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Kim StaffordKim Stafford, poet/photographer/son of poet William Stafford, shared his father's method for spurring writing inspiration at a conference at Topeka's Washburn University: "William Stafford: Celebrating 100 Years of Poetry and Peace," on March 31, 2014. Read Four Elements of a Daily Writing Page in William Stafford’s Practice and consider trying the method. Stafford's speech, given on Monday evening after a day with 34 Kansas poets reading their own poetry and the work of William Stafford, was inspirational. 4/3/2014

Emporia Gazette KAC tourThis photo (taken by Kaman Simmons) is from the KAC Emporia Gazette tour, a District 2 meeting on Saturday, July 13, 2013. The photo was then published in The Emporia Gazette on Thursday, July 25, 2013. Our tour guide was Ray Beals, General Emporia Gazette banner and published KAC photoManager, giving one of the last tours of his career before retiring in August, 2013. Tour organizer Tracy Million Simmons, District 2, Emporia, said, " We had a great time." Several members of the touring group had lunch together after our tour. 8/1/2013
See photos of our tour at Emporia Gazette Tour '13.

Grand Book Signing flyer27 authors (KAC members and/or Our Town speakers) registered for the Grand Book Signing, Saturday, Oct. 5. This event was open to the public and appeared on a massive poster promotion around the greater Wichita area.
Signing authors included:
Eunice Boeve • Vicki Hermes-Bond • Billy Branson • Pat Davids • Arlene Rains Graber • Hazel Hart • Patricia Hatch • Conrad Jestmore • Vicki Julian • William J. Karnowski • Carol Katsantoness • Gordon Kessler • Stephanie A. Mann • Ronda Miller • Marci Penner • Ray "Grizzly" Racobs • Cynthia Ross • William Sheldon • Tracy Million Simmons • Ken Spurgeon • B.D. Tharp • Ursula Turner • Mike Watson • Katie Funk Wiebe • Jeb Wright • Max Yoho • Gloria Zachgo •

Even more authors, including those above plus Maryann Barry, Cathy Callen, Millie Horlacher, Donald S. Pady, and Nancy Larsen-Sanders, joined us at the Our Town Bookstore at the Holiday Inn. The hours for the book store were Friday: 3-8 PM, Saturday: 8 AM-5 PM, Sunday: 8AM-noon. 8/26/2013

Sincerest sympathies are extended to long time KAC member Cynthia Ross, District 5, Towanda, her daughters, their families, and to Cynthia's mom, Gail Martin, District 5, El Dorado, in the loss of Cynthia's husband, Larry Ross, after a long battle with cancer. Larry's obituary is posted on-line. 6/12/2011

KAC condolences are extended to Joyce Long, D3, Cherryvale, who lost her grandson and two great-grandchildren in the Joplin tornado, Sunday, May 22, 2011
Sincere sympathy is also extended to Elizabeth Black, D2, Lawrence, on the tragic death of her brother in a boating accident near Hillsboro. 6/1/2011
Tax exempt status won by Kansas Authors Club

Our thanks
to KAC's Joann Williams (D2), Ann Everett (D5), and Vicki Julian (D2) for their recent success in applying for and receiving federal tax exempt status for our 106-year-old organization! 4/16/2010

President Joann Williams kept a cork in the good news for a few days until the annual spring meeting of KAC Board members in Wichita. Here she announced our new federal tax exempt status and provided a round of sparkling cider in celebration.
Maryann Barry, Elizabeth Black and Susie Nightingale Fred Haney, Virginia Hays, Kristine Polansky
Don Pady, Teresa Fink and Doris Schroeder Joann Williams and Tracy Million Simmons Bill Karnowski, Reaona Hemmingway, Errol Anderson and Carol Yoho

At the Kansas Authors Club Convention last October in Dodge City, both the Board and general membership voted approval of appropriate awards for longtime members for their time and service to KAC's literary community. This Awards Program acknowledges KAC members for active, continuing service for progressive intervals of 10, 15 and 20+ years. This program begins January, 2009.
      When KAC members indicate to their respective District Presidents that they have belonged for these years of continuous, active membership, a certificate of achievement will be prepared for each member for those 10, 15 or 20+ year increments of time. The State Archivist will assist the District and State Presidents in verifying the member's length of service. A prepared certificate, pin and a memento will be supplied to the District President for presentation to the qualified members of his/her district.
      A list of awards includes not only a nicely-printed certificate -- but also something of a more tangible nature:

      Moreover, annual membership dues will be eliminated for those KAC members over the age of 80.
      Names of those given such awards will also be publicly acknowledged and congratulated by the current State President at the annual KAC Convention in a short segment of the Sunday banquet. Those honored will also receive a letter of appreciation signed by the State President.       A new-member reception at each State Convention will provide a social mixer for new and established members to introduce themselves and discuss literary ideas.
        News of members' length of membership and subsequent awards will also be publicized in the State and District newsletters, the KAC Yearbook and the KAC web page.
      Costs of materials, supplies and labor involved in the production of these membership awards will be provided by an anonymous donor and will not be paid by the Kansas Authors Club. 1/28/2009

NOTE: Many of these opportunities and events are PAST. Others are still in effect. Please make note of dates included with items. All are included here for archival purposes.

Pittsburg Editors Revive Little Balkans Review
   In 1980, Gene DeGruson, a special collections library curator at Pittsburg State University, established the Little Balkans Review. Its main purpose was to highlight history and arts of the southeast Kansas region. Coal mines attracted immigrants from Italy, France, Wales, and English in the 19th century. This was an area where unions evolved, and where Emanuel Haldeman-Julius (1888-1951) published Little Blue Books and the Socialist periodical Appeal to Reason.
   Ted Watts, Al Ortolani, Jr., Wayne Bockelman, Tom Burns, Mike Hogard, and John Laflen are now calling for submissions of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photographs, and artwork. They write in their letter of solicitation: "Prime consideration is given to works by Kansans and former Kansans, as well as work set in the Little Balkans. However, consideration is also given to work with similar regional flare. Preference is given for non-fiction subjects related to the Little Balkans. At least half of the poetry of each issue will be devoted to poets who have limited previous publication."
   For further information, visit the Little Balkans Review web site, contact LittleBalkansReview@gmail.com, or write to Editors, Little Balkans Review, 909 S. Olive, Pittsburg, KS 66762. 12/13/2008

The Kansas Center for the Book is pleased to announce that their nominee, Don Coldsmith, Emporia, is 2009 receipient of the Mountain Plains Library Association's Literary Contribution Award. Coldsmith was chosen as an author whose published writings have successfully furthered an understanding and appreciation of the Mountain Plains region. The author need not reside in the region, and the selection may be based on either a single work or a body of works. Published works were evaluated on the basis of literary worth, readability, and evidence of responsible research. Don spoke at Saturday luncheon at the 2004 KAC Centennial Convention held in Topeka. 4/10/2009
"Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?"
As teenagers' scores on standardized reading tests have declined or stagnated, some argue that the hours spent prowling the Internet are the enemy of reading — diminishing literacy, wrecking attention spans and destroying a precious common culture that exists only through the reading of books. But others say the Internet has created a new kind of reading, one that schools and society should not discount. —NYTimes, 7/27/2008
Kay Ryan of California has been named U.S. Poet Laureate.
She succeed Charles Simic as the 16th U.S. poet laureate, starting in the fall. The appointment lasts for one year and comes with a $35,000 salary, plus $5,000 for travel and a "splendid office," according to Librarian of Congress James H. Billington. Read details in the online version of International Herald Tribune, July 17, 2008. See also: NYTimes, 7/18/2008. 7/18/2008
"Map of Kansas Literature," is a web site that currently includes forty-six Kansas authors and poets: biographical materials, bibliographies, excerpts, photos, reviews of work, and other items of interest about each author. Several past and current members of Kansas Authors Club are included among the entries. Washburn University students made the choices of whom to research and include in this Center for Kansas Studies web site. This site builds on work started in fall semester, 2006, and is a student work-in-progress. 6/4/2008
WritersNewsWeekly.com online newspaper about and for the literary and movie industry, launched April 1, 2008. 4/11/2008
Kansas Writers Association --Wichita, KS 3/21/2008
Academy of American Poets --numerous resources for aficionados of verse. 3/19/2008

Critical Mass --Blog of the National Book Critics Circle board of directors 3/14/2008

Kansas Poets is a web site about Kansas poetry and Kansas poets. A number of KAC members are featured on this site, and the site continues to grow. Visit the site for contact information.
Kansas Poems -- Read poems - Learn how to contribute to this expanding collection of poems, thematically speaking of Kansas!
Kansas Poets Index & Poem Selections -- a growing list of notable Kansas poets, their biographies and samples of their work. Many outstanding poets are presented. 2/26/2008 publishaletter.com allows one to submit letters to the editors of essentially all the key English language newspapers in the US and the world. One can also publish those letters on the site itself. The site can be an important avenue for letter writers to have their voices heard and shared. 2/19/2008
Study Links Drop in Test Scores to a Decline in Time Spent Reading —NYTimes, 11/19/2007 Envisioning the Next Chapter for online books —NYTimes, 9/7/2007
Jerry Engler, District 4, Marion, recommends authorsden.com as a good publicity outlet for published authors. 6/20/2007
Dennis Smirl, District 1, Topeka, who spoke at the District 1 meeting in April, 2007, on “Making Your Own Chapbooks,” shares this web address for those interested in purchasing a single ISBN number. www.isbn-us.com/ (In the past ISBN numbers have been sold in blocks of ten.) This service is tied to Bar Code Graphics, a business in Chicago, IL, which has made buying bar codes via the internet an easy process. 6/18/2007
The Writer's Almanac —Daily five-minute discussions of American literature and poetry, hosted by Garrison Keillor. Produced by American Public Media. Web site with hyperlink to audo: http://writersalmanac.publicradio.org/ 5/28/2007
Pat Hood, District 6, Hutchinson, has been experimenting with free computer software designed to help make PDF files, a format often used to share documents for publication. Pat uses Microsoft Word files and then converts them to PDF. She found this web site for doing a free trial of online conversion: http://www.pdfonline.com/ Eventual purchase price is a modest $14.95. 3/13/2007
Mike Klaassen, District 5, Valley Center, has been reviewing books of fiction-writing tips. These reviews can be found on Mike's online blog. 3/13/2007
Write for Eye on Kansas
    Would you like a chance to be published in the first Kansas online magazine dedicated to the people, places and things that make this state such a great place to live?
    If so, please check out Eye on Kansas (eyeonkansas.org), a free, online publication. They are looking for stories from around Kansas, from White Cloud to Elkhart , from St. Francis to Baxter Springs. They pay their authors $100 and are interested not only in written pieces, but also photo essays, audio stories (such as oral histories), and video pieces. Eye on Kansas requires photos with written pieces, and some narrative with their photo/audio/video essays. 9/13/2007
Launch Pad Magazine, Where Young Authors and Illustrators Take Off!
Do you know young writers or artists  between the ages of 6 and 12 ? This market is for them. The editor is a former librarian who wants to give youngsters a place to publish. He is looking for creative works about: animals, the ocean, fairy tales and fantasy, heroes, mysteries, and sports. First issue due in January 2008. See Launch Pad web site for guidelines and submission address. 8/2/2007
Over My Dead Body:The Mystery Magazine Online is looking for good fiction and non-fiction. Visit their site for writers' guidelines. They pay! 6/12/07
The Writer's Almanac, a daily five-minute radio broadcast hosted by Garrison Keillor and sponsored by American Public Media, solicates books of poetry to consider for on-air excerpts. Keillor stated in a recent radio interview that producers look for work that is easily accessible in a single reading. Submitted books can be anything from mass-published to a single copy duplicated at a local copy center. All submitted work is considered. The mailing address is availabe from the "Contact" link at writersalmanac.publicradio.org. Podcasts of previous shows are also available on-line. 6/8/07
Prairie Writers Circle logoThe Land Institute logoPrairie Writers Circle
Sponsored by the Land Institute of Salina, KS, the Prairie Writers Circle was initiated in 2001 and brings together writers in Kansas and nationally who produce op-ed commentary for newspapers large and small to encourage wider public awareness of ecological and sustainability issues important to the Land Institute's mission.
Write to thelandweb@landinstitute.org
Scientific Journals International (SJI) maintains minimal procedural and stylistic rules, and accepts scientific and creative works that follow any style manual. 3/21/2007
One thing of interest that I'd like to share with our members is the Kansas Talking Books Library; authors can have their books/stories (using their own voice to read) on tape for those listeners w/ special needs. There is no cost to the author, nor will you earn any money. Authors might want to consider this for their out of print books. For more details you can check it out on their website at slib.info/talking or under blueskyway or by calling toll-free: 1-800-362-0699. Their mailing address is: Talking Books Service, 1200 Commercial Street, Emporia, KS, 66801.
—submitted by Cynthia Jo Ross, District 5, Towanda,
New Letters on the Air: Writers in Their Own Voices
Half-hour radio broadcasts interview current American writers and poets . The web site features brief blurbs from upcoming broadcasts. Recent broadcasts can also be heard on-line for about two weeks after the initial interview is broadcast. Programming is sponsored by New Letters, a Magazine of Writing and Art, of the English department, University of Missouri, Kansas City.
   Options for hearing your favorite literary show:
  1. Listen to the radio.  In Kansas City, tune in at 6:00 Sunday mornings to KCUR-FM, 89.3. Consult your local public radio station for the broadcast time if you are elsewhere.
  2. Listen online at in both Real Audio and Windows Media formats.
  3. Subscribe to the podcast. You don't have to have an iPod to hear a podcast—it just means the show comes to you automatically.
Their Site also mentions writing awards and publication in their quarterly journals. 12/28/2007
   Scott Lupo was inspired by his Aunt Marige to capture her family stories. OurEcho is the website he produced as an open forum for anyone to post family stories. Submission categories include local history, superstitions, legends, poems, letters, diary and journal entries and even photographs.
   Writers are not paid for their work, and no editor sends a rejection slip. Anyone can post at OurEcho. Lupo runs various free monthly contests with cash prizes to encourage participation.
   Three KAC memberscontribute regularly to OurEcho. They are Wanda Bates, District 4, Manhattan; Gail Martin, District 5, El Dorado; and Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan. Each has been featured in a biographical section of the site.
   To read the stories or post your own, go to www.ourecho.com and register. It’s free and easy. 8/12/06
The Kansas Poems section of kansaspoets.com is now being developed. It provides all Kansans an opportunity to get involved with this project. Please see the criteria for submitting to this soon-to-grow collection on the Kansas Poems page. 6/6/06
Favorite Kansas Books
The Kansas Center for the Book at the State Library of Kansas has compiled a list of favorite books by Kansans or about Kansas. Votes were solicited from librarians, educators, writers, booksellers, publishers and others in the Kansas book community. Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, is proud to have two books listed among the top 12 vote getters: The Moon Butter Route (©2006) and The Revival (©2001). Other books receiving honors include The Last Cattle Drive by Robert Day, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, Prairyerth by William Least Heat-Moon, and The Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum. A total of 101 other titles received votes. 3/2/20/07

The Kansas Poems of William Stafford is the focus of an episode of "High Plains in Words" on High Plains Public Radio. It is now available on-line for downloading (mp3 format). Choose "Kansas Poems" from their program archive.
Contact Stacey Yates, scyates@hpprtx.com, who writes the program, with your ideas for other writers who might be appropriate for the program. 12/22/06
Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, is now welcoming Kansas writers who are looking for a publisher to consider publishing under the Hill Song Press logo. Hill Song Press has published several of Tom's titles and recently published Images From a Small Town for Carol Anderson, District 2, Lawrence. (Contact Carol for a confidential testimonial.) 4/14/2007
U.S. Poet Laureate Donald Hall was featured at two public events in Kansas City, MO—
Kansas Humanities Council
Appoints Julie Mulvihill Next Executive Director

    The Kansas Humanities Council (KHC) Board of Directors recently completed a national search and has named Julie Mulvihill Executive Director, effective January 1, 2007. She will become only the second director in the organization’s 34-year history when the current Executive Director, Marion Cott, retires in December 2006. Mulvihill presently serves as the Council’s Director of Programs, a position she has held since joining the council staff in 2001.
    Mulvihill has worked in Kansas’ historical and cultural sector for fifteen years. Her previous experience includes serving as education coordinator at the Kansas State Historical Society and curator of education at the Johnson County Museum. Other work experience includes teaching in the KU Museum Studies graduate program, where she currently instructs the Nature or Museums course. On the national level, she is active with the AASLH, working to strengthen best practices standards in small museums.
     The search committee reviewed over 30 applications from across the country. At the end of the process, Judy Billings, Lawrence, chair of the search committee, said, “We firmly believe Julie is the best person to lead KHC into the future. We were impressed by her passion for bringing humanities experiences to the public, which she has demonstrated through her work with diverse organizations across the state.” 12/19/06
Frankie Roland accepts check from Janie DeFore GillisKansas Authors Club receives grant from CACF
   The 3rd District of the Kansas Authors Club has received a $500 grant from the Coffeyville Area Community Foundation to help sponsor the youth portion of the Kansas Authors Club’s statewide annual conference that was held in Coffeyville, October 7–9, 2005.
   Lois Hendrix, new member and co- president for District 3 in 2006 wrote the grant.
   In photo, left, Frankie Roland, District 3 , Coffeyville, accepts the check from Janie DeVore Gillis, executive director of the Coffeyville Area Community Foundation.
[dust jacket] A Hungry Heart: A Memoir, by Gordon ParksREMEMBERING GORDON PARKS
Kansas native Gordon Parks
, author, photographer, and filmmaker, died at his home in New York on Tuesday, March 7, 2006. He was 93. Parks was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Scott, KS, his birthplace. Gov. Kathleen Sebelius spoke at his memorial service..
    Fifty-one of Parks' photos and about a dozen of his poems are on permanent display at Mercy Health Center in Fort Scott. It is the largest collection of Parks' works in the United States, excluding the Library of Congress. Jan Biles of the Topeka Capital-Journal recaps Parks’ life in “A life worth celebrating.”
   In February Parks received the 2006 William Allen White citation  Although he was unable to attend the February 10 ceremony in his honor, a video of the Fort Scott native accepting the award in December from Ann Brill, journalism dean, was shown in the public program. 3/11/06
Affiliates for the The Kansas Center for the Book met in Topeka on Tuesday, December 13. Kansas Authors Club is a Charter Affiliate of the new Center. Many of the reps attending were staff at libraries across the state. Carol Yoho represented Kansas Authors Club at the meeting. 
Kansas Center for the Book business and iniatives included the following:
  1. Kansas Center for the Book defines their mission as "supporting books by Kansans and books about Kansas." They told us that being charter Affliliate Members" of this group would leave us a legacy for many years to come and we should be proud of that distinction.
  2. Their budget year is from July 1 to June 30. For 2005-06 they've raised just over $15,000 and have spent just over $5,000. The Center must be self-supporting. Roy Bird of the Kansas State Library is Director, and has been assigned 25% time for these duties. There are currently just over 30 Affiliate members -- and about 80 individual members, half of them authors.
  3. December 1st was deadline for a national Letters for Literacy program, encouraging youth in a writing competition, 4th through 12th grades, divided into three age group levels. All entries went to the National Center for the Book. Top entrees for Kansas will come back here and judged for final winners. (This is an annual competition and we may want to help support and encourage this contest as well as our own.)
  4. Another program supported by the Kansas Center for the Book was "One Week — One Book" reading to preschoolers. This encouraged adults to read a specific book to all preschoolers in the state during a particular week in November. The book chosen was No Matter What, written and illustrated by Debi Gliori. Governor Sebelius supported this effort with an offical proclamation and she read to children during the week of the event. Kansas Center for the Book would also like to do a program for adults with this read-the-same-thing-at-the-same-time theme. www.kansasreadstokids.org
  5. Kansas Center for the Book is planning a statewide Fall Book Fair -- maybe the first weekend in October 2006. Affiliates brainstormed about what they'd like to see our book fair entail and there were lots of exciting ideas in the brainstorming session. 12/16/05
[The Kansas Center for the Book, was once a program of the Kansas State Library that invited individual authors and others involved in literacy, reading promotion, and literary efforts in Kansas to join. The goal of the Fellows was to foster more literary activity throughout the state and to increase awareness of these activities. 8/7/16]
Visit Kansas City Writers Group on-line.

Read a review of Comedy Writing Step by Step: How to Write and Sell Your Sense of Humor, Gene Perret, written by  Patricia Schulte Healy, District 5.

This I Believe: An NPR Essay Project
Premieres April 4 on Morning Edition and All Things Considered
NPR is re-creating Edward R. Murrow's 1950s invitation to all Americans to write about and discuss the core beliefs that guide their daily lives. In 1951, Murrow asked Americans from all walks of life—including former U.S. presidents, captains of industry, taxi drivers, actors and homemakers—to write brief essays about their most fundamental and closely held beliefs. Now, NPR, Atlantic Public Media, and This I Believe, Inc. are partnering to re-create the project with host Jay Allison. You are invited to write about the principles by which you live and the people and events that have shaped your beliefs in an essay of 500 words or 3 minutes when read aloud, to be considered for broadcast on NPR. See the web site for essay writing instructions, audio segments from the previous series, essays written by a few of the early participants, and other details. http://www.npr.org/thisibelieve/ 3/31/05

Remember When
   Star Magazine welcomes submissions of brief memoirs or nostalgic pieces to Remember When. The Star likes to feature recollections of the past in the Kansas City area, but not all are that localized. See recemt Remember When columns on line at www.kansascity.com (Click on living.) Send e-mail submissions to starmag@kcstar.com or mail typewritten submissions to: Remember When, Star Magazine, 1729 Grand Blvd, Kansas City MO 64108. Include your complete address, phone number and social security number for payment. Submissions will not be acknowledged, may be edited, and cannot be returned. If your story is published, you will receive a payment of $25.00. Published submissions become the property of The Star and may be reprinted.

     The Kansas Department of Commerce, in partnership with the Kansas Small Business Development Center, the Kansas Arts Commission, the Kansas State Historical Society, and Association of Community Arts Agencies of Kansashas created a database to identify Kansas artists, craftspersons, and food producers. This information will be used to coordinate artisan business and tourism opportunities related to Kansas artisans and their products. The database is available as a Word document on-line.
     "This directory is just one example of the culture and heritage-based tourism focus currently underway in Kansas," said Katie Bartkoski, Tourism Marketing Coordinator with Commerce. "Our hope is that the more artists, craftspersons, and food producers included in this directory, the better they can strategically market their products to Kansans and those travelers."
     The state partnership is interested in assessing the opportunities within Kansas to:

     Over 5,000 surveys were sent to artisans and food producers around the state in April. The return deadline was April 30. For more information, please contact Katie Bartkoski at 785-296-3810 or kbartkoski@kansascommerce.com.
     In November 2006, a Kansas Culture and Heritage Conference is planned. The conference will explore the cultural and historical attractions Kansas currently has, and how to further develop this area of tourism for the traveler. Topics will include highlighting the ethnic heritage of a region including writing, foods, artifacts, and crafts.

Source: Commerce
For more information, contact:
Katie Bartkoski
Tourism Marketing Coordinator
Phone Number: (785) 296-3810
E-mail: kbartkoski@kansascommerce.com

Jonathan Holden, Kansas Poet Laureate
Jonathan Holden named Kansas Poet Laureate

Jonathan Holden
, English professor and poet-in-residence at Kansas State University, recently was selected over 12 other candidates (including Dr. Robert N. Lawson, who was nominated by Kansas Authors Club) to be the state's first poet laureate. His two-year term starts July 1, 2005. Read more in “Shop talk with a poet” by Jan Biles in the Topeka Capital-Journal, Sunday, January 30, or visit Holden's personal web site. 2/1/05
Anne Shiever, District 4, has offered to sell books by Kansas authors at Anne's Collectibles and Gifts in Salina. For more information, contact Anne, 785-825-8511, AnneShiever@cox.net
"Contribute Your Story" offers online visitors the opportunity to submit personal stories, recollections, artwork or e-mail about the effects of September 11 on their lives and how the events have changed the country. In partnership with the September 11 Digital Archive Project, the Library of Congress is launching a new interactive website, "Contribute Your Story," accessible through a link on the Library's "Witness and Response" online exhibition at http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/911/
    Visitors to the site can share their recollections of that day by answering three questions:
  1. Where were you on September 11, 2001, when you heard the news?
  2. What is your strongest memory of that day?
  3. How do you perceive that the events of September 11, 2001, have affected this country and/or you personally?
    The interactive site will also allow visitors to browse through the submissions of other contributors.
    The impact of the events of September 11, 2001, is still unfolding. The recollections of ordinary Americans during the aftermath will prove invaluable to future generations of researchers attempting to analyze these events and their bearing upon the history of the nation.

Items to be included in News for All Members on the KAC website or in the next State Newsletter may be submitted to Tracy Million Simmons or to Carol Yoho via e-mail.

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