Romeoville, IL, had his memoir, When I Was a Child, chosen as an Amazon "Featured book-of-the-week." The work is set in Ellis County and Hays, Kansas, in the 1920s to 1940s. The memoir has also won several recognitions, including USA Book News Finalist for Best Book of the Year, History: U.S.A. category. 4/25/2012
     Cynthia Ross, District 5, Towanda, gave the lunchtime lecture at Wichita Botanica, on April 4, 2012, entitled "A Little This and That with Poems and Hats."  Hats were on display & two of Cynthia's poetry books, Ride A Stick Horse and Prairie Woman Poems, were offered for sale. 4/5/2012
    Pat Walkenhorst, District 2, Blue Springs, MO, has been honored by the Kansas State Historical Society with the acceptance of her 45 years of research into the history of the Irish in Kansas. The collection contains the documentation of her two books, The Callahans of Kansas, With Brady, Burke, O'Donnell, Ryan, White & Young Genealogies, and Irish Settlers of Kansas, Memories of the Pioneer Life, which was co-authored by Fr. John Lahey and Ellen Cregan Anderton. The works will be archived in the Family Histories section under Dickinson and Wyandotte County families and will be available to other researchers. 4/2/2012Ten Degrees, by Grant Williams
    Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, has a new book, Ten Degrees, available from tanosbookspublishing, Coffeyville. The work includes 25 short stories and some poems. The cover photo and inside photos the work ofd Jacquelyn Sanders, noted photographer from Old Lyme, CT. Proceeds from the book help cover cost of books donated to the care centers where Grant reads monthly, hospitals and clinics. This is his second book of short stories. Other work includes six novels, a book of essays, and a book of poetry. 4/2/2012Me and Aunt Izzy, by Max Yoho
    Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, author of Me and Aunt Izzy, spoke at "Afternoon with a Kansas Author," Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, April 15, 2012, 2 p.m., and signed books afterward. Eleven-year-old Jefferson Davis Johnson has been sentenced to a summer of “moral rehabilitation” under the watchful eye of his great-aunt, Queen Isabella of Spain Johnson. 4/15/2012

March 2012

     Reaona Hemmingway, District 1, Topeka, won the first annual short story contest held by Kansas Writer's Inc. Submissions to the contest, which ran from November 12 to December 28, 2011, were limited to 5,000 words and had to include the theme term "Bloody Gavel." Reaona was awarded $50 for her entry, "Gordon's Finale," which used the theme as the 'Bloody Gavel Society'—a vigilante group of rogue judges who take the law into their own hands when criminals are set free by the justice system. Plans are still in consideration to publish the contest entries as a Kindle ebook. 3/1/2012
    Bill Karnowski, District 4, Wamego, read March 25, 2012, as part of the BEGIN AGAIN series along with Rhonda Miller, District 2, Lawrence: Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg; Dan Pohl; Jackie Magnuson Ash; and Rick Nichols. The reading was at the Ad Astra Book Store and Coffee Shop, Salina. 3/31/2012
    Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had a devotional piece, "Add A Dose of Love," published at the Lutheran Parish Nurses International ezine in March, 2012. She also had an article about writing published, "A Two-Sided Coin," at Intralingo, a website for translators and writers, March 14, 2012. 3/31/2012Angels at Sunset, by Tom Mach
    Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, as featured in SeniorMonthly for March, 2012. The story focuses on his newest novel, Angels at Sunset. "Mach concluded trilogy with novel on women's suffrage" can be read online. Tom also spoke about his new book on March 13, 2012, at the Free Methodist Church, Lawrence, and on March 23, 2012, at The Raven Bookstore, Lawrence. Heather Yates, Kansas University Women's Studies professor, appeared with Tom at The Raven. 3/31/2012
     Ronda Miller, District 2, Lawrence, had her poem "Where Wisteria Grows" chosen for visual interpretation by painter Jennifer Rivera. Twenty-two poems were chosen from the nearly 200 submitted for review. This collaborative project, entitled "After Words," opened at South Wind Gallery, Topeka, on Friday, March 2, 2012. Video of the artist and her work can be viewed at the South Wind Gallery website. Ronda also sponsored a "Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems" reading in St. Francis, KS, on March 24, 2012. The reading took place in the community Band Shell. 3/14/2012
     Paula K. Nixon, District 7, Santa Fe, NM, won first place for her essay, "Mom's Pie", in the SouthWest Writers fifth 2011 bi-monthly writing competition. Her essay was published in the January 2012 edition of the SouthWest Sage. Paula also placed third in the Santa Fe Reporter 's 2011 writing contest. Her essay, "Paradise Corrupted" was published in the December 7, 2011 edition of the weekly newspaper. 3/28/2012
     Frankie Roland, District 3, Colorado Springs, CO, has founded a Writing Club at the Medalion Retirement Community where she lives. Four to six members faithfully meet each Monday afternoon from 3-4:00 p.m. and write about a variety of topics, including song lyrics and poetry. They also have special speakers.
    Frankie also attends a writers group, called "Spiritual Writers," at First Congregational Church in Colorado Springs. The group meets on first and third Fridays. She is regularly published in Cappers, Kansas Senior Times and The Journal, and misses her writer buddies in Kansas Authors Club. 3/8/2012

February 2012

     Kelly W. Johnston, District 5, Wichita, had his poem "House-Sitter" chosen as First Place in the 2011 Kansas Writers Association Free Verse Poetry contest. 2/1/2012
     Agnes Kazminski, District 1, Topeka, spoke to a group of seniors at Faith Lutheran Church, Topeka, on February 16, 2012, about writing personal memoirs for their grandchildren. About twenty people participated. Besides talking about what makes a memoir and the principles of writing a story, Agnes talked about the benefits of documenting family events for future generations. She also discussed various forms of memoir writing. She pointed out that a memoir does not necessarily have to be in book format, but could also be a collection of stories or a summary of events. Her messages were well-received. [Share your own community service endeavors.] 2/21/2012
     Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, had his poem "Only Another War" published in Blue Island Review 2011, a poetry magazine recently founded by Katie Longofono. This regional journal brings together writers of diverse backgrounds. Among the forty-four poets included in this issue, along with Tom, are Kevin Rabas and Thomas Fox Averill. 2/17/2012
    Anne McCourtie, District 1, Mayetta, announces her debut into the world of e-books with publication of four works as downloadable, from Smashwords. Titles include Ride Like the Wind, Widow's Walk, The Keeper of Names and The Haunting of Emily. Visit Anne on bluepockets for links to these titles online. 2/11/2012
     Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, regularly reads at area senior care facilities. He reads at Presbyterian Manor in Arkansas City on the first Monday of each month, at Sterling House in Arkansas City on the second Wednesday night of each month, at Medicalodge in Arkansas City on the third Thursday morning of every month, and at Kansas Veterans Home in Winfield on the fourth Tuesday morning of every month. [Visit our Writers in the Community page for specifics about Grant's community service in the literary arts. Share your own community service endeavors.] Max Yoho at Eclective Gallery 2/21/2012
     Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, spoke about his writing at "Adventures in Learning," Topeka's Shepherd's Center program for seniors, on February 3, 2012. He also signed copies of his books the evening of February 3 at the Eclective Gallery, First Friday Art Walk, in the NOTO Arts District, Topeka. 2/4/2012

 January 2012

     Eunice Boeve, District 6, Phillipburg, will have her story for children, "Wishing You Home," serialized as sixteen chapters in five Kansas newspapers. The story, targeted to students in grades three through nine, will run January 24 to March 15, 2012. Boeve's story is Kansas-based, historical-fiction that follows the life of a young Kansas boy during World War II. He longs for everything to be normal, but life during the war is anything but normal—especially since his father is overseas fighting in the war, as are many of the other men in their community. This touching story provides great history and character education lessons. A teacher's guide which includes discussion questions, activities and vocabulary words will be available to all participating teachers. Publication is sponsored by American Family Insurance and will appear in The Hutchinson News, Salina Journal, The Hays Daily News, The Garden City Telegram and The Ottawa Herald. 1/16/2012
Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, has a story, "Magical Windows of Christmas," included in the anthology Celebrating Christmas with...Memories, Poetry and Good Food, published in December, 2011. Her article, "Shoestring Deadline," was published in Thriving Family magazine of the Focus On The Family group, in the January/February, 2012, issueMary Alice Parmley. 1/25/2012
     Mary Alice Parmley, District 1, Topeka, and her book for children, Traveler, were featured in Amazing Aging, in their Winter, 2012, issue. Mary Alice has been busy with book signings at the age of 86. She is a retired teacher. 1/31/2012
    Pat Walkenhorst, District 2, Blue Spring, MO, was honored at the opening celebration for her contribution to the "Americans by Choice: The Story of Immigration and Citizenship in Kansas" permanent exhibit on the sixth floor of the Robert J. Dole U. S. Courthouse, 500 State Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas. She wrote about and contributed photographs of her grandparents, William and Mary Burke, who in 1857 were among the first settlers of Kansas City, then Wyandot, Kansas. Pat's second book, Irish Settlers of Kansas: Memories of the Pioneer Life, chosen one of the 150 Best Books of Kansas, is now available at, Kindle Books, $4.99. 1/16/2012
    Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, had his short fiction, "Two Roses," published in the Mile Marker Review, online literary magazine of Cowley College, The edition was v. 2/no. 1, Fall, 2011. 1/25/2012Iola Register 1-16-2012
    Max Yoho, Distrcit 1, Topeka, spoke at the Iola Public Library on January 14, 2012. Max was born in Colony, KS, twelve miles north of Iola. He reminisced with his audience about trips to the "big city" of Iola as a boy, and shared excerpts from his six published books. Max was featured in the lead story, "Colony native, author: Iola like heaven," by Bob Johnson in the January 16, 2012, edition of The Iola Registrar. 1/25/2012

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A number of KAC members are having their poetry published as part of the traveling Kansas "renga" (a multi-part Japanese form, each ten-line segment contributed by a different poet, alluding to a common theme). The renga is a project of our State Poet Laureate. The renga is titled "To the Stars Through Difficulty."

As we learn that individual KAC members' work is posted on the 150 Kansas Poems web site, links will appear here thoroughout 2012:

  • Roderick Townley, District 2, Shawnee Mission #2
  • Roy J. Beckemeyer, District 5, Wichita#14
  • Ronda Miller, District 2, Lawrence#15
  • Wyatt Townley, District 2, Shawnee Mission #16
  • Lee Mick, District 6, Cawker City#23
  • Mark Scheel, District 2, Mission#30
  • Elizabeth Black, District 2, Lawrence#35
  • Kevin Rabas, District 2, Emporia#38
  • Bill Karnowski, District 4, Wamego#59
  • Patricia Beckemeyer, District 5, Wichita —#63
  • Jamie Lynn Heller, District 2, Lenexa#80
  • Tim Pettet, District 2, Kansas City#113
  • Sally Jadlow, District 2, Overland Park#116
  • Peg Nichols, District 2, Olathe —#126
  • Cheryl Unruh, District 2, Emporia#145


Thomas Fox Averill Max Yoho Grant Williams E.W. Howe