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December 2016

   "Great Writers, Right Here" was an author event sponsored by the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library on December 10, 2016. Twelve KAC members from District 1 members included Annette Hope Billings, Roy Bird, Gary Clarke, Yvonne Evie Green, Aimee Gross, Reaona Hemmingway and her mom, Glory Hemmingway, Margaret McGillivary, Dennis Smirl, Janet Stotts, Barbara Waterman-Peters, and Carol Yoho. District 2 members attending included Cathy Callen and Tom Mach. The District 6 member present was Darcy Leech. Thanks go to Miranda Ericsson Kendall, who organized this event. 12/12/2016
Gary ClarkeBarbara Waterman-Peters with team-writer Glendyn BuckleyDennis SmirlRoy BirdAnnette BillingsAimee GrossCathy CallenTom MachDarcy LeechReaona and Glory HemmingwayCarol Yoho and Janet StottsYvonne Evie Green and Margaret Margaret McGillivaryOverview of the event
James and Jack, by Edna Bell-Pearson   Edna Bell-Pearson, District 2, Cherokee Village, AR, has a new book published, a "young adult" novel entitled James and Jack. The book is avaiable in paperback and as a Kindle read from and is her seventh book published. Edna is also author of Fragile Hopes, Transient Dreams, a story collection chosen as one of "Kansas 150 Best Books" during the Kansas Sesquicentennial in 2011. 12/24/2016
    Annette Hope Billings, District 1, Topeka, shared poetry with an adult education class on December 11, 2016, at Rainbow Mennonite Church, Kansas City, KS. All were welcome, with no admission fee. 12/31/2016
I Danced with Crazy Horse, by Sylvia S. Colombo   Sylvia S. Colombo, District 1, Topeka, has her book, I Danced With Crazy Horse, now available for sale at these locations: Washburn University Bookstore in Topeka, Emporia State Bookstore in Emporia, Raven Bookstore in Lawrence, White Dove Bookstore in Wichita, Darnell's Antiques in Mayetta, Kansas Originals Market (retail stores on turnpike rest-stop near East Topeka, at I-70 exit #206 near Wilson, and also in their online catalog. This work is a tribute to the great Lakota Chief Crazy Horse, personal experiences of the author and wisdom of the Spirit Grandmothers of This Galaxy. 12/12/2016
    Ronda Miller, D2 President and state VP, Lawrence, facilitated the Literature break out session of the Arts Council of Johnson County's Shooting Stars Prep Workshop on November 16, 2016. This program celebrated young Johnson County artists for their artistic excellence in high school, and gives Finalists an overview of the Shooting Stars program. This year's program was held at Blue Valley School District's Hilltop Conference Center in Overland Park, KS. Read more about Shooting Stars Recognition, Scholarship & Awards Program online. 12/1/2016
    Diane Wahto, District 5, Wichita, had a poem, "Empty Corners," published in late 2016 in Same Press Journal.

November 2016

    Annette Hope Billings, District 1, Topeka, performed a Poetry Reading and Book-signing on October 28, 2016, at Neon Club, Kansas City, MO. Annette also shared her poetry at a Poetry Reading and Book-signing on the evening of October. 26, 2016, at First Congregations Church, Topeka. Both were free events. 11/10/2016
    Nancy Julien Kopp, Disrict 4, Manhattan, has a memoir essay, “November In Chicago,” published in Kaw Valley Senior Monthly, November issue, p. 39, in "Memories Are Forever," a column edited by Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence. Nancy's story "The Best Christmas Present Ever" is published in Additional Christmas Moments, an anthology that gives all royalties to Samaritan's Purse charity. Her story "Christmas Spirit—Lost and Found" is featured in the December 2016 issue of The War Cry, a magazine published by The Salvation Army. Nancy also had a story, “The Perfect Grandchild,” published at a website called The Good News Factory. 11/15/2016
Ekprhastic Writing Workbook, by Dr. Marilyn Hope Lake    Dr. Marilyn Hope Lake, District 6, Hutchinson, signed copies of her newest book, Ekprhastic Writing Workbook, at Bluebird Books, in Hutchinson, on November 5, 2016. Marilyn and her book were featured in the Hutch Bee on November 1, 2016. She has used her experience as a creative writing instructor, and her award winning painting skills, to create the workbook, including 20 original pieces of art: ten watercolors and ink drawings, plus ten photographs. "Ekprhasis" is "a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art." Each visual in this workbook is presented with space for writing, and was chosen to motivate, inspire and entertain the creative spirit. 11/5/2016
    Ronda Miller, D2 President and state VP, Lawrence, facilitated the Literature break out session of the Arts Council of Johnson County's Shooting Stars Prep Workshop on November 16, 2016. This program celebrated young Johnson County artists for their artistic excellence in high school, and gives Finalists an overview of the Shooting Stars program. This year's program was held at Blue Valley School District's Hilltop Conference Center in Overland Park, KS. Read more about Shooting Stars Recognition, Scholarship & Awards Program online.

October 2016

    Annette Hope Billings, District 1, Topeka, read her poetry and sign books on September 23, 2016. This free event, "Portraits of Poetry," was held at Faces By Mayfield Nightclub, Topeka. Annette also shared her poetry at Story Slam on October 7, 2016, @ Peace Church, Kansas City, MO. This was a free event. 10/15/2016
   Robert Dean, Jr., District 5, Augusta, won second place in the KAC Japanese Forms poetry contest. (All 2016 contest winners have been posted on this web site.) In addition, two new poems, "Controlled Burn" and "Seconds," were released on October 4, 2016, in the Fall 2016 issue of Illya's Honey, the online journal of the Dallas Poets Community. The journal is published quarterly and has included his work before. All Robert's poems in this journal are accessable from his "bio" link at the bottom of any poem). 10/9/2016Evolution's Promise, by Duane R. Johnson
    Duane R. Johnson, District 1, Topeka, has his new e-book, Evolution's Promise: Meditations of a Magical Thinker, featured on the Topeka Capital-Journal's Religion page in an article, "Topeka author pens book of meditations that embrace the best of world religions," by Phil Anderson. Duane said this book is a "light, fun to read, and inspires you toward self-improvement." 10/21/2016
    Nancy Julien Kopp, Disrict 4, Manhattan, had her poem play, gypsy girl, play published online at The Back Door Café. She also had a story, The Best Christmas Present Ever, published in a new anthology titled Additional Christmas Moments. This collection is available on . 10/18/2016
 Heart Deco, by Norm LedginDisharmony, by Norm Ledgin  Norm Ledgin, District 2, Stanley, announces publication of his seventh and eighth books in celebration of his 88th birthday this past summer. A mystery in the amateur-sleuth Sally Freberg series, Disharmony probes a deeply hidden motive in the live burial of a literary agent. In sharp contrast, Heart Deco is fantasy/romance about a widower in pursuit of a woman he says is 1930s actress Jean Harlow—frozen, then cured of illness and living quietly in her native Kansas City half a century after she supposedly “died.” Norm’s book-writing began in 2000, when the nonfiction Diagnosing Jefferson appeared in hardcover. His work has been republished in France and has included historical fiction, notably The Jayhawker and Sally of Monticello: Founding Mother. His books are available through bookstores or Amazon including Kindle. 10/9/2016

September 2016

Words Save Lives, Annette Hope BillingsWords Save Lives, Ronda Miller    Annette Hope Billings, District 1, Topeka, and Ronda Miller, District 2 president, Lawrence, both presented their poetry at Words Save Lives/National Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, 2016, at Lawrence Creates Makerspace in Lawrence. This was a free event. 9/11/2016
Words in Rows, by Cathy CallenCathy Callen, District 2, Lawrence, current KAC treasurer, announces publication of her new book, Words in Rows, Poetry and Prose. She gave a reading from this new work with her 9-year-old neighbor, Eliza, who did two of the illustrations for the book, on September 27, 2016, at Ingredient restaurant, Lawrence. 9/29/2016
    Ronda Miller, District 2 District 2 president and state KAC vice-president, is the September guest editor for Caryn Mirriam Goldberg's time + space online anthology. Miller will have her poetic picks released each Monday in September, 2016. The poets she chose, in the order of their poetic releases, are as follows: Eve Ott, James Benger, Lindsey Martin-Bowen and David Romtvedt. These poems, and others, may be found online. 9/8/2016
Moonstain, by Ronda Miller    Ronda Miller, District 2 president and state KAC vice-president, Lawrence, discussed plans for the 2016 KAC Convention, occuring Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2016, and shared some of her poetry with (1:02). She also shared info about KAC Convention on KLWN--AM raidio (18.17) on Sept. 28, 2016. Ronda also read poetry from her book MoonStain on Sept. 25, 2016, for "Poetry on the Porch" at The William Allen White State Historical Site, Emporia—the eleventh such event hosted by Dr. Kevin Rabas, District 2, Emporia, and The William Allen White House. An open mic for additional poet readings followed Miller's reading. Meadowlark Books was present at the event to sell copies of Miller's book MoonStain. 9/30/2016
Hard Times in the Heartland, by Sally Jadlow     Sally Jadlow, District 2, Overland Park, announces publication of her newest work of fiction, Hard Times in the Heartland, in both Kindle edition and paperback, from Amazon. "When Henry Freeman is orphaned in the depths of the Depression, He, the eldest of six brothers, is left to care for the rest of the family, especially the youngest--11-year-old David. Follow Henry as he struggles to raise his brother, find a wife, and survive the war." 9/8/2016
Te Ata, Esther Luttrell screenplay    Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, received recognition at the Gallup Film Festival in New Mexico, credited for "Best Screenplay" as co-author of the new movie, Te Ata (TAY' AH-TAH), based on the inspiring, true story of Mary Thompson Fisher, a woman who traversed cultural barriers to become one of the greatest Native American performers of all time. The movie was produced by Paul Sirmons, written by Esther Luttrell and Jeannie Barbour, and directed by Nathan Frankowski. 9/29/2016
    Nancy Julian Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, has her award winning story, "There's A Dragon In The Library," included in a new book for dyslexic children, The Ice Dragon. The book is formatted especially for children with this reading problem, using different spacing and fonts. This is the second volume in a series. 9/25/2016

August 2016

   Astra Arts Festival Writing Contest winners were announced at a reception and reading held at the Independence Public Library on August 9, 2016. Lori Baker Martin and Heather Mydosh, Chair and Co-chair, respectively, of the Astra Arts Literary Contest, hosted the event. District 5 Astra Arts Festival, Independence, KSmembers Roy Beckemeyer, District 5, Wichita, current KAC president, won first and third places for poetry. Bob Dean, District 5, Augusta, won third place in fiction. Melvin Epp, District 5, Whitewater, won third place for creative non-fiction.
Event photo includes (from left): Heather Mydosh (Astra Arts Literary Co-chair), Melvin Epp (3rd place, creative non-fiction), Hazel Spires (front, 1st place, creative non-fiction); Melissa Fite Johnson (2nd place, poetry), Lori Baker Martin (front, Astra Arts Literary Chair), KAC President and D5 member Roy Beckemeyer (1st and 3rd in poetry), and D5 member Bob Dean (third in fiction). 8/19/2016
   Phil Brewster, District 2, Overland Park, self-published a Kansas historical novel, Henceforth the Bad Angel, in August, 2015. The book received a positive review in Kansas History-Journal of the Central Plains (Volume 39 Number 2, Summer, 2016 edition). The journal is published quarterly by the Kansas State Historical Society. The review states: "Henceforth the Bad Angel. By Philip Brewster. (2015, 375 pages, paper $15.99.)
  This self-published novel follows two young men through some of the most dramatic events in early Kansas history: the Marais des Cygnes Massacre, Quantrill's raid on Lawrence, the battles at Westport and Mine Creek, and the battle at Beecher's Island. In addition to their participation in these events, Michael Craddock, a white emigrant to Kansas territory from Ohio, and Gabriel, an enslaved boy turned soldier, meet the infamous abolitionist John Brown and encounter presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln. Through Gabriel, the story highlights the heroic sacrifices made by African American soldiers in defense of the U.S. government during the Civil War. The novel also explores women's contributions and the question of women's rights in territorial Kansas. With a solid foundation based on historical research, Henceforth the Bad Angel will appeal to Civil War enthusiasts and Kansas history buffs." 8/31/2016
   Robert L. Dean, Jr., District 5, Augusta, is featured poet in the August, 2016, issue of Red River Review, a quarterly online literary journal. Five of his poems lead off the issue. Though this journal has published Robert's work before, this is his first feature with them. Also, Robert's short story "Breakdown at the Salad Bowl Bar and Grill" took third place in the recent Astra Arts Festival literary contest. On August 9, 2016, he received his award in person at the Independence Public Library and read a selection from this story to those attending the event (see photo, Aug./Astra Arts Fest, above.) 8/18/2016
Gimme Your Lunch Money, by Heartland Poets    Gimme Your Lunch Money: Heartland Poets Speak out against Bullies, by Heartland Poets, had its book-release at Uptown Arts Bar, Kansas City, MO, on August 10, 2016. Numerous Kansas Authors Club members have poems included in this fine anthology. They include: KAC president Roy Beckemeyer, president of KAC, District 5, Wichita: Ronda Miller, vice-president of KAC and president of District 2, Lawrence; Annette Billings, vice-president of District 1, Topeka; Lindsey Martin-Bowen, District 2, Lee's Summit, MO; Dan Pohl, District 5, Moundridge; Kevin Rabas, Ph.D., District 2, Emporia; Tyler Sheldon, District 2, Emporia; and Diane Wahto, District 5, Wichita. The anthology was the brainstorm of poet Dennis Etzel Jr., English professor at Washburn University, and was edited by Dennis Etzel Jr. and KAC member Lindsey Martin-Bowen, mentioned above. Readings from this work are being planned throughout the state. 8/31/2016
Flint Hills Review, Issue 21    The Flint Hills Review, Issue 21, 2016, will feature reviews of published work and writing by several members of Kansas Authors Club, including a review of MoonStain by Ronda Miller, District 2, Lawrence, and a review of Songs for My Father by Kevin Rabas, District 2, Emporia. Members with work featured in this collection include Roy Beckemeyer, District 5 president, Wichita; Michael Graves, District 2, Emporia; Tracy Million Simmons, District 2, Emporia; and Lindsey Martin-Bowen, District 2, Lee's Summit, MO. 824/2016
To Leave a Shadow, by Michael D. Graves   Michael D. Graves, District 2, Emporia, had his novel, To Leave a Shadow, selected as a 2016 Kansas Notable Book. Graves introduces us to Detective Pete Stone, his worldly and lovable gumshoe. Set in 1930s Wichita, Midwesterners will take particular joy in Graves's depiction of the city and the jazz age in this compelling mystery Graves will be one of the presenters at the Kansas Book Festival on September 10, 2016, when he will accept the award. 8/24/2016
Amazing Aging, Julian article   Vicki Julian, District 2, Lawrence, presented a "Memoir Writing" workshop to members of Kansas Writers Inc. at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library on July 23, 2016. This event was featured in the Summer Issue of Amazing Aging magazine, August, 2016 [pp. 4 & 11]. Vicki will also have stories included in two anthologies to be released this fall: Hometown Memories (Northeastern Kansas) Drive-In Movies and General Stores, and in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Christmas. Also to be released this fall is Vicki's first published children's book, titled An Afternoon with the Christmas Angel. 8/8/2016
    Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, had one of her nonfiction stories featured at The Good News Factory, where it can be read online. The story, "Mom's Recipe For Life," was originally published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book titled for mom, with love. 8/31/2016
Te Ata, screenplay by Esther Luttrell   Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, wrote the screenplay for the motion picture Te Ata, which will have its premiere in Oklahoma on Sept. 13, 2016. Te Ata, a Chickasaw Indian, was a fascinating woman and the director and producer did a fine job on the production. The movie trailer is available online. 8/19/2016
Barbara Waterman-Peters in Washburn Ichabod Magazine    Barbara Waterman-Peters, District 1, Topeka, was honored at Washburn University's graduation ceremony on May 14, 2016, with an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree. Barbara's photo and a summary of her career as an artist and a writer was published in the Ichabod Magazine, Fall 2016 issue, p. 21. Congratulations, Barbara! 8/24/2016

July 2016

    Annette Billings, VP of District 1, Topeka; and Ronda Miller, president of District 2, Lawrence, and state VP; appeared on KKFI local radio showcase on July 14, 2016. The interviews are available online. Miller's poetry and interview starts at the 24 minute segment and is followed by Billings interview with poems. 7/28/2016
Ekphrastic Writing Workbook, by Marilyn Hope Lake   Marilyn Hope Lake, District 6, Hutchinson, has teamed her writing skills with illustrator Denton Warn, District 6, Hutchinson, in publishing Ekphrastic Writing Workbook, Volume 1. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines "ekphrasis" as a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art. This workbook provides 20 paintings, drawings, and photographs intended to stimulate your writing muse. What does each image bring to your mind as a writer? Thoughts? Feelings? A memory? Would you write poetry or prose? This workbook is intended to motivate, inspire and entertain the creative spirit. It has no "how to" instructions, simply visual art and space to begin writing. This book is newly available on Contact Marilyn for KAC discount code. 7/12/2016
KTWU 1966 Tornado Stories   Carol Yoho, District 1, Topeka, had her memory of the 1966 Topeka Tornado, in which her home was lost, published by KTWU Public-TV in "June 8," The Topeka Tornado Survivors' Stories Book & 2 Disc DVD Set, “50 Years Remembering the Topeka Tornado in June, 2016.” Carol's story can also be read on the KTWU web site's "Personal Topeka Tornado Stories" (Story #5). Purchase of the accompanying video helps support this station. 7/23/2016

June 2016

Sanpshots of Lisa by Angee Barcus   Angee Barcus, District 2, Lawrence, announces publication of Snapshots of Lisa: A Candid Look at Down Syndrome and Snippets of Lisa's Life. Lisa is Angee's youngest child. Her story is not unique, but contains hope for others. Angee began journaling at her baby's birth to help herself come to grips with having a child with a disability. The work quickly turned into positive stories about Lisa. This book is available at in paperback or on Kindle. Angee welcomes your email feedback about her stories. 6/11/2016

May 2016

Henceforth The Bad Angel, by Philip Brewster   Philip Brewster, District 2, Overland Park, published his novel, Henceforth the Bad Angel, in August, 2015. Set in the Civil War era, the story follows two young men, one white and one African American, through three turbulent events in Kansas history in 1858, 1863 and 1868. The novel received a recent favorable review, "Novel Follows 2 Men's Lives From 1858-1868," by Jeff Patrick, in Civil War News, vol. 43, no. 3, April 2016. "Brewster has penned an engaging narrative with fully developed characters and vivid, detailed descriptions of the major events." The review is available online by scrolling to , p. 35 from the link, above. 5/1/2016
   Annabelle Corrick, District 1, Topeka, first place in the mystery prose category and honorable mention in the young adult category in the 2016 Kansas Voices Contest, sponsored annually by the Winfield Arts and Humanities Council. Annabelle attended the Awards Dinner on May 7, 2016, in Winfield and read excerpts from her work. All winning poetry and prose selections will soon be available to the public as an anthology. 5/10/2016
   Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, learned that her story "Grandma, Raspberries and Cream" has received Honorable Mention in the 2016 GENEii Family History Writing Contest of the Southern Califoria Genealogical Society and Family Research Library. The story will be published in their magazine/website at a later date. 5/7/2016
From My Mother, by Darcy Leech   Darcy Leech, a new member of District 6, Great Bend, is proud to announce her book, From My Mother, , Great Bend authorhas been published by eLectio Publishing, COO Christopher Dixon, and is currently available for purchase online. Born into a family ravaged by genetic disease, Darcy shares a coming of age story as much about beginnings as it is endings, especially after losing both her mother and brother to Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. The book is sure to resonate with mothers, readers in families with genetic disease, with anyone who has lost a loved one, or who may be struggling with any type of personal loss. "I believe each of us share common bonds," Leech said. "And it is those bonds that bind us that help us find strength to get through some of life's most difficult challenges."
   Darcy and her book were featured in a cover article, "Caring and Caretaking," by Veronica Coons, in Great Bend Inspire Health magazine, March/April, 2016 issue. 5/1/2016
Be the Jury! Be the Judge, by Joyce Long   Joyce Long, District 3 president, Cherryvale, was surprized in early May, 2016 to meet Earle Bellamy, a distant cousin to Frank Bellamy, the author of the Pledge of Allegiance. Rev. Samuel Bellamy had had several sons. The oldest son was John Bellamy, the father of Frank. The youngest son was Jesse, whose line leads to Earle Bellamy, Joyce's visitor. Earle had been doing family genealogy and came to Cherryvale to research his family. After a controversy over the authorship of the pledge, no family had persuaded the authorship issue until Earle visited the Cherryvale Library to inquire about any Bellamys in the area. He was shown Joyce's book Be the Jury! Be the Judge! Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance? and, thus, came to meet Joyce face-to-face at her place of work. Earle Bellamy is from Golden, CO, and is a retired lawyer. She was pleased to meet him! 5/11/2016
Songs for My Father, by Kevin Rabas    Kevin Rabas, District 2, Emporia, had his collection of poems and stories Songs for My Father: a collection of poems and stories by Kevin Rabas published by Meadowlark Books. In this seventh book by Dr. Kevin Rabas, chair of the Department of English at Emporia State University, the author paints a picture of his father, a man who "brought home good money… kept us well fed… lost his mind slumped in blue TV light." In many ways, this book reads as a love letter to a man many readers will recognize from his Midwestern work ethic and the gaps and distances between a father and son. The book is available on Amazon and direct from the author or publisher 5/31/2016

April 2016

   Roy Beckemeyer, District 5, KAC President, Wichita, won first place awards in both Free Verse and Traditional Adult Poetry categories in the 2016 Kansas Voices Contest, sponsored annually by the Winfield Arts and Humanities Council. He will attend the Awards Dinner on May 7, 2016, in Winfield and will read his winning entries in a public reading. Also, Roy has had poems selected for publication in a variety of print and on-line journalsin the first quarter of 2016, including Dappled Things, The Syzygy Poetry Journal, Ekphrastic: writing and art on art and writing, and Pif Magazine.  4/26/2016
   Roy Beckemeyer, District 5, KAC President, Wichita, and Ronda Miller, District 2 president, Lawrence, are celebrated in an article, "Kansas poets celebrate Kansas in Paeans to the state," posted online by The Wichita Eagle on April 5, 2016. Biographical information and poems by these two and other Kansas poets are included within the article, available online. 4/21/2016
   Sally Jadlow, District 2, Overland Park, taught a 6-week spring Creative Writing Class for Kansas City Writers at Country Club Christian Church, Kansas City, MO. Class began in mid-March and ran through late April. Sally tailored the class to attendees' needs. 4/22/2016
   William J. Karnowski, District 4, Wamego, read his poetry and signed books on April 24, 2016, at The Lawrence Arts Center in honor of Poetry Month. 4/25/2016
for mom, with love by Chicken Soup for the Soul   Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, has her story titled “The Girls On The Bus” published in a new Chicken Soup for the Soul book that has just been released. The book title is for mom, with love. The book has 101 favorite stories about moms taken from other bestselling books in the series. The proceeds from this book will benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. 4/2/2016
   Joyce Long, D3 president, Cherryvale, was inteviewed by Kimber Wallace of the SoutheastKansas Living magazine about Frank Bellamy of Cherryvale, author of our national Pledge of Be the Jury! Be the Judge, by Joyce LongAllegiance. Joyce wrote the book Be the Judge! Be the Jury! Who Wrote the Pledge of Allegiance? dubbing him official author of the pledge. In May, 2014 Joyce was honored by the Kansas Senate and House of Representives for her research into Frank Bellamy as author of the Pledge of Allegiance (written in spring, 1890). Wallace's interview with Joyce will be published in Southeast Kansas Living in the June, 2016 issue. Joyce also spoke at the Republican Caucus in Montgomery County, Kansas on March 5, 2016, on this topic. 4/29/2016
   Esther Luttrell, District 1, Topeka, invites writers to register or log into Pinterest and visit her site, "A Creative Writer's Think Tank." She provides writers' prompts, brain teasers, an idea lab, openings lines, and more. All are free and created to spark your imagination. 4/4/2016
Retro look at Soap Box Derby, 1950, Emporia, by Ken Olm   Dr. Kenneth Olm, District 1, Topeka, had his feature story, "A 65-Year Look-Back at Empria's soap box derby era," featured on the front page of the March 19 & 20, 2016, Emporia Gazette Weekend edition as a "special to the Gazette." The story, with vintage photos, flashed back to the first annual Soap Box Derby, held in Emporia on July 20, 1950. The story filled the entire front page and continued, with more photos (including one of Ken) in his Derby car, on p. 3. The article, with photos, can also be read online. 4/21/2016
  Diane Wahto, District 5, Wichita, had three of her poems, "At the Truck Stop in Pittsburg, Kansas," "The Last Bus," and "Jim Morrison," awarded Honorable Mention in the 2016 Kansas Voices Contest, sponsored annually by the Winfield Arts and Humanities Council. She will attend the reception and reading in Winfield, Kansas, on May 7, 2016. 4/17/2016 The Rocking Horse, Zachgo, now in audio
   Gloria Zachgo, District 5, Wichita, now has her novel The Rocking Horse available, unabridged, in audio format from Audible and iTunes. Zachgo's suspense novel, charts the harrowing emotional journey of one family that is torn asunder, then magically drawn together again. 4/17/2016

March 2016

   Roy Beckemeyer, District 5, Wichita, KAC President, and Ronda Miller, District 2, Lawrence, District 2 President, both read at the Writers Place Reading Series on Friday, March 18, 2016, in Kansas City, MO. They were joined by Alan Proctor, author and poet, and Aaron Henson, poet. Writers Place is a literary center that provides support, resources, and inspiration for writers and those who care about words as art. The March 18 reading was part of the Writers Place Reading Series - 3rd Fridays events. Refer to the Writers Place Calendar for more planned events. 3/21/2016
   Anne Mart, District 6, Hutchinson, age 89, has published her collected life's work in poetry just in time for Poetry Poems From the Heart, by Anne MartMonth: March 2016. Poems from the Heart:The Collected Poems of Anne Mart, is available from This book contains illustrations by Denton Warn and photograpy by Deb Hagen of Deb Hagen Photography, KS. A devout Catholic, Anne has written and Anne Mart when youngpublished numerous poems with religious themes. She also has a strong social conscience evident in her work. Nature, animals, and her family also are subjects of her poetry. Moreover, Anne's poems often leave you chuckling from her endearing wit. The first poem printed in this collection, "Simplicity." takes the most complex of themes and turns them into lyrical, simple poetic lines that are accessible to all persons. Fellow writer, Marilyn Lake, District 6, Hutchinson, says, "Anne Mart is a poet of and for her time." For more info contact: Anne Mart or Sheila Young, 311 E Janet Stotts8th Ave., 620-665-8318 or Marilyn Hope Lake, 620-663-5563. 3/26/2016
   Janet Stotts, District 1, Topeka, shared an hilarious tale, "The Great Snickerdoodle War," of her husband's high school prank in Kaw Valley Senior Monthly, Vol. 15, No. 9, p. 35, in the "Memories Are Forever," column, edited by Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence. 3/23/2016

January 2016

Donald Stuart Pady     Donald Stuart Pady, District 1, Topeka, shared a memory from his youth with Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, which Tom included in his KawValley Senior Monthly column, "Memories Are Forever," v. 15, no. 7, January, 2016, p. 27. "How Green Was My Golf Course" tells of Don's opportunity to caddy for golfer Ben Hogan at a Canadian Open golf tournament. This story can be read online. Scroll to p. 27. 1/11/2016
   "William Stafford's 102nd Birthday Celebration: 102 Ways to Celebrate Poetry" occurred on Sunday afternoon, January 17, 2016, at Raven Bookstore, Lawrence. This event was free and open to the public. Poetry readings included Kansas Poet Laureate Eric McHenry and past Kansas Poet Laureates Caryn Miriam-Goldberg and Denise Low, who co-hosted the event with Ronda Miller, District 2, Lawrence, Ronda is District 2 President and 2016 Vice President of Kansas Authors Club. Other KAC members who read poetry at the event included Annette Billings, District 1, Topeka; Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence; and Diane Palka, District 2, Overbrook. 1/18/2016
Wm. Stafford reading, Annette Billings Wm. Stafford reading, Diane PalkaWm. Stafford reading, Ronda Miller

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